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1 Pre-Certification Pesticide Applicator Licensing Ruth Marston MN Dept. of Agriculture 651-201-6548 Spring 2007.

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1 1 Pre-Certification Pesticide Applicator Licensing Ruth Marston MN Dept. of Agriculture 651-201-6548 Spring 2007

2 2 Agenda MN Statute Chapter 18B Pesticide Control Law Pesticide Applicator Licensing Applicator Requirements Pesticide License Renewal

3 18B. 33 page 33 3 Pesticide Applicator Licenses Commercial License anytime any pesticide applied for hire company provides Financial Responsibility Commercial liability insurance, or Net asset sentence from bank

4 18B.34 page 35 4 Pesticide Applicator Licenses Noncommercial License government: city, county, state non-government: 3M, Target apply RUPs as part of job 1 Exception: golf courses

5 18B.345 page 36 5 Exception: GOLF COURSES Anyone working on a golf course applying any pesticide needs to have a pesticide license !

6 page 27, 30, 37 6 Other Licenses LICENSES Aquatic Pest Control Applicators Structural Pest Control Applicators CERTIFICATION Private Pesticide Certification (farmers)

7 18B.33 & 34 pages 33, 34, 35 7 What is Required for an Applicator License ? Application form, SSN, signed Pass 2 exams - 70% passing Categories A & E Application Fee $75 or $10

8 pages 33, 35 8 Requirements for Applicators Carry and display license Expires Dec 31, renew license Not transferable

9 18B.07 page 9 9 Requirements for Applicators Follow label and labeling “it is the law”

10 10 Requirements for Applicators Secure pesticides Make record of application see samples Incident Response Plan on file see fact sheet Report spills (MN Stat § 18D.103) see fact sheet

11 18B.07 & 14 page 9, 16 11 Pesticide Storage & Security Control access to pesticides Lock storage & limit who can go into storage area Secure equipment not in use Maintain inventory list & records

12 18B.37 pages 38, 39 12 Application Records Records may be: preprinted copy of an invoice Single page, OK to attach map Keep for 5 years Give copy to customer See samples (3)

13 18B.37 subd 4 page 42 13 Storage, Handling and Disposal Plan aka “Incident Response Plan” Develop & maintain a plan if you are: Commercial applicator Noncommercial applicator Do with fire department see fact sheet

14 18D.103 14 Report Chemical Incidents Flood, fire, tornado Leak, spill, Transportation accident Call Duty Officer see fact sheet

15 15 Commercial vs Noncommercial Requirements CommercialNoncommercial Apply for hireApply RUP as job duty on employer’s land Exception: golf courses Financial Responsibility required Financial Responsibility not required Record copy to customer Keep 5 yrs Record required for RUP only Keep 5 yrs Need Incident Response Plan Need Incident Response Plan

16 16 Record Wind & Temp Do not use pre-printed boxes Ex:□ 0-5 mph □ 6-10 mph Must write 3-5 or 3-7 Prevent off-site movement, drift

17 18B.09 pages 12, 13 17 Posting Warning signs for pesticide application Check with city, if required Specifications are in 18B Size, color, posting period Wording, placement

18 18B.33 &.34 pages 35, 36 18 What is required to renew license? Attend recertification workshop 2nd yr & every 2 yrs thereafter if “new” in 2007 attend workshop in ’08, ’10, ’12 Renewal form mailed in Dec Pay license fee annually

19 19 License

20 18B.33 & 34 pages 34, 35, 36 20 License Renewal Licenses expire Dec 31 st Late fee Commercial & Noncommercial $25 after Mar. 1st Government Noncommercial $5 after Mar. 1st E-renewal

21 21 e-renewals On-line, electronically Print license immediately Plastic card will be mailed Pay with Visa or MasterCard

22 22 What if you don’t attend a workshop 2008? Renewal form will tell you Must retest Pay retest fee, $150 retest recertifies for 2 years

23 23 Review Licensing pass the exams, pay application fee, complete application, insurance Attend workshop (Recertification) next year, again in 2 years Renewal every year in January

24 24 Review License RenewalRecertification Annually2nd year & every 2 years thereafter License fee $10 or $75 Registration fee for workshop RecertifiedTracked with card

25 25 Fertilizer License is required if you apply “for hire” fertilizer or weed and feed Company must be licensed License fee, $150 in 2007 No exams for license Call Carol @ 651-201-6379

26 18B.33 &.34 pages 35, 36 26 What if you Change Employers? Re-issue License duplicate license Notify MDA with form $10 to re-issue license with new employer’s name

27 27 MDA Information On-Line New application forms Sample records Fact sheets List of licensed applicators List of private applicators

28 28

29 29 Report Unlicensed Applicators Call Gary Gramm @ 651-201-6659 Names and addresses of customers Copies of ads Your name address and tel #

30 30 Questions Contact me by email or phone 651-201-6548 Testing appointments 651-201-6633

31 31

32 32

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