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Baptism Mr. Pablo Cuadra Religion Class.

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1 Baptism Mr. Pablo Cuadra Religion Class

2 • What gives meaning and life to our existence?
What are the usual practices of Filipinos today who have babies in their families for Baptism? • What gives meaning and life to our existence? If we do not know God, what could our lives possibly be? How are we able to know God and what community strengthens this faith in God?

3 Why is baptism the most important sacrament?
A. Because it transforms us into God’s people. B. We receive Christ’s salvation and new life. C. It gives us the promise of eternal life. D. Forgives original sin.

4 Questions Where were you baptized? Who did Baptize you?
Do you know your God parents?

5 What is original sin? The reality of: Pain Brokenness Suffering
Alienation In which we are all born into. God saves us from this reality through baptism.

6 Question How do we experience the effects of sin in every day life?

7 What does the word baptism mean?
The word baptism comes from a Greek word that means: “To plunge” or “To immerse” (go under)

8 What does baptism symbolize?
Going under water symbolizes our burial into the death of Christ. It also symbolizes our rising up to new life in Christ. Our union with Christ in this life and the next.

9 Why do we receive baptism?
Through baptism the baptized: A. Share in Christ’s suffering and death. B. Share in Christ’s victory and new life. C. Is called to live on this earth as Jesus lived. D. Share in one destiny, eternal life with God E. Becomes a member of the body of Christ.

10 What did Jesus command his disciples to do?
A. To go to all the world. B. To instruct all the nations C. To make disciples of all peoples D. To baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Matthew 28: 19-20

11 What are the three types of baptism?
There are three types of baptism: A. Baptism of water B. Baptism of Blood C. Baptism of desire

12 What is baptism of Blood?
Those who although not baptized died for the Christian faith. Their blood unites them with Christ and his destiny. Example: Martyrs

13 What is baptism of desire?
Those who although not baptized wished in this life to receive baptism, but died before its reception. Example: Catechumens Those who although do not know Christ, live and follow the will of God on this earth. Example: Just people, infants (Jesus’ love for children is evident in the Bible).

14 What is the rite of baptism?
The rite of baptism is the way the sacrament of baptism is celebrated and received.

15 How is the Sacrament of baptism celebrated?
A. The sign of the cross. B. The reading of the word of God C. Blessing of the water and invocation of the Spirit of God D. Exorcism E. Anointing with the oil of Catechumens F. Renunciation of Sin. G. Profession of Faith H. Baptism I. Anointing with Chrism. J. Clothing with White garment K. Lighted Candle.

16 What is the seal of Baptism?
The seal of Baptism is: A. An eternal mark on the person’s soul B. This mark makes the person belong to Christ C. It can’t never be erased D. It enables the person to do God’s will on this earth.

17 What are other names for this seal?
A. The seal of the Holy Spirit B. The seal of the Lord C. The seal of Eternal life

18 Why is the seal important?
A. The seal is important because it is a sign of our faith. B. During our lives on this earth we are called to keep this sign of faith alive and strong.

19 What are the effects of Baptism?
A. Baptism purifies us from sin. B. Baptism gives us new life through the Holy Spirit. C. We become new creatures. Sons and daughters of God by adoption. D. We become members of the body of Christ. E. We become disciples of Jesus’ teachings.

20 Who are the ordinary ministers of baptism?
A. The bishop B. The priest C. The deacon

21 In case of emergency who can baptize?
Anyone, including a non-Catholic. The baptism has to be in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and water has to be used to baptize the dying person.

22 The End

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