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Destiny OPAC Tutorial Section 1 1. Set-up 2. Reserves 3. ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Microsoft, 2012 Follett, 2012 Click your mouse or use your down arrow.

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1 Destiny OPAC Tutorial Section 1 1. Set-up 2. Reserves 3. ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Microsoft, 2012 Follett, 2012 Click your mouse or use your down arrow to move through the tutorial.

2 Section 1: Set-up Setting up patron types and designators For details about the import process, please click the link below: CCSD Automatic Destiny Patron Data Import Set-up

3 Nightly Patron Import Process:  New CCSD patrons are added.  Current CCSD patrons are updated if there have been changes in the CSIS. (Cobb Student Information System)  Patrons who have transferred between schools are processed.  Withdrawn students are marked as “Inactive.”  “Inactive” students with no fines or checkouts are deleted.  Staff members’ information is updated. Set-up

4 Setting up patron types & designators CCSD Patron types & Designators: 1. Student 2. Faculty SIS: teacher, bookkeeper, administrator, clerical, parapro, nurse, custodian 3.Media Staff SIS: media parapro, media specialist Destiny Patron Data Fields Most of the data fields for student and staff patrons are populated automatically during the nightly import process. Changes to this data must be made in CSIS (Cobb Student Information System); then the updated information will be transferred to Destiny during the next nightly import. Set-up NON-CCSD Patron types 1.Student Teacher 2.Volunteer 3.Parent

5 Monitoring CCSD patrons’ information IMPORTANT! For detailed instructions, click the links below: Troubleshooting Patron Data Import Problems Patron Database Maintenance & Cleanup Set-up

6 Creating/Importing patron records If there is any chance that this patron is already in the system, check first by typing in their name and then click the box “Search across the district.” If the patron is NOT a CCSD student or employee, he or she must be added manually to Destiny. Set-up

7 Collect the required information. For more details, click link: Manually adding Non-CCSD patrons Assign a patron barcode number using these guidelines: The patron must fill out this form. Keep it on file. Set-up

8 Adding non-CCSD patrons 3. Click on “New Patron” button Set-up 1.Back Office 2. Manage Patrons

9 Enter the information into Destiny. 4. You will need to fill in all of the required information on each page by using the General & Address tabs. (You cannot add a picture for a non-CCSD patron.) 5.Non-CCSD patrons may create a password if they would like to be able to create their own account in DestinyQuest. Note: There should be no more than 5-10 non-CCSD patrons, and they should be manually deleted at the end of each year. Set-up

10 Updating Patrons  Each patron has two types of information: patron- specific and site-specific. Update  Patron-specific information is the patron's personal information, for example, Last Name and Birthdate. This information is the same for the patron at each site where the patron is associated. It is listed under Patron Information.  Site-specific information is tied to a patron's site association, for example, Barcode and Patron Type. This information can be different for the patron at each site. It is listed under Site Information.  School patrons managers can edit school-specific information for their school only, while district patrons managers can edit school- specific information for any school the patron is associated with.  Media specialists are school patrons managers and have a Search across the district check box so they can also associate patrons of other sites with their sites.

11 Updating patrons Go to -- Back Office, Update Patrons, Update Update

12 Choosing whom to update and what to change 1. Media Specialists are not authorized to make changes to anyone other than individual patrons. 1 2 3 2. Choose desired change 3. Enter patron name and update Update

13 Deleting patrons Delete Patrons If you were to delete, however, you would go to Back Office, Update Patrons, Delete Media Specialists should not delete patrons; they will be deleted after their records are deleted in the CSIS. Scary note!

14 Deleting Notes in Back Office Delete Patron Notes Notes in patron records should be deleted at the end of each school year. This can be done individually in each patron’s record, or globally for a grade level or patron type.

15 Deleting Notes in Circulation window Delete Patron Notes Add, Delete, or edit Notes for individual patron

16 Reserving Materials Online Reserves Go Destiny Quest Log in

17 Search for an item. Reserves

18 Click on the cover shot of the item you want for details. Click on Hold It!button to reserve a copy. Reserves

19 Visit your library and pick up your book when you receive notice that it is available. Reserves

20 Processing Inter Library Loans (ILL)  Students may not borrow materials from other schools; faculty members may do so. ILL The media specialist or media parapro process the ILLs when a teacher requests materials from other schools.

21 Locating materials at other schools  Go to the Catalog tab & then to Library Search ILL  Narrow the search to Location. Choose CCSD Media Centers to search all schools in the district.

22 Locate desired title and click Details. ILL

23 Details view Click on tabs to see MARC View, Reviews, and locations of Copies ILL

24 Locate a copy in a school. ILL

25 Request copy from site 1. Search for Media Specialist by school. 2. Contact Media Specialist to request copy (phone or e-mail.) ILL

26 Obtaining & returning a copy.  The loaning school will check out the item to the requesting faculty member at your school. The copy will be sent to your school via CCSD courier. Deliver the item to the requesting faculty member. Return the copy to the loaning site by the due date via CCSD courier. ILL

27 References Cobb County School District Library Media Education. (2012). Retrieved from Follett Sowftware Company. (2012). Destiny. Retrieved from http://mediacenter. =Home&l2m=Home

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