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Hendrick’’s Science Complex Auditorium Friday Sept 7, 201`2 11:00.

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2 Hendrick’’s Science Complex Auditorium Friday Sept 7, 201`2 11:00

3  Dr. Chan-630-7286 Dean of Division of SSHD  Dr. Nolan-630-7373 Chair, Education Department Coordinator, Special Education  Dr. Mour- 630-7374 Director of Student Teaching and FE  Dr. Heyward- 630-7051 Coordinator, Elementary Education  Dr. Randall-630-7054 Coordinator, Middle Grades  Dr. Godwin-630-7060 Director, Master’s Program  Mrs. Erben- 630-7489 Coordinator, Secondary Education  Mrs. Gambrill-630-7057 Education Department Secretary

4  Dr. Walston 630-7054 Coordinator, Mathematics  Dr. O’Neil 630-7067 Coordinator, Social Studies  Ms. Silvana Foti 630-7107 Coordinator, Art  Mr. John Herring- 630-7365 Coordinator, Physical Education & Health Education  Dr. Michael Martin 630-7153 Coordinator, Music Education  Ms. Laura Lamm 630-7637 Coordinator, English

5 The mission of the Teacher Education Program is to produce graduates who will demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical skills and exhibit dispositions of the Facilitative Teacher.

6 Graduates of the MU Teacher Education Program will: DDemonstrate content knowledge HHave the appropriate pedagogical skills EExhibit the dispositions of the Facilitative Teacher DDemonstrate leadership skills in the classroom, in the school, and within the teaching profession EEstablish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students

7  Your advisor in the Education Department  Time table and Gateways  Requirements for admittance to Teacher Education

8 End of Sophomore Year Requirements:  General Education Core: Candidates should have completed 6 semester hours of History, English Composition (ENG 101), Composition and Introduction to Literature (ENG 102), 3 semester hours of Science, College Algebra (MAT 105) or higher, 3 semester hours of Fine Arts and Speech Communication (OCL 151) Not a requirement for Music Majors  Teacher Education course work: Candidates should have completed Introduction to Education (EDU 251or PXS 205 Field Experience II (EDU242), Human Growth and Development (EDU 200). Candidates will have taken or at least signed up for PRAXIS I or its equivalent  Candidates will participate in Counseling Interview with the Program Coordinator  “Philosophy of Education Statement” and a “Personal Statement.”

9  A cumulative GPA of at least C+ (2.5) and a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course in the student’s major and in the professional licensure sequence; Elementary Education and Special Education majors must maintain a C or better in all EDU and SPE courses  Passing scores on any test required by the Teacher Education Program or by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  The student must have successfully completed a minimum of 60 academic hours to include HIS104; ENG 101 and 102; MAT 105 or higher; 3 s.h. of science; 3 s.h. of fine arts; OCL 151 (not required for music majors); and the following courses in the professional sequence—EDU 200; EDU240; EDU 242; EDU 251; and SPE 255 (PXS 306 is required for physical education majors.)

10  Three recommendations from faculty. Of the three recommendations, one must be from a faculty member in the student’s major and one must be from a faculty member in the Education Department.  A pre-admission interview with the Chair of the Teacher Education Committee, the Director of Student Teaching and Field Experiences, and the Subject Area Program Coordinator.  Review and approval of the student’s application for admission to Teacher Education by the Teacher Education Committee.  A student must be admitted to Teacher Education before he/she will be allowed to enroll in the EDU 300 and 400 level courses in the professional licensure sequence or student teaching (EDU 330, 342, 407, 410- 418, 420, 421, 447 and EDU450 if required).

