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National Health Service Corps and NURSE Corps Rural Recruitment Kimberly Kleine, Deputy Associate Administrator Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service.

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1 National Health Service Corps and NURSE Corps Rural Recruitment Kimberly Kleine, Deputy Associate Administrator Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service Health Resources and Services Administration State Offices of Rural Health Meeting September 11, 2013

2 Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service Through the National Health Service Corps and NURSE Corps, HRSA’s Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service repays educational loans and provides scholarships to support the recruitment and retention of health professionals to work in medically underserved communities. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service (BCRS) 2

3 National Health Service Corps Today More than 40,000 clinicians have served in NHSC  Expanding access to health care;  Improving the health of people who live in urban and rural areas, where health care is often scarce. NHSC consists of nearly 10,000* clinicians currently working in underserved communities NHSC Programs  Loan Repayment (NHSC LRP)  Student to Service Loan Repayment Program (S2S) - Pilot  Scholarships (NHSC SP)  State Loan Repayment (SLRP) *As of September 30, 2012 3

4 NHSC Field Strength* *FY 2011 included clinicians funded through the Recovery Act, Base Appropriations, and the Affordable Care Act FY 2013 Projection is as of July 2013 4

5 FY 2013 NHSC Funding $300 Million – ACA funding Award estimates by program 5 *Revised from Feb 6, 2013 press release which reported 89 award offers made **Approximately 1,800 new & 2,400 continuations ǂ 182 new & 16 continuations ǂǂ 32 continuations Programs Number of Awards Applications S2S Loan Repayment Program78*100 NHSC Loan Repayment Program4,200**5,706 NHSC Scholarship Program198 ǂ 1,738 State Loan Repayment Program32 ǂǂ 32

6 Students to Service Loan Repayment Program Program Requirements/Eligibility  Physicians in 4 th year of training  Must match to primary care residency  Placement in a HPSA of 14 or higher  Placement assistance provided  $120,000 for a 3-Year commitment FY 2013 Application Cycle  78 Awards; 100 Applications Received  Average debt per application over $200,000 FY 2014 Application Cycle (September – November 2013)  100 Awards Planned 6

7 NHSC Loan Repayment Program FY 2013 Application Cycle  Over 5,700 Applications Received; 1,800 New Awards planned  Two funding levels based on community need HPSAs 14 & above – up to $60,000 HPSAs 13 & below – up to $40,000  Electronic Employment Verification FY 2014 Application Cycle (January - March 2014) 7

8 NHSC Scholarship Program FY 2013 Application Cycle  182 New Awards made; 16 Continuations  1,738 Applications received Regional Offices manage Scholar Placement Getting Prepared for Service (GPS) Program  Webinars; Social Media; Mentor Program  Virtual Job Fairs FY 2014 Application Cycle (February – April 2014) 8

9 State Loan Repayment Program Eligible Applicants–States; Matching Requirement Lots of Flexibility in Program Design  Eligible disciplines  Length of service commitment  Amount of loan repayment  Practice sites FY 2013 Application Cycle – 32 Continuations  Disciplines Added in 2012 – Pharmacists & Registered Nurses  New Site Types – Nursing Homes; Critical Access Hospitals; State, County and Local Mental Health Hospitals FY 2014 Application Cycle – New Competition  All 50 states, DC and U.S. territories will be eligible to apply 9

10 State Loan Repayment Program Grantees 10

11 NURSE Corps The NURSE Corps offers loan repayment and scholarships to nurses, including nurse practitioners, who work in health centers, rural health clinics, hospitals, and other facilities experiencing a critical shortage of nurses NURSE Corps consists of approximately 3,000 registered and advanced practice nurses providing care in communities where they are needed most NURSE Corps Programs  NURSE Corp Loan Repayment Program  NURSE Corps Scholarship Program 11

12 NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program Assistance to nurses working in a Critical Shortage Facility or nurse faculty employed by an accredited school of nursing.  Repayment of 60 percent of outstanding qualified educational loans for a 2-year commitment  May receive repayment of an additional 25 percent for a 3 rd year of service Eligible disciplines include licensed registered nurse (including NP and other APN) or nurse faculty, have completed training leading to a diploma, associate, baccalaureate or graduate degree FY 2013 Application Cycle  Over 4,600 Applications Received; 580 New Awards planned FY 2014 Application Cycle (January - February 2014) 12

