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Many Members, One Voice Maintenance of Licensure: A Quick Overview.

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1 Many Members, One Voice Maintenance of Licensure: A Quick Overview

2 Current FSMB Policy (2004) State medical boards have a responsibility to the public to ensure the ongoing competence of physicians seeking relicensure.

3 Special Committee on Maintenance of Licensure Recommendations for use in implementing initiatives to assure continuing competence of physicians seeking relicensure  Draft report circulated for comment (11/07)  Final report issued to board of directors (2/08)

4 MOL Recommendations Demonstrate compliance in three areas  Self-assessment/self-reflection (Continuous Professional Development)  Competence across six core areas  Performance in practice

5 Additional MOL Recommendations Require documentation  MOC could serve as proxy  QI activities appropriate for some MOL requirements Hold all licensees accountable Seek partners to develop research agenda

6 Feedback on Draft Report State medical boards  Financial and operational impact  Lack of infrastructure to allow compliance  “Unfunded mandates” Practicing physicians  More burden, cost Affiliate organizations  Implementation questions

7 FSMB BOD Recommendations Adopt guiding principles Conduct studies and pilot projects to understand impact of MOL

8 MOL Guiding Principles Adopted in 2008 Improve physician practice Administratively feasible Minimize burden, duplication Choice of options Balance transparency with privacy protections

9 Next Steps Conduct research to understand impact  State medical boards  Other stakeholders Conduct pilot projects Develop evidence base Encourage medical boards to adopt regulations requiring CME to be practice relevant

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