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Year 9 into 10 Learning Pathways Evening Wednesday 21 st January 2015.

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1 Year 9 into 10 Learning Pathways Evening Wednesday 21 st January 2015

2 At LHS we aim to: Provide a curriculum that engages ALL of our pupils and meets all the recommendations from the Review of Qualifications for 14-19 Ensure the curriculum we offer includes appropriate vocational qualifications that service the changing needs of our cohorts and are meaningful for our pupils and are included in the new performance measures Ensure all pupils have access to personal support and careers guidance. All year 9 and 11 pupils to have regular dialogue with appropriate staff regarding progress, aspirations and learning pathway Ensure that our pupils perform well in attaining the qualifications most valued by employers and post-16 and higher education providers as well as by parents, pupils and schools

3 Do we want 19 th Century learners or 21 st Century learners? What kind of learners do we want?

4 Qualified for Life What is changing and why?  New qualifications for GCSE English Language, English Literature, Maths Numeracy and Mathematics to commence in September 2015  A revised and more rigorous WBQ at intermediate and advanced levels from September 2015

5  Revised and more rigorous for September 2015 with a focus on employability skills  3 levels: Foundation (L1), National (L2) and Advanced (L3)  Grading will now apply at all levels  Foundation: Pass* and Pass  National: A*, A, B and C  Advanced: A*, A, B, C, D and E  Individual project = 50%  Enterprise, Global Citizenship and Community Challenges = 50% Welsh Baccalaureate

6 Targets  5 GCSE A*-G grades or equivalent for all - Level 1 Threshold measure  5 GCSE A*-C grades or equivalent for many, including English and Maths – Level 2 + Threshold  New measure – the Capped 9 Points Score  At 16-19 students then progress to either Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications, (A level or equivalent), depending upon 14-16 progress

7 4 Learning Pathways  Some areas of the curriculum are compulsory  The rest is yours to shape

8 Learning Pathways 14-19 Pathway 1Pathway 2 and 3Pathway 4 At the end of year 9 my targets are:  Levels 3 and 4 At the end of year 9 my targets are:  Levels 5 and 6 At the end of year 9 my targets are:  Levels 6 and 7

9 THE CORE GCSE English Language and English Literature GCSE Mathematics Numeracy and GCSE Mathematics Physical Education (2 hours)

10 Core +  Science – IVQ or GCSE  GCSE Religious Studies  GCSE Welsh  Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

11 And then it’s over to you!

12 Learning Pathways 14-19 GCSEBTEC/IVQCollege Courses* Art and Design Business Studies Catering Computer Science Drama DT Resistant Materials DT Electronics DT Product Design French Geography German History IT Music PE Textiles Art and Design Construction and the Built Environment Engineering Health and Social Care IVQ Hospitality and Catering IVQ Hospitality and Events Management Sport/Outdoor Education Performing Arts Auto Mechanics Hair and Beauty Heating and Ventilation College Courses* These are the courses we have offered in the past. They are delivered by Cardiff and the Vale College or a training provider. The subjects offered will depend on the number of students interested and the availability of courses. The qualifications you can achieve are either BTECs or industry based qualifications.

13 KEEPING YOUR OPTIONS OPEN Discipline :Subjects : CreativeArt, Drama, Music, BTEC Performing Arts, PE, BTEC Sport HumanitiesGeography, History Modern Foreign LanguagesFrench, German Social SciencesBusiness Studies, IT, BTEC Health and Social Care, Computer Science TechnologyCatering, DT Electronics, DT Resistant Materials, Textiles, BTEC Engineering, BTEC Hospitality and Catering and events management, BTEC Construction

14 Forbidden combinations… You cannot do this subjectWithThis subject GCSE PEXBTEC Sport GCSE CateringXBTEC Hospitality and Catering GCSE DT Resistant MaterialsXBTEC Engineering GCSE MusicXBTEC Performing Arts GCSE DramaXBTEC Performing Arts

15 Good reasons for Options Choices  Interest/enjoyment in the subject area  Aptitude or ability in the subject area  Subject choice at post-16  Of possible use in a future career  Good advice has been sought; from parents, Subject teachers, Form Tutors, Head of Year, Careers Officer, Cardiff 14-19 Network website, Careers Wales website etc

16 Bad reasons for Options choices  My friend is doing it!  Subject is new!  I like my teacher!  I do not like my teacher!  Gender reasons!  Choice of parents/guardians/other interested adults!

