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Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Leela Darvall Manager Careers & Transition Youth Transitions Division, DEECD.

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1 Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Leela Darvall Manager Careers & Transition Youth Transitions Division, DEECD VISTA Conference 23 May 2011

2 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers What will be covered Context for Career Development –Targets Policy Reform –Research Initiatives –Victorian CCF

3 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Context Students who do not complete Year 12 or its equivalent –are more likely to become unemployed –are more likely to stay unemployed –have lower earnings, and –over the course of their lives accumulate less wealth Global financial crisis –Impact on young people; rise in youth unemployment –Increase in the proportion of 15-19 year-olds out of work Victorian Education Performance –Need for improvement

4 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Raising the bar – targets for skilled a workforce By 2015 –92.6% of Victorian 20-24 year olds achieving Year 12 or equivalent (e.g. Cert II) By 2020 –90% of Australian 20-24 year olds achieving Year 12 or equivalent (e.g. Cert III) – Halving the gap in Year 12 attainment for young Koorie people –20% of higher education enrolments from low-SES communities By 2025 –40% of Australian 25-34year olds to hold a qualification at Bachelor level or higher

5 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Policy reform National Partnership on Youth Attainment and Transitions (NPYAT) (July 2009 – 31 December 2013) –Increased participation of young people in education and training Compact with Young Australians –Participation requirement –Tightening eligibility for Commonwealth income support –Education and training entitlement –Improved delivery of youth careers, transitions and support programs

6 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Research Making Career Development Core Business This Report highlighted quality career development services were particularly important in Victoria given Victoria is moving towards a demand-driven VET and higher education system The post-compulsory qualifications and institutional choices that young people face are more diverse than in any other state and territory, and The extended young participation guarantee requirements means that more young people who may previously have left the education and training systems will need support to pursue their pathways Making Career Development Core Business (PDF - 1.1Mb) On Track Almost half of early leavers said better careers advice would have encouraged them to stay at school (2008)

7 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Support for career development under NP YAT Improved Career Development Services initiatives: –Regional Career Development Officers I EFT employed in all DEECD regions –Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Launched online in March 2011 –Study Grants for Career Practitioners Graduate Certificate in Career Development –Careers Mentoring Network Initiative Managed by the Office for Youth

8 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework Explicit online career education program by year level that shows progression in the stages of career development A career education program that meets the career development needs of young people aged 12 to 19 years A framework that can be customised by schools, ACE &TAFE A framework that applies to young people in targeted groups, Indigenous, ESL, Low SES Communities, Disabilities Provides sample Career Action Plans by level Links to existing resources for career development activities

9 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers What the Framework aims to do… Inspire young people to explore who they are, where they fit and what they want to achieve in life by building skills for Learning and work decision making Developing resilience Career management Networking

10 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers What the Framework Does Identifies: Career Development learning outcomes Possible Delivery Sample assessment advice and tasks Suggest: Suitable delivery schedule Additional support Provides: Sample Career Action Plans Links to careers resources

11 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers What’s in the Framework? 3 stages of Career Development : 1.Self Development 2.Career Exploration 3.Career Management 6 steps to progress career learning

12 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers 6 Steps to Success DiscoverYear 7 ExploreYear 8 Focus Year 9 PlanYear 10 Decide Year 11 Apply Year 12 My Career Capabilities ACE & TAFE

13 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Delivery of the CCF in VET Settings Senior Secondary Certificates - VCE and VCAL VET Certificates eg CGEA, Work Education Students Advisory Centres/ Careers Centres Should be delivered at stage appropriate for young person Career Action Plans

14 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Paradigm Shift “ The new career management paradigm is not about making the right occupational choice. It is about equipping young people with the competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes) to make the myriad of choices with which adults are confronted continuously, in all aspects of their adult lives, lifelong.” Professor Tony Watts –Careerquake –“… aim of the Carresr Curriculum Framework

15 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers RCDOs Working with TAFE…. Around the State – examples of RCDOs work with TAFE –Careers Curriculum Framework –Career Development Quality Benchmarks for good practice Regional Briefings on the Careers Curriculum Framework –contact RCDO in your area

16 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers Resources to support Careers and Transitions of young people in TAFE Careers and Transitions Resource Kit myfuture Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework DEECD resources/information Youth Transition Division resources/information RCDOs (Regional Career Development Officers) National youth related resources/information ship.aspx

17 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers NEXT STEPS What next? What can you do for young people back in your organisation in relation to career development? Who will/can you link up with to support your work?

18 Curriculum Framework Victorian Careers DEECD Regional Career Development Officers MIPS CICA TAFE &UNI DEEWR Career development practitioners Skills Vic ITAB Youth Connections Community Welfare Agencies Adult and Community Education CDAA Private counsellors VRQA CEAV Employer organisations Catholic Sector Independent sector Workplace learning coordinators LLENs Apprenticeship Support Officers Koorie Transition Coordinators National Disability Coordination Officers Young people / students? VCAA Parents

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