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1 Test Administrator Training Grades 4, 8, & 10 Science SBA Spring 2015.

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1 1 Test Administrator Training Grades 4, 8, & 10 Science SBA Spring 2015

2 Content We Will Cover Today 2  Your Role as a Test Administrator  Before Testing Activities  During Testing Activities  After Testing Activities

3 3 All teachers are required, by state regulation, to administer state assessments in a secure and fair manner that provides all students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities [20 AAC 10.020 (c)(3). Code of Ethics and Teaching Standards]. Ensuring the security of test materials is an essential responsibility of all district staff who supervise, administer, or assist with the assessment process.

4 Before Testing 4  Explain the purpose of the science test to students and families. It is one tool that teachers use to discover what you know and are able to do; it is also a tool that our principal and teachers can use to know what all students in our school need.  Provide students with a positive and supportive physical and educational environment. Tell your students that they are capable. Make sure they know what to expect on the day of testing.

5 Before Testing 5  Test Administrators must carefully read the science Test Administration Directions in advance.  Announce science testing dates with start times to students. Science Test dates are March 30 – April 10, 2015. Students who are not able to take the science SBA assessment on the district's designated test days may take the examon any of the days that follow within the test window.  Describe for students the cell phone and other technology limitations/consequences.

6 Test Administration Directions 6  The Test Administration Directions (TAD) will assist with all testing procedures.  You will receive 1 TAD per grade.  If you did not receive a copy, download one from EED’s website.  The TAD describes the associate test coordinator’s tasks and the test administrators’ tasks.

7 Test Security Agreement 7  Test Security Agreement (TSA) is provided by the district or may be downloaded from the EED website at You are to sign the Level 4 Classroom TSA.  The TSA is a legal document that lists your responsibilities as a Test Administrator as defined by Alaska School Regulations.  A signed, current TSA must be on file prior to receiving test materials.

8 Test Security Agreement 8 Review carefully and initial each indicator. Ask for clarification before final signature. Once you sign the agreement, you are responsible for all test security in your classroom. You are acknowledging that you will follow all guidance, regulation, and instructions associated with spring assessments. Return the signed copy as directed by your district. No one can sign for you.

9 9  Remove or cover any displayed instructional material.  Arrange tables/desks so that students are able to work individually.  Check and locate all necessary testing materials.  Familiarize yourself with the School/Classroom Daily Check In- Check Out Worksheet.  Ensure the testing environment is free of disruption. Classroom Preparation

10 Materials Provided by DRC 10  Test Administration Directions Manuals (TAD)  Test books  Gr. 10 Periodic Table of Elements  Classroom Daily Check In-Check Out Worksheet (located in TAD) *This worksheet is required!  Labels (your ATC and/or DTC will apply)

11 Material Provided by District 11  List of students requiring accommodations and/or modifications  Sharpened No. 2 pencils with eraser (not mechanical)  Extra erasers  Scratch paper (graph paper not allowed)  “Do Not Disturb” sign(s)  Seating Chart (suggested)

12 12  Grades 4, 8, & 10 Science SBA Form SC 1 test book  Large Print – per grade  Braille – per grade  Braille and Large Print accommodated materials require transcription of responses into a Form SC Standard Test Book (procedures for transcription are in the Test Administration Directions).  Reference the Test Administration Directions for administering tests to students with accommodations. Materials

13 13 Precode Label District/School Label Test books returned without a label will be considered unused and WILL NOT BE SCORED. Science SBA Labels  All test books must have either a precode label or a district/school label.

14 Applying Labels 14  Label is applied to the front covers (precode or district/school).  When using district/school labels, bubble in all applicable student information (see TAD for details).

15 During Test Administration 15 Located in the back of every TAD  Required: distribute, collect, and inventory testing materials using the Check In-Check Out Worksheet.

16 16  Administrators must follow the instructions exactly to ensure similar testing conditions in all classrooms.  All text preceded by the “say” bubble must be read exactly as written.  If a student asks for help, say, “I cannot help you with that. Please do the best you can.”  Clarify expectations for behavior, including electronic device use, with all students. During Test Administration

17 17  Consistently monitor student progress while testing: Proper bubbling Cheating Random marking of answers Guessing During Test Administration

18 18  What if… a student has a bloody nose? a student is very ill during the test? a student becomes violent or destroys a test? there is a serious disruption to the testing environment? a parent or other non-employee enters the room? there is an emergency, such as an earthquake? Know how to get assistance quickly and keep this information in an easy to reach place. If you are in a small school, consider what options you have for dealing with disruptions. Issues During Test Administration

19 19  Document and report any test irregularities to the associate test coordinator.  Document and report any damaged materials to the associate test coordinator. Issues During Test Administration

20 20 Test Administrators must ensure that all materials are accounted for and that they are securely transferred to the Associate Test Coordinator (site test coordinator) for inventory and shipping. After Testing

21 21 All test books are counted and the Check In-Check Out Worksheet is accurate. Gr. 10 Periodic Table of Elements are removed. Each test book to be scored has a label. “Teacher Use Only” field is complete where applicable (consult DTC before invalidating). Document any testing irregularity (e.g., fire alarm, student sick). After testing is complete, inventory student test books and ensure the following:

22 22 Document the accommodations that were actually used during testing on the inside cover of the test book. Braille and Large Print accommodated tests have been transcribed (under no circumstances may keyboarded responses be sent as a separate piece of paper or attached to the test book). Reference the grade-specific Test Administration Directions manual for accommodation data collection instructions. Specific tasks after testing for students with accommodations:

23 After Testing 23  Based on the associate test coordinator’s directions, return all test materials to a secure environment.  Students may not transport their own test booklet, or any other test booklets, at any time.  Do not store tests in the classroom.

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