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Read to Achieve Assessment and English Language Arts Retest Grade 3 2014.

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1 Read to Achieve Assessment and English Language Arts Retest Grade 3 2014

2 Agenda Read to Achieve Grade 3 ELA/R Retest

3 Grades 3-5 School Testing Schedule Monday, June 2: Scan Science Tuesday, June 3: Scan Grade 3 ELA/R only –Pick up Grade 3 ELA/R Retest manuals. –Identify students who need to retest. Wednesday, June 4: Scan Math (Be sure special codes are completed). – Pick up Grade 3 Read to Achieve student answer sheets and tests. –Pick up Grade 3 ELA/R student answer sheets and tests. Thursday, June 5: Administer and Scan Read to Achieve assessment Monday, June 9: Administer and Scan Grade 3 EOG Retest Read to Achieve retest Day 6 June 9 Grade 3 ELA Retest Day 6 June 16

4 Test Administrators (Local requirement) Test administrators must by certified staff. –Teachers –Social workers –Counselors –Retired teachers –Teacher assistants who are certified teachers

5 Eligibility EOGs pp. 1-2 Eligible Students –Students who did not meet proficiency on the EOG ELA/Reading assessment and do not meet a Good Cause Exemption Good Cause Exemptions –LEP students with less than two years in an ESL program (Andrea Belletti supplies list) –Students who scored Level III or higher on the BOG3 –Students who participate on the NC EXTEND1/NC EXTEND2 ELA –Students demonstrating proficiency through the Portfolio Process –Students enrolled in a Harvard Reads School and participating in the summer 2014 program Snipes, Castle Hayne, College Park, Alderman, Forest Hills, Gregory, Williams, Freeman, Sunset Park –Students who were retained more than once in K-3

6 Administration Time pp 3-4 SubjectEst. Time Max Time # Items Read to Achieve 16021044 2 Three- min breaks6 General Instructions12 Total178 Make up testing is required

7 Maximum Testing Time Allowed p. 3 Students who complete the test during the scheduled time must NOT be allowed to remain in the room with students who require the maximum time. –Move the students who have completed the test, OR –Move the students who need additional time. In rare cases in which students must leave testing area for lunch –Test administrator (TA) must notify students 5 minutes in advance. –TA must paper clip test booklet so students cannot go back after the break.

8 Before Test Day pp. 5-8 Prepare for training. Distribute Assessment Guide (AG) PRIOR to training –Test administrators must read thoroughly before attending school- based training Read and Study the Testing Code of Ethics (Appendix E). Follow Security Procedures. –No part of test or AG may be reproduced. –Properly manage materials. –Test administrators who provide read-aloud accommodations must NOT divulge contents of test.

9 Roving Proctors p. 8 Roving proctors are NOT permitted in NHCS for EOG/Read to Achieve testing.

10 Before Test Day pp. 9-11 Prepare Testing Environment. –Cover bulletin boards and instructional displays. –A Testing: Do Not Disturb sign must be displayed. Prepare students for testing. –Test-taking strategies –Released test forms forms Prohibited items –Electronic devices –Cell phones –Textbooks (HOWEVER, students are allowed to bring novel or other nontextbook to read after testing is complete)

11 Before Test Day pp. 11-15 Monitor students during the assessment. Do not indicate answers to students. –Asking students to look at question again –Making facial expressions –Pointing to correct answers Misadministrations Misalignment during testing (page 13) –In the least disruptive manner TA should notify the student that the responses are misaligned. –In rare cases, it may be appropriate for the TA to direct student to begin circling the correct answers in the test booklet and correct the rest of the assessment after testing in a secure group setting (3 or more people) –In some cases it may be appropriate to end the testing session and report an irregularity.

12 Before Test Day pp. 14-15 Student emergencies and restroom breaks –One student at a time –TA and proctor must remain in room. –Secure test materials. –Note the time. Accommodations –LEP/EC/504 –Must be documented in PLAN for Read to Achieve test OR for Grade 3 ELA –Must be routinely used –Test administrators MUST be trained on testing accommodations prior to testing session

13 Before Test Day pp. 15- Students with Transitory Impairments –An impairment with a duration of six months or less –Complete Transitory Impairment form and FAX to Testing Office Complete the Review of Accommodations forms for LEP/IEP/504 Plans. –EC Accommodations: Goalview State Testing Accommodations report –LEP Accommodations: Ellevations State Testing Accommodations report Report testing violations. Answer sheets may be precoded –Students are not allowed to code their names, student ID, etc.

14 Procedures for Students Completing Assessment Before Scheduled Time is Over pp. 17-18 Collect all student materials. –Student may read a novel or other NON-textbook. Students may put their heads down on their desks. If ALL students have completed the assessment before the end of the scheduled time, the test administrator may end the testing session early. –Read the words in the section, Read to Announce the End of the Testing Session. –Do not dismiss until instructed to do so by test coordinator or principal.

15 Paper Clip Student Test Booklets p.19 Test administrator must paper clip the student’s test booklet before the student begins the calculator active section on the mathematics assessment. Test administrator must paper clip for lunch breaks for students who have multiple test sessions.

16 Test Materials pp. 20-21 EOG: Reading, Math, and Science Read to Achieve Assessment Guide test books answer sheets general purpose header sheets bags for repackaging No. 2 pencils blank paper accurate timing device Paper clips Optional: highlighters and color acetate overlays

17 Follow a Uniform Process for Test Administration pp. 21-23 17 Testing: Do Not Disturb sign Quiet, well-lighted room Instructional materials removed Clear desks. Test administrator must be present at all times. Read directions as written (may repeat). No cell phones Monitor accommodations. Students may read a novel/non-text when complete.

18 OTISS – System for Reporting Test Irregularities Account set up (NC ID) –Approval procedure –Training/manual TC responsibilities –TC submits irregularity –Submit student (s) name, ID number and test form.

19 After Testing pp 34-36 Test administrator should record students used accommodations on the Review of Accommodations form. Return all testing materials Code student answer sheets

20 Code Answer Sheets pp. 35-36 The Test Administrator or Principal’s Designee must complete after tests are complete, if applicable. Question 1 - Code for 504 Plan or Transitory Impairment. Question 2 - Mark all provided accommodations. Special approved accommodations through the Notice of Accommodations process should be coded. (NCDPI-Approved bubble) Code if the student is Absent from Makeup

21 Code Answer Sheets p. 37 (RETEST p.4) Information RequestedColumns Local UseA-F Student took test during a make-up session G Used non-permitted accommodationsH MisadministrationI Local UseJ-L

22 Header Sheet pp.38-39 Code and return as a cover sheet for each class. Complete sections 1-7, 9 Answer Key Code Read to Achieve Grade 3 Retest

23 After Testing pp. 71-73 Coding answer sheets –Must be done in a secure setting (3 or more people) –Transcriptions One individual transcribes the student’s responses. One individual verifies the transcription. One individual observes the process. All 3 sign the outside cover of the test book. Separate the Marks in Book books when you return them to the Testing Department. Return all materials to Testing Department – scrap paper, testlets assessment guides File Review of Accommodations forms with student PLANS.

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