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Highway Transportation System

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1 Highway Transportation System

2 What makes up the HTS in your own words?

3 HTS cont. Streets Highways Drivers Pedestrians Cyclists
Motor vehicles( trucks, vans, cars, buses, construction eqp.

4 Three parts of HTS What are 5 risk factors for each????

5 Reasons/goals for HTS Regulated by Federal, State, and Local government/enforcement First goal: to move people and things of cargo from one place to another in a safe, efficient, economical fashion.

6 S.I.P.D.E Scan ahead for potential road hazards is a key part to safe driving S- search I-identify P-predict D-decide E-execute

7 Scanning What type of hazards can appear driving down the road?
An example: Dog or deer are seen on the side of the road: Make a plan and decide to execute…….GO

8 Safety on the Road Give me 5 ways to reduce risks and accidents???
Drive only when in sound mental and physical condition Develop driving skills Anticipation of others Keep vehicle in top condition 3 steps to protect yourself???

9 Cushion What is the definition of space cushion?
What does a space cushion do for you in case of incidents? What does it do for reaction time?

10 Smith System Big picture Eyes moving Aim high in steering Be seen
Leave a way out(which is called) PAL and CARE, develop own acronym, do in pairs or threes.

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