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PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT Roles and Responsibilities Robin Fenton Director, Chapter Support.

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2 PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT Roles and Responsibilities Robin Fenton Director, Chapter Support

3 Roles & Responsibilities  Ensure Chapter Bylaw & Compliance  Effective Board Strategies & Teamwork  Goal Setting & Strategic Planning


5 Maintain the Operations of the Chapter Ensures that the chapter is abiding by their bylaws and SCTE Headquarter Guidelines.

6 Compliance = Abiding by Bylaws & Guidelines

7 THREE MAIN AREAS OF COMPLIANCE  Fulfilling the Chapter Purpose  Financial & Legal Responsibilities  Chapter Board Functions

8 CHAPTER PURPOSE  Technical Training Hold 30 hours of technical training per year Cable-tec Games Vendor Days Technical Sessions Certification Testing Meeting Announcement Attendance

9 SCTE  Financials Tax Status – 501(c)6 Each Chapter is under our IRS Tax ID Your Chapter Financials are reported to the IRS Form 990  Legal Your chapter and board members are covered under our liability insurance however board members have a responsibility to the chapter and the entire society (SCTE) as a whole.

10 YOUR CHAPTER BYLAWS Legal – The chapter shall comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations governing chapter operations. Also, the chapter shall comply with all applicable policies and reporting requirements to Headquarters in order for SCTE to maintain its tax exempt status. Liabilities – Except in cases of fraud or acts of bad faith, the directors and officers of this organization shall not be held personally responsible for debts, obligations, or liabilities of the organization or for their actions on behalf of the organization.

11 FIDUCIARY DUTY OF THE BOARD Directors owe duties of “care” and “loyalty” to the organization. These duties required the board of directors to: »act in good faith. »with the care of an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances, and »in a manner he or she reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the organization and its members.

12 FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES  Funds used to accomplish SCTE Mission  Keep accurate financial records  Enforce financial internal controls  Follow policies, procedures & bylaws  Safeguard funds  Keep chapter board informed  Whistleblower policy

13 BOARD FUNCTIONS  Board Meetings 4+ per year  Board Members must be SCTE Members  Board Contact Information  Review Bylaws once a Year  Yearly Elections

14 NON-COMPLIANCE  Conditional Status Chapters that are non-compliant are eligible for conditional status. The NCLB subcommittee and Chapter Support Committee will determine whether they are added to NCLB, Conditional Status or a combination of the two Once added to conditional status there are three levels of status before being disbanded as a chapter.


16 EFFECTIVE MEETINGS  Role of the President Start on time Have an agenda and stick to it Be prepared Be in control Be impartial  Robert’s Rules of Order can help

17 ROBERT’S RULES - PURPOSE Right of the majority to decide Right of the minority to be heard Rights of individual members Rights of absentees Help, not hinder, decision making Transact business

18 BASIC RULES  Rights of the organization supersede the rights of the individual  All members are equal with equal rights  A quorum must be present to conduct business  Number to get there stated in bylaws  Majority rules  Silence is consent  Majority is “more than half” of the number of members voting

19 BASIC RULES  One speaker at a time  Allow full debate  Once decided, issue over for that meeting  Stay on the issues and facts, never personal Robert’s Rules in Plain English by Doris Zimmerman

20 SUCCESSFUL BOARDS = SUCCESSFUL CHAPTERS  Elections Engaging the Membership New Board Members  Boards are Teams Delegate & Motivate Every chapter leader is responsible for the success or failure of a chapter. Therefore, teamwork is a must.

21 BOARD ELECTIONS  Hold Yearly Vote half of board Every board member gets a two year term Unlimited re-election  Nominating Committee Chair & Members must not be up for election Responsible for… Gathering Nominations Reviewing & Recommending Nominations Coordinating Ballot Tallying & Presenting Results (confidentiality)

22 REQUEST FOR NOMINATIONS  Send to entire membership  Answer the questions Why should I be a board member? What is the benefit? What will be my roles & responsibilities?  Encourage individuals you would like to see on the board  Provide adequate time to reply

23 OFFICER ELECTIONS  Only board members are eligible for officer positions  New Term limits  Roles descriptions in the bylaws and on CORe  Try to equally distribute the work load  Leadership Transitions

24 CHAPTER PRESIDENT EXERCISE  Split into three teams.  Each team will pick a leader (chapter president) who will meet me up front for additional directions.  Teams will have 5 minutes to complete the exercise & present the results.

25 EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK  Clear Purpose  Informality  Participation  Listening  Civilized Disagreement  Consensus Decisions

26 EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK  Open Communication  Clear Roles & Work Assignments  Shared Leadership  External Relations  Style Diversity  Self-Assessment

27 TYPICAL TEAM PROBLEMS  Teams try to do too much too soon  Conflicts over differences in work styles (and/or personality conflicts).  Too much emphasis on results, not enough on team processes and group dynamics.  Unanticipated obstacle causes team to give up.  Resistance to doing things differently.  Lack of trust!

28 BUILDING TRUST  Create vs Build  Areas that can help build trust: Commitments Consistency Predictability


30 STRATEGIC PLANNING  Create a vision Brainstorm/Strategic Planning  Go Beyond Date Setting  Mission What is your chapters mission? Who knows your chapters mission?  Long Term & Short Term Goals At a minimum think 2 years out.

31 STRATEGIC PLANNING  Get Organized  Take Stock  Set Direction  Refine and Adopt Plan  Implement Plan

32 HAVE FUN! Be proud of your chapter & your chapter board members!

33 QUESTIONS & CONTACT INFORMATION Robin Fenton Director, Chapter Support SCTE 610-594-7329

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