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International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme Updates October 10, 2012.

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1 International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme Updates October 10, 2012

2 Where we are……. Teachers trained What does IB professional development look like? More about our timeline and the process Next steps Page 2

3 Teachers Trained (Scheduled) to Date CategoryBrooksJulian CompleteScheduledCompleteScheduled Language A32 Language B11 Math1212 Science112 Humanities11 PE1 Art/Music2 Technology Coordinator/HOS12 Sub Total7468 Grand Total1114

4 What District 97 Teachers Say about IB “The IB philosophy fits perfectly with the beliefs and values of the larger Oak Park community. In addition, it provides teachers with a framework to teach in accordance with this philosophy.” Page 4

5 What District 97 Teachers Say about IB “IB not only emphasizes best teaching practices, it also focuses on creating global citizens. I see a better future for our world through IB. IB encompasses the best practices that are already going on in our school.” Page 5

6 MYP Curriculum The IB program does not replace the current curriculum; rather it enhances it, fostering creativity for both students and teachers. IB is designed to provide academic rigor and social-emotional development for ALL students across the educational spectrum.

7 MYP Fundamental Concepts Holistic Learning Intercultural Awareness Communication

8 IB Program Model

9 Moving from 2D to 3D What is a 21st century learner? “Information without intellect is meaningless”. —H. Lynn Erickson

10 Walking the Talk – the MYP Unit Planner MYP Unit Planner – Stage 1 Page 10 Significant concept(s) (abstract, timeless, universal) The “WHAT” Key concepts Related concepts (disciplinary understandings – the Big Ideas for the unit) Concept statement

11 Key Concepts Page 11 Key Concepts are: Abstract: Concepts stimulate higher-level thinking by causing students to rise above the fact base to gain understanding. Timeless: Concepts remain constant even though the fact base that supports the concepts may change over time. Universal: Concepts can be applied across the fields of knowledge. Represented by one or two words, or a short phrase Specific examples of the concept reflect common attributes. Dr. Lynn Erickson

12 Walking the Talk – the MYP Unit Planner Areas of interaction: Approaches to Learning, Environments, Health & Social Education, Human Ingenuity, Community & Service Page 12 Areas of Interaction Focus (Global Context) The “WHY” Provides connections to other subject areas and to the real world. Since the Approaches to Learning will take place in all units, it should not be considered to be the main focus.


14 IB and the Common Core Since it was originally established in the 1960s, the IB has focused on developing challenging educational programmes that prepare students for college and career success. The IB’s goals and core values are in genuine alignment with the aims and desired outcomes of the common core.

15 2012/13 School Year Consideration/Request for Candidacy - Submit applications for both schools January-March 2013 - Submit $4,000 application fee per school 2013/14 School Year Candidate Phase /Request for Authorization - Notification of candidacy (anticipated June 2013) - Submit $9,500 candidate fee per school - Work with consultant (18 months) IB MYP Implementation Timeline

16 2014/15 School Year Candidate Phase/Verification - Submit $9,500 candidate fee per school - Continue work with consultant - October 2014 – submit application for authorization - Receive feedback from IB regarding application - Authorization visit – Spring 2015 2015/16 School Year Fully Authorized IB Status - Submit ongoing $8,700 IB School Fee (ongoing) IB MYP Implementation Timeline- Cont.

17 Next Steps Complete application Consider changes for 2013-14 School Year Ongoing professional development for middle school staff Continue to educate parents and community members about IB

18 IB “ Enrichment for all”

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