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Apprenticeships in the Hair and Beauty Sector Carolynne Hanson Learning Frameworks Officer.

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1 Apprenticeships in the Hair and Beauty Sector Carolynne Hanson Learning Frameworks Officer

2 ASCL Act 2009  Implementation from 13 April 2011 in England  Not commenced in Wales  SASW frameworks  Apprenticeship certification  Apprenticeship Agreement – on hold

3 SASW Process (1)  Framework development SSC/SSB Others if new areas needed  Create new (update old blueprint) frameworks draft – consult – refine – forum approval  Submission to Apprenticeship Frameworks Online  Collect data for Activity Cost Model (England)  Funding in Wales – DCELLS advisory group

4 SASW Process (2)  Style of new frameworks ‘Draft SASW’ guidance Standard text with PDF output option Compliance : High Quality and evolving policy  Peer review quality assurance process Issuing Authorities in England appointed from 6 April SkillsActive Issued Frameworks on Habia website and AFO Dual running of frameworks until 31 July 2011 Registration to SASW frameworks from 1 August 2011

5 SASW Frameworks  One framework per industry Levels and pathways Overview  Wales Foundation Apprenticeship - Level 2 Apprenticeship - Level 3

6 Frameworks and Pathways  Hairdressing Level 2 and Level 3 Hairdressing Combined hair Natural African Type hair Chemically treated African Type hair  Barbering Level 2 and Level 3 Barbering Barbering for African Type hair

7 Frameworks and Pathways  Beauty Therapy Level 2 and Level 3 General L2 and L3 Make up L2 and L3 Massage L3  Nail Services Level 2 and Level 3  Spa Therapy Level 3

8 SASW Content  NVQ Diplomas (“combined qualifications”) With Qualification Reference Numbers Units listed with credits for Competence and Knowledge  Transferable Skills Essential Skills Wales ICT mandatory at both levels for Wales No proxies or concessions

9 Employee Rights and Responsibilities  New “nine national outcomes” titles Delivery content updated Seven sections under previous titles  Delivery and assessment options  Strengthened quality assurance Habia work book and certificate Habia online Provider own Awarding Organisation QCF qualification

10 Hours On and Off the Job  Statutory programme = protected rights for learners  Evidence of on and off the job delivery Estyn will inspect against framework Learner may demand evidence if disputed  Customisation Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) criteria

11 Higher Apprenticeships  Approached by one University  Foundation degrees – haven’t worked  One frameworks with industry pathways within Competence Qualification (Level 4 or 5 qualification) Knowledge (Tech cert) Transferable Skills ERR GLH

12 For more info  AFO website SEMTA for 3 months then moves to The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils  Careers Wales  Welsh Assembly Government  Habia Membership e-shots New Apprenticeships website Twitter Facebook

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