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Freshman Registration A Student Success Center Presentation 2011-2012.

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1 Freshman Registration A Student Success Center Presentation 2011-2012

2  Liberal Arts Education: What is it? Registration @ NCWC  Freshmen register last (“paying your dues”)  Consider your strengths/ weaknesses, interests, etc.  What classes were most successful in high school?  Balance interesting classes with less interesting ones  Classes have caps; high-demand classes close fast

3  General Education Requirements  Understand course sequencing & pre-requisites C ourses, Advising & Majors  Tracking your requirements (  First-Year Advising / Honor Student Advising  College Catalog online:  Declaring majors/minors in the spring  Faculty advising after first year

4 ACADEMIC POLICIES Your College Catalog  One of your best resources is your College Catalog, which contains valuable information about… MAJORS, MINORS AND CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AND OTHER USEFUL TIDBITS The requirements in your freshman catalog are the ones you follow the entire time you’re here at NCWC!

5  When should they be completed? General Education Requirements  Why are General Education Requirements important?  Why must ALL Wesleyan students complete them in order to graduate? A checklist of the General Education Requirements can be obtained from the Student Success Center in Pearsall Classroom Building 192! Pick yours up today!

6  Explore major interests with low-level courses that have no pre-req  Look for overlap between Gen Ed, major and/or minor More about Gen Ed Requirements  Avoid Writing Intensive classes until after ENG 111/112

7 Completing Your Registration Form Transfer information for your chosen classes from the available class list to this form Pay close attention to section numbers, which reflect specific times, days, professors and even locations! Always select alternate courses to replace classes that are closed (especially for classes needed for your major). Don’t forget to sign & date your form! Your advisor will need to do this, too! Fill in your personal information, including the semester for which you’re registering (e.g. Fall 2010)

8 Student Resources  There are a number of useful resources on “” to help students keep track of their academic performance, Gen Ed/major requirements and more! These tabs will lead you to important academic information, as well as information about your major, minor and Gen Ed requirements! Your Course History (all the classes you’ve taken to date) Your class schedule for any given semester Mid-term & final grades for each semester Additional tools like the GPA Calculator, as well as “unofficial” copies of your transcript!

9 Within the “Degree Information” section you will find information about the courses you need to complete your degree, but you can also use the “Major Exploration” tool to determine what might happen if you changed your major (e.g. classes you’ve taken that will fulfill the major’s requirements, courses you will need to take, etc.).

10 For more information about Freshman Registration, please contact your advisor or visit the Student Success Center! A Student Success Center Presentation 2011-2012

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