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Ohio Board of Regents Update Jim Petro Chancellor, Ohio Board of Regents.

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1 Ohio Board of Regents Update Jim Petro Chancellor, Ohio Board of Regents

2 Overview Ohio Education Research Center –Jill Lindsey, Wright State University Licensure Update – Sheryl Hansen, OBR Performance Reports – Rebecca Watts, OBR College Readiness – Rebecca Watts, OBR Q & A

3 Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) Ohio Department of Education awarded $3.8 million to The Ohio State University to establish permanent education research center to: –Produce P-20 education research agenda in collaboration with Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Board of Regents. –Researchers are from The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Ohio University, Case Western Reserve University, Wright State University, Battelle Memorial Institute, Battelle for Kids, Community Research Partners, and the Strategic Research Group.

4 Program Review and Development Updates and Reminders Sheryl Hansen, Ohio Board of Regents

5 Agenda Website Program Review –NEW Review Cycle –NEW Forms “Becoming CAEP” Review Options Approving Programs and 24 Month Rule Reading Endorsement Communication

6 Website


8 KEY RESOURCES Ohio Higher Education Website Education Programs in Ohio – Program Finder – finder?field_online_option_value=All finder?field_online_option_value=All Offering Education Programs [FORMS are here] – Standards and Requirements Chart – programs/standards-requirements programs/standards-requirements Start here ALL Ed Prep Programs found here





13 Program Review

14 Forms Form A: New Program Proposal Teacher Principal Form C: Continuing Program Approval Teacher Principal

15 Forms (continued) NEW Curriculum Map (CM): accompanies Form A and C submissions Teacher Principal Form B New Endorsements NEW Form Z Assessments and Candidate Data

16 NEW Review Process December 31, 2012 – OBR will complete in process proposals November 1, 2012 and after – programs sent in will be held and reviewed March 7 and 8, 2013 February 15, 2013 – proposals due no later than midnight March 7 & 8, 2013 – onsite review of programs submitted by February 15, 2013

17 NEW Review Process May 1, 2013 – program status info sent to institutions September 15, 2013 – proposals due by midnight December 1, 2013 – program status info sent to institutions NOTE: Date adjustments may be negotiated for the 11 institutions with accreditation visits in Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Fall 2014.

18 Regents Advisory Committee on Graduate Study (RACGS) All new graduate education programs at all public institutions, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Dayton require approval by RACGS – If a proposed graduate level program also involves an educator licensure component, it must be reviewed by Educator Preparation (Form A & CM). Please contact Char Rogge for additional info about the RACGS process:

19 “Becoming CAEP” Review Options Option 1: SPA Review Option 2: National Review with Feedback –OBR will offer a webinar on this option. Option 3: State Review

20 The 24-Month Rule Demystified

21 All Licensure Programs Must Have State Approval Program Approval granted by the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents in one of two ways: –OBR Staff/Reviewer Process; or –Voluntary Choice by Institution to Seek National Recognition via SPA Review Approval remains in place as long as the program earns full approval within 24 months of the first SPA decision.

22 Teacher Leader Endorsement

23 Reading Endorsement Licensure Programs – OBR will approve only graduate level Reading Endorsement programs. –Program approval occurs in the accreditation cycle. Candidate Licensure – ODE will provide Reading Endorsement licenses to candidates that have earned licensure via baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate programs. –Eventually a ‘reading test’ will be required to secure an Ohio Reading Endorsement license.

24 Contact Us Please send program proposals and related information and documents to: For general questions, ideas, resources, and any other need to contact OBR, please email:

25 Program Review and Development: Educator Preparation Staff Tom Bordenkircher - Sheryl Hansen- Daia Hatchett-Jackson Patty Klein - Corey Posey - Madeline Smith -

26 NEW: Listservs Educator Preparation General Info –Open to all who wish to subscribe Educator Preparation Program Directors –Open to all who wish to subscribe Educator Preparation Technical Info –Open to all who wish to subscribe Sign-up forms are available on the tables.

27 Thank you for all the great work you do, for striving for excellence, and for placing Ohio Educator Preparation at the forefront of the nation.

28 Educator Preparation Program Performance Reports Rebecca Watts, Ohio Board of Regents

29 Performance Reports As required by Ohio law, beginning in December 2012, OBR will publish annual Performance Reports for all public and private OBR-approved educator preparation programs. The Performance Reports will be available to the public via the OBR web site. OBR will utilize the performance metrics in the reports for program review and approval.

30 YearPerformance Metric 2012 ReportsLicensure Pass Rates (Praxis II) Value-Added Data (Classroom Level) Program Candidate Admission Requirements Student Teacher Field/Clinical Experience Student Teacher Survey (Satisfaction with preparation program) Alumni Survey (Satisfaction with preparation program) Resident Teacher Data Program National Accreditation Excellence / Innovation 2013 AdditionsEmployer Survey 2014 AdditionsTeacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Ohio Teacher Evaluation System Results of program graduates Teacher Preparation Performance Reports

31 YearPerformance Metric 2012 ReportsLicensure Pass Rates (Praxis II) Value-Added Data – Building Level Data Program Candidate Admission Requirements Field/Clinical Experience Program National Accreditation Excellence / Innovation (Description of innovative partnerships and initiatives) 2013 AdditionsProgram Participants Survey Internship Mentor Survey Employer Survey (Satisfaction with program graduates) 2014 AdditionOhio Principal Evaluation System Results of program graduates Principal Preparation Performance Reports

32 College Readiness Statutory requirement for Presidents of Ohio’s public two-year and four-year institutions to define college readiness and establish related assessment thresholds by December 31, 2012. Provides remediation-free status for students meeting benchmarks. Requires Presidents to establish ceiling for assessment scores deeming students remediation-free. Development of standards and assessments informed by faculty panels. Provosts/Chief Academic Officers developing recommendation for Presidents.

33 College Readiness (2) Statute requires Boards of Trustees of each institution to adopt institutional placement policies that align with the college readiness definition and related assessment scores. Institutions may not set threshold scores higher than the established statewide scores. Institutions may not require students to take institutional placement testing for purposes of remedial placement if they have achieved the threshold scores.

34 Questions?

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