11  Once a student is admitted to Teacher Education he/she is required to maintain the same grade standards required for admission to Teacher Education. A student whose grades fall below the required standards of a cumulative “C+” (2.5 GPA) and a “C” (2.0) or better in his/her major and licensure courses (EDU and SPE courses for Elementary Education and Special Education majors) will meet with his/her advisor and the Chair of the Teacher Education Committee to plan a program to raise his/her grades to the required standard before going forward in the program

12  Accepted into the Teacher Education Program at least one full semester (excluding the summer) prior to the teaching semester.  Maintenance of the academic requirements (i.e., 2.5 GPA overall, etc.) for entering the Teacher Education Program, C (2.0) or better in all major and licensure courses, (EDU and SPE courses for Elementary Education and Special Education majors ) and removal of any incompletes.  Completion of all major and professional licensure requirements except PXS 415) and except the Student Teaching courses (EDU 421, 407 and 450).

13  An application on file in the education office no later than the date specified by the Director of Field Experience and Student Teaching the semester prior to student teaching.  Remediation of any identified weaknesses.  Receipt of letter from the Chair, Teacher Education Committee, acknowledging approval for student teaching.

14  Completion of all degree requirements.  Completion of all licensure requirements.  A satisfactory score on the Specialty Area Test(s) of the Praxis Series Examination if required  An overall cumulative grade point average of 2.5.  A grade of C (2.0) or better in all courses in the student’s major and in the professional sequence(EDU and SPE courses for Elementary Education and Special Education majors ), a grade of B (3.0) or better in Student Teaching.

15  EDU 200  EDU240  EDU242  EDU251 ( includes 15 hours of in school observations) Not required for PHE  EDU 330 (requires admission to TEP)  EDU 342 ( requires admission to TEP)  EDU 407 ( requires admission to TEP) Taken during the student teaching semester  EDU 410-418 Methods for Secondary and Special subject areas ( requires admission to TEP)  EDU 447 (Middle School Methods)

16  EDU 419 (required starting 2007-2008 catalogue) Not required for PHE 2010-11 catalogue  EDU 420  EDU 421  SPE 255 (not required for PHE)  EDU 450 Seminar in Education (capstone course researched and written during EDU 342, presented at completion of student teaching) Not required for art, music, PHE

17  Commitment  Expertise  Best Education and Experiences  Enthusiasm

18  Commitment  Participation  Attendance  Best Work  Enthusiasm  Accountability  Responsibility

19  Educational Scholarship  Degree only is GONE!!!  Lateral Entry  Admitted to TEP one full semester prior to student teaching

20  Praxis I Practice taken during EDU 251 or PXS 205  Taken by midtern  60% or higher  If below 60% required 5 week workshop  You pay for workshop  Praxis I taken before or during EDU 242  Praxis Score Exemption  550 on any portion of the SAT and you do need to take PRAXIS I  1100 total on PRAXIS I SAT and you do not need to take PRAXIS I  24 ACT  Combined score of 522 on Praxis I

21  Scholarship Applications Wednesday September12 Tuesday January 15  Intent to Graduate Forms ( May Graduation ) Friday September 7  Field Experience and Student Teaching Applications for Spring 2013 Monday October 29, 2012  Admission to TEP Applications for Spring 13 Monday October 29, 2011 These Applications are available on-line or outside Ms Gambrill’s office (H212)

22  Kappa Delta Pi Dr. Godwin  Student Education Association Dr. Heyward

23 Questions???????? Comments….. Controversies!!!!!!!!!

24 Prior to 2010 catalogue2010-2011 ENG 101 ENG 102 HIS 103 (Not required for MG which requires 6 SH of social science) No longer required HIS 104 MAT 105 or higher OCL 151 (not required for music majors) 3s.h science 3 s.h of fine arts Education Professional License Requirements

25 EDU142No longer required EDU 200 EDU 240 EDU 242 EDU 251 EDU 251 combined with FE 4 sh (No longer required for P.E. Licensure) SPE 255 (Not required for P.E. Licensure) EDU 330 EDU342 1 shEDU342 2SH EDU 407 1 shEDU 407 2 sh

26 EDU/ SPE 419 EDU/SPE 419 (not required for PHE) EDU 420 (not required for elementary education) EDU 421 12 SHEDU 421 10 sh EDU content methods course EDU 450 (not required for music, art PHE)

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