17 Option columns  There will be 4 of these  Many students will need to put Science in one of these option columns, this is explained below  This will leave up to 3 other subjects which need to be chosen

18 Pathway 1 This pathway suits learners who prefer vocational qualifications and coursework It is designed to reduce the number of exams that learners sit Support for Maths and English Includes a ‘Skills for Life’ programme and a wide range of BTEC and vocational qualifications Target levels 3 and 4

19 Pathway 2  Core subjects and IVQ/Core Science (5 hours)  RE to Full Course GCSE and Welsh Short Course  4 options choices to make  Range of BTEC and GCSE courses  Target levels 5 and 6

20 Pathway 3  Core Science and Additional Science (10 hours)  RE and Welsh to Full Course GCSE level  3 option choices  Range of BTEC and GCSE courses  Target levels 5 and 6

21 Pathway 4  Core Science and Additional Science (10 hours)  RE and Welsh to Full Course GCSE level  3 option choices  BTEC Engineering and a range of GCSE courses  Triple Science is available in this pathway which is needed to pursue Sciences to A-Level  Target levels 6 and 7

22 Changes to Science  Either IVQ Applied Science  Or IVQ Applied Science or GCSE Science in Y10 and 11  Or GCSE Science in Y10 and GCSE Additional Science in Y11  Or Triple Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics (3 GCSEs)

23 IVQ APPLIED SCIENCE WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Applied Science offers a learning experience that focuses learning for 14-16 year olds through applied learning i.e. acquiring and applying knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks set in sector or subject contexts that have many of the characteristics of real work.

24 IVQ Applied Science Enables learners to learn in such a way that they develop:  skills required for independent learning and development  a range of generic and transferable skills  the ability to solve problems  the skills of project based research, development and presentation  the fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment  the ability to apply learning in vocational contexts.

25 Extended Opportunities  Available to all students to apply but places are limited  A vocational placement with a college, training provider or partner school for one day a week, with the possibility of a vocational qualification










35 What are BTEC qualifications??  BTEC’s are work-related qualifications suitable for all students.  BTEC’s are built to accommodate the needs of employers and allow progression to university.  They provide a practical, real-world approach to learning.  They can be taken alongside, or in place of, GCSE’s and A levels.

36 BTEC’s have been around for nearly 30 years and their reputation is second to none. They're recognised by schools, colleges, universities, employers and professional bodies across the UK. They offer natural progression along a vocational path, from and to academic qualifications and university.

37 BTEC PROVISION 2015- 17 Each BTEC is made up of units. The number of units is dependent on the level and size of BTEC being studied e.g. BTEC Award = 4 units studied, BTEC Certificate = 6-8 units studied BTEC Extended Certificate = 8-10 units studied.

38 Therefore students will be offered EITHER; The AWARD = 120 HOURS of teaching = equivalent to 1 GCSE (1 option column) Or The CERTIFICATE = 240 HOURS of teaching = equivalent to 2 GCSE’s (2 option columns) Or The EXTENDED CERTIFICATE = 360 HOURS of teaching = equivalent to 3 GCSE’s (2 option columns)

39 Final Points For some BTEC qualifications there WILL BE A SHORT EXAM worth 25%of the final grade. There is a limit on the amount of BTEC qualifications that students will be allowed to take in 2015 and this is 2 x 2 grades or 4 x 1 grade qualifications. For more information see Mr Charles (QN & BTEC Sport) or Mrs Leon (Lead Internal verifier BTEC Health and Social Care).

40 Recap of Vocational courses offered at LHS:  BTEC Construction and the Built Environment  BTEC Engineering  BTEC Health and Social Care  BTEC Sport and Outdoor Education  IVQ Hospitality and Events Management  BTEC Performing Arts  IVQ Science  BTEC Vocational studies  BTEC Jamie Oliver Home cooking  BTEC Personal Finance

41 How to take these  BTEC Sport and Health and Social Care all take up 2 of the option choices  This means both BTEC Sport and Health and Social Care will give you 2 grades equivalent to 2 GCSE’s minimum  ALL BTEC QUALIFICATIONS ARE GRADED INLINE WITH GCSE SUBJECTS. HOWEVER BTEC QUALIFICATIONS ARE GRADED FROM A*-C not A*-G

42 Next steps….  Students completed the Careers Wales online ‘Free Choice’ survey  From this, option columns have been devised that allow broad & balanced choices and as many student preferences as possible  All students will be interviewed by SLT on their targets and future choices (end January/early Feb)  Learning Pathways booklet/Careers Wales online/Options forms/Assembly talks all available  Full written report - 9 th February  Year 9 Parents Evening - Wednesday 11 th February  Students make final choices – Deadline Tuesday 24 th February  Viable choices are timetabled

43 All the information that has been presented tonight will be available on the Year 9 section of the school website:  This powerpoint  Learning Pathways Booklet  Option Choice Sheets  Qualified for Life Guidance

44 Thank you for attending this evening Senior staff and the Year 9 team are all available after this presentation for further discussion

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