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Becky Garrett, LRT/CTRS.  #1 Start the application before you leave school! It will be easier to collect all of the supporting documentation needed.

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1 Becky Garrett, LRT/CTRS

2  #1 Start the application before you leave school! It will be easier to collect all of the supporting documentation needed.  #2 You must obtain NC BRTL license AND NCTRC testing and certification if you plan to work as an Recreational Therapist in NC.

3  Complete the ENTIRE application – answer all questions.  Complete an NCBRTL Clinical Appraisal and Reference Performance Summary Form signed by you and your internship clinical supervisor.  Include official Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.  Provide evidence of NCTRC Exam passage notification or copy of NCTRC certificate’  Include the correct fees, $100 Money order or certified check  Include a head and shoulders photograph, color, passport size *All of these items can be sent separately but must be identified. Your application can’t be considered if it is incomplete.

4  Complete the entire application ◦ Applications must be postmarked by the 15 th of the month. ◦ Do not write “see attached” in response to questions. ◦ Use current/permanent address, Do not use your school address. ◦ Include an email address that you will keep and check often. ◦ Notify NC BRTL of any changes to your contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) by logging in on website

5  The photo must be in color.  It must be a head and shoulders photograph.  The photo can be a color copy of your employee identification picture or a copy of your driver’s License picture.  This is for your identity protection only  Remember, this is your first professional interaction with the board so act professionally!

6  If you are working in a recreational therapy (RT) or RT related position in North Carolina, enclose a copy of your job description and the completed NC BRTL Employment Form

7  Page 2 of the application lists this information.  Enclose a written explanation and any documentation to support completion of any disciplinary actions.  Submit a written explanation of any legal proceedings/charges, employment or disciplinary issues. Include outcomes of legal actions.  Your signature required and attests to the accuracy of the content.

8  You must provide evidence (e.g. transcripts, etc.) that you meet the academic requirements detailed in the rules. The Board makes decisions about licensure based upon the evidence they see in the application materials that demonstrates requirements are met.  Reciprocity-only applies to those licensed by another state (currently only Utah, OK or NH license RT or TRS) whose licensing standards are substantially equivalent or higher than those required by Chapter 90C.

9  The initial application fee for an LRT is $100.  The initial application fee is $50 for an LRTA.  Only a money order or a cashier’s check may be used to pay licensure fees.

10  Copies of NCTRC verification of exam passage documents are accepted. ◦ NCTRC CTRS™ Certificate ◦ Or letter of successful exam passage from NCTRC  You may apply before receiving NCTRC verification to meet the NC BRTL application deadline, but you must mail NCTRC verification to NC BRTL when it is received. No decision about licensure can be made by NC BRTL without NCTRC verification of exam passage.

11  List all schools attended on the application  Official transcripts are required from all schools attended (Transcripts can be sent by the college or university to NC BRTL)  The official university transcript must reflect that the degree has been awarded.  Electronic copies should be emailed to  If your name is different on the transcript you must provide proof of a legal name change. (e.g., Copy of Marriage Certificate, etc.)

12  When listing recreational therapy or therapeutic recreation content courses, do not list general recreation courses.  Course numbers and titles must match transcripts

13  When listing support content, match course titles, prefixes and numbers correctly from the transcript.  If the course title does not reflect the required support content (e.g., lifecycle growth and development, etc.), submit the course description and/or course syllabi to provide evidence the required content was covered.

14  In addition to anatomy and physiology (3 credits required), abnormal psychology (3 credits required) and lifecycle growth and development (3 credits required) an additional nine (9) hours of health and human services support content is required.  Ex. Counseling or helping skills, motor learning, educational or cognitive psychology, pharmacology, first aid or safety, health care organization, rehabilitation, sociology, medical terminology, gerontology, special educ. etc.  Titles, course numbers and schools must match transcripts

15  List your internship supervisor’s NC BRTL License number and their NCTRC certification number.  List the agency name and address where the internship was completed.  List the dates and hours of the internship.  The internship must meet the current NCTRC requirements for a field placement.  Successful performance during the internship must be verified on an NCBRTLs Clinical Appraisal Performance Summary Form signed by you and your supervisor.  NCTRC and Universities Form are unacceptable

16  The form is pages 6 & 7 of the License Application form.  It must be completed and signed by your internship supervisor.  While it can be copied and mailed separately it is better to get it completed BEFORE you leave the internship)  Individual elements or performance and the overall performance rating must be rated.

17  The application deadline is the 15 th of each month.  The NC BRTL Executive Director will preview prior applications prior to review by the board and may email/call you for missing materials.  The Board reviews applications during the last week of the month.  Approved licenses are mailed within the week the Board completes the review.  Employers can receive verification of licensure status by email or phone call the day after the Board reviews applications if requested.

18  You will receive your license within two weeks of Board decision  You will receive instructions to log into Board website to keep your contact information current at all times.

19  Compliance with the ATRA Standards of Practice.;  Compliance with ATRA Codes of Ethics.  Compliance with Chapter 90C and 21 NCAC 65 Rules  Renewal of license every two years requires continuing education (2 CEU’s).  Maintenance application are fees are due on year before renewal.  Maintenance application requires contact information is revised as needed and always current.

20  In Accordance with Rule.0602 1 st year licensees are required to attend NCBRTL Compliance and Ethics Training ( offered at least twice a year) Check website for nest session offering)  New Licensees will take Oath Ceremony following the training.

21  Maintenance and Renewals will be due on the 15 th of your birth month.  Your license will expire if Maintenance or Renewal is not received by the last day of your birth month.

22  Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on the website for additional information.  If you have questions you may email Becky Garrett, NC BRTL Executive Director at:

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