13 NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Helps students complete their nursing education by paying tuition, fees, other education costs, a monthly living stipend, in exchange for working at a health care facility with a shortage of nurses, known as a Critical Shortage Facility.  Full-time nursing students accepted or enrolled in diploma, associate, baccalaureate or graduate nursing programs  As much as half of award funds are reserved for students pursuing a master’s level nurse practitioner degree FY 2013 Application Cycle  Over 2,600 Applications Received; 240 New Awards planned FY 2014 Application Cycle (March - May 2014) 13

14 Rural Outreach

15 Rural Field Strength 15 29 states and 3 U.S. territories have a majority of their NHSC providers serving at rural sites including Arkansas, Hawaii, North Carolina, and South Dakota

16 NHSC Critical Access Hospital Site Pilot 16 August 2011, White House Rural Council expanded eligibility for the NHSC to include Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) CAHs must meet applicable program requirements and be affiliated with an outpatient, ambulatory clinic Over 70% of the nearly 1,350 CAHs are currently located in a HPSA As of September 2013:  175 CAHs have been approved to be NHSC service sites; 7 applications currently under review  51 NHSC LRPs providers working in CAHs verses 7 prior to the pilot

17 NHSC Rural Sites & Vacancy Data 14,000+ Approved NHSC Sites  8,148 are rural sites & 3,282 have completed site profiles  2,985 (37%) of Rural Sites are FQHCs; 86 (1.1%) are FQHC Look-a- Likes; 877 (11%) are RHCs 3,083 Vacancies/Job Opportunities  1,657 rural site Vacancies As of September 2013, rural sites vacancies are as follows:  914 primary care provider vacancies posted (among 530 sites)  130 dental provider vacancies posted (among 114 sites)  613 mental health care provider vacancies posted (among 305 sites)  11 rural sites have vacancies posted in all three categories 17

18 NHSC Recruitment Strategies

19 NHSC Jobs Center Launched May 2012 – Totally Redesigned Site  Uses Google Maps Technology  Includes a Site Profile – Sites can “Tell their Story”  Enhanced Search Features – Site, Vacancy, HPSA score, city, or state October 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013: 323,559 visits to the NHSC Jobs Center from 191,346 unique visitors Averages more than 40,400 visits per month 6,050 completed Jobs Center site profiles 19

20 NHSC Jobs Center

21 21

22 NHSC Virtual Job Fairs Employers and Job Seekers come together virtually Two of the three NHSC Virtual Job Fairs held in 2012 focused on recruitment at NHSC sites located in rural communities  48 presentations representing 182 individual NHSC-approved rural sites from 19 states (in the Midwest, Southwest, Western and Pacific), and promoting approximately 336 job opportunities to more than 400 primary care clinicians from across the country  18 sites have reported they were contacted by job seekers in the week after the job fair. Scholar Placement VJF -- on July 20, 2013 & August 10, 2013  Invited 3RNet and their affiliates to promote job vacancies to NHSC Scholars  New Mexico Health Services highlighted vacancies located at five NHSC sites to nearly twenty scholar participants 22

23 NHSC Ambassadors 23 Dedicated volunteers who help educate and inform prospective Corps members and inspire and motivate students to provide primary health care in communities with limited access to care. Give their time and talents to spread the word about the opportunities available through the NHSC and serve as additional local resources for current NHSC members. There are nearly 1,000 active Ambassadors located in every state and territories of the United States To learn more about the Ambassador Program visit

24 Corps Community Day “Access Today. Healthy Communities Tomorrow.” Celebrates the important work of the NHSC to increase access to primary care in medically underserved communities  Thursday, October 10, 2013  Held annually during National Primary Care Week 74 events in 38 states & District of Columbia & Puerto Rico (so far) Help make Corps Community Day by planning an event “Event in a Box” one-page guides make it easy to plan a Health Insurance Marketplace Q&A session or other Corps Community Day event or activity Email to get

25 For More Information About Our Programs National Health Service Corps NURSE Corps 25

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