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Lisa Grow Vice President, Delivery Engineering & Operations Our Energy Future.

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1 Lisa Grow Vice President, Delivery Engineering & Operations Our Energy Future


3 Rising Demand Up, Up, Up Idaho Power customer population grew 22.2 percent between 2000 and 2007 In 2007 Idaho ranked 14th in the nation in per capita energy use Idaho Power set a new peak load record of 3,214MW in June 2008 Idaho Power surpassed peak summer loads 5 times in 2007 During the summer of 2007, we experienced 14 days in July alone at near maximum capacity State of Idaho is a net energy importer –Transmission is key

4 Idaho Power Service Area Demand Going Up

5 Our Core Business

6 Hydro Variability Energy Efficiency Thermal Resources Alternative Resources Purchased Power New Generation Thousands of Megawatts

7 Regionally-Integrated Transmission Strategy

8 Idaho Power Distribution & Transmission Projects 2007 – 2017

9 Distribution and Transmission Siting & Permitting

10 The Big Picture Enormous Capital Expenditures $ 750 Billion  $ 1.2 Trillion Exceeds current capitalization Major new gas, nuclear and transmission Rising Costs and Prices No longer a declining cost industry Fuel, infrastructure components, global industrialization and competition

11 Sharing The Cost All customers benefit from increased capacity and reliability Present law provides shared costs across customers within a class with exception to large loads Public policy decision


13 Risks To Our Communities Reduced reliability Decreased economic growth Quality of life

14 How You Make a Difference To continue providing reliable, responsible energy to our customers in the future, we need to receive strong community and governmental commitment and regulatory support today Implementing planning and siting “best practices” across counties Encourage public participation –Identifying –Siting –Building Participate in Idaho Power’s Energy Efficiency programs Visit for more

15 Tradition Throughout our 92 year, you ed us to your, and. we your trust to for our. history trust power businesses schools homes engage Today build future

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