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Teaching Certification for Idaho Your Application Procedures.

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1 Teaching Certification for Idaho Your Application Procedures

2 Congratulations You are very close to finishing your last coursework requirements before you fulfill your goal of teaching.

3 Here are a few simple steps that will help you complete the paperwork the State of Idaho will require. Initial certification another state? Contact that state for forms and requirements. Note: It is much easier to transfer certification from Idaho. How to Apply for State of Idaho Initial Certification

4 Apply for Graduation In Person: Office of the Registrar - Museum Bldg, Rm 318, (208) 282-4874 or (208) 282-4225. OR BengalWeb:BengalWeb Click Academic Tools tab Select apply to Graduate link under the Graduation Planning channel. Online graduation application is available via BengalWeb until the Friday of mid-term week each semester.

5 Request Official Transcripts WITH YOUR DEGREE POSTED! For individuals receiving a degree – please note that if your degree is not listed you should check the box on the request for transcripts that says HOLD FOR DEGREE. I can not use transcripts without your degree. Unless: You already had a degree and choose to certify only. I will still need a copy of your official transcripts. Official transcripts are unopened and may be sent directly to me or may be obtained by you.

6 Important to Note Official transcripts will not be provided if you owe any fees to the university.

7 Follow Directions Read and follow directions on the form “Applying for an Idaho Initial Professional Education Credential”

8 Complete Application If you need to print an additional copy of the application they are available at my office or on the ISU College of Education website under Undergraduate Advising – Certification or the Idaho State Board of Education Write this down.

9 #1 Indicate Type of Application InitialNote: $75 fee required Checks are good for 6 months past listed date. Make check out to Idaho State Department of Education and include with your application.

10 #2 Personal Information Address. Be sure to use an address that will be valid for 6-8 months. Perhaps your parents address may be a good alternative. The State will not forward your mail to you if your mail is returned to them. Print your name.

11 Name Change If you are changing your name you may use your new name. Use whatever name you want on your certificate. If for some reason you change your name after your certificate is issued then there is only a $10 name change fee.

12 #3 Certificates Standard Elementary K-8 Standard Secondary Music K-12 Early Childhood Special Education Blended K-3 Standard Exceptional Child Certificate - Generalist K-12 Alternative Authorization – Content Specialist Post Baccalaureate Alternative Route

13 #4 Endorsements Used for Secondary Education Students only Here you would put what areas you have completed for certification. Usually this is your major and your minor. For example: Math 6-12 English 6-12 Music K-12 PE 6-12 or PE K-12 (If taken Methods in Elem PE & Methods in Secondary PE it is K-12)

14 #5 Educational Institutions List all colleges you have attended. Obtain official transcripts from each institution. It does not matter that ISU has your transcripts: The State of Idaho wants official transcripts from each school.

15 #6 Teaching Experience N/A – Unless you have a signed a teaching contract AND you have taught for at least 2 years.

16 #7 Praxis II Test Scores Attach a copy of all Praxis II examination scores. These are not provided by the College of Education. Remember to keep a copy of these in your “forever” file.

17 #8 Legal Convictions Answer ALL questions. If you were ever convicted declare it. If you marked yes, attach a statement of what happened or the court report. Failure to report a violation may be grounds to withhold your certificate.

18 Sign and Date Unsigned documents are not valid and will not be processed.

19 Time Frames Degrees may not be available on your transcript for up to 12 weeks after grades are posted. After all paperwork is received – it may take several weeks for paperwork to leave the College of Education It may take the State Department of Education several weeks to process the paperwork. BUT At the same time as ISU submits your paperwork to the State Department of Education, you will receive a letter from us that can be used in the interim for employment purposes.

20 Contact Information Cathy McPherson College of Education Student Advisement Office 208-282-2447 ISU Campus Stop 8059 Pocatello, Idaho 83209 You are encouraged to stay in contact with:

21 Thank you for choosing Idaho State University College of Education Keep in touch with us, we love to hear from our students. We wish you every success in your chosen field and are here for you and your continuing education needs.

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