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Athletic Training as a Profession

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1 Athletic Training as a Profession
Sports Medicine I Athletic Training as a Profession Essentials of Athletic Injury Management Chapter 1 Athletic Training For Students Assistants Chapter 28

2 NTATS Video 2012

3 Field of Sports Medicine
WHAT IS SPORTS MEDICINE Health & special services that prevent, recognize, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to exercise and sports BRANCHES OFF OF SPORTS MEDICINE Athletic Trainers (AT), Physical Therapists (PT), Nurses (RN), Doctors (MD), Dentists (DMD), Physician’s Assist (PA)

4 Nursing Education Nurses- Must complete a series of medical competencies Similar for athletic trainers Usually work in clinic/hospital settings Four year degree State registration, exam

5 Physical Therapist Education
Competencies Completed Similar to athletic training / nursing Variety of Work Settings Clinics / Hospitals 4 Year Degree State Licensure Exam Master Degree Close relationship with AT

6 Physical Therapist Video

7 Physician’s Assistant Education
Completion of Competencies Similar to previous professions Area of Specialization i.e. Orthopedics 4 Year degree Often = Masters Degree Licensure Exam

8 Physican’s Assistant Video

9 Dentistry Education Residency Internship 4 Year Degree
Working with other professionals 4 Year Degree 3 year Masters Degree Program Licensure Exam Clinical Settings Can be “Team Dentist”

10 Medical Doctor Education
Competencies Completed Area of Specialization i.e. ENT (ear / nose / throat) Work Settings Clinics/ Hospitals / Team Physician 4 year Degree 3 Year Medical Degree Residency Licensure Exam

11 Athletic Training Education
Profession dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the physically active population Preventing athletic-related injuries AMA NATA – 1950

12 Roles of Athletic Trainers
Injury Prevention PPE / Strength and Conditioning/ Equipment ETC Recognition, Evaluation, and immediate care First aid / CPR / Referral Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Exercise / Treatments to RTP Health Care administration Facility Management / Purchase Orders/ Staff Scheduling Athletic trainers must have Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from seminars and other activities throughout their year.

13 Athletic TrainingVideo

14 Athletic Training Education
Licensure Vs. Certification LAT Managed by the State Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers ATC Managed by the Board of Certification / NATA Athletic Training Education Programs 4 Year program Variety of work settings High School / College/ Industrial / Physician Extender LAT = Written practical (on a scantron) and Oral practical ATC = ALL computer based

15 Domains of Athletic Training
General Medicine Conditions and Disabilities Risk Management and Injury Prevention Nutritional Aspects of Illness and Injury Pathology of Injury and Illnesses Assessment and Evaluation Psychosocial Intervention and Referral Acute care of Injury and Illness Health Care Administration Pharmacology Therapeutic Exercise Professional Development and Responsibility Therapeutic Modalities

16 Sports Medicine Team Group of Medical Professionals
Previously listed professions Providing Care to the Physically Active Population Care before , during, and after an injury Central Vs. Peripheral Team

17 Sports Medicine Team Continued
Central Team Athlete Center of the Team Provides Vital Information about injury Athlete’s Parent Team Physician Medical Authority which oversees the SM Team Examines injuries and uses diagnostic tools Athletic Trainer First line of care for the injury Coach Daily Contact with the athlete

18 Sports Medicine Team Continued
Primary Care Physician (PCP) Prior Hx of working with athlete Referral to specialists Student Assistants Assist ATs with daily tasks Physical Therapists Rehabilitation / normal physical function Other Specialized Professionals Podiatrist / Allergist/ Urologist/ Gynecologist / Cardiologist/ Dentist/ Neurologist

19 How To Become an ATC Graduate from an ATEP approved by Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP) Undergraduate= 800 Hours of hands on experience Specialized courses Pass NATABOC Exam

20 Forms of Credentials Licensure Certification Registration Exemption
Texas Licensure Certification More nationally recognized Registration Less Common Register with State before practicing Exemption

21 Areas of Study Athletic Injury Evaluation Psychology Nutrition
Human Anatomy Pharmacology Physics Human Physiology Organization and Administration Biomechanics

22 Athletic Training Careers
Traditional Settings Scholastic Environments Professional Teams Non-traditional Settings Sports Medicine Clinic Health Club Industrial Sites

23 OVERVIEW Sports Medicine involves a variety of professions which all work together to form an effective sports medicine team. Athletic training is one of the main career paths that encompass Sports Medicine. Becoming an athletic trainer is career that involves a variety of different types of course materials.

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