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Chapter 11

2 Project Plans should include: (11-1, see list)
Ultimate Capacity NOT “Safe Bearing” etc. (11-1) Good Spec should include basic components (11-2)

3 Back Ground (11-4 thru 11-5) Ultimate Capacity replaces Design Load Approval of Driving Equipment Replace Dynamic Formulas

4 Generic Specification (11-6)
Owner responsible to “estimate” pile lengths Contractor responsible to provide and install undamaged piles. Must satisfy minimum required depth of embedment Must drive to required ultimate capacity, w/ reasonable BC

5 Approved Hammers (11-9) OED Measure Stroke (11-10) CED Bounce Chamber Pressure (11-10)

6 Proximity Switches Transmitter Battery

7 Approval of Pile Driving Equipment (11-11)
Wave Equation Equipment Form (11-14) Reasonable Blow Count bpf (11-15) Driving Stresses (11-15, chap 10) Concrete (f’c, fpe) Steel (fy)

8 Grade 50 ksi

9 ASD Factors of Safety (11-16)
Ultimate Pile Capacity (11-17) Must be shown on Plans: ASD Or LRFD Optimum Pile Installation – Maximum Curvature (11–17)

10 Drive System Components (11-19)
Hammer Cushion (11-19) Pile Cushion w/ concrete piles (11-20) New Pile Cushion for each Pile Used Pile Cushion for Re-Strikes Leads (11-21)

11 Hammer Cushions Are materials placed between the pile hammer ram and the helmet It’s function ? To relieve impact shock and thereby protect the hammer while at the same time transmit consistent energy to the pile

12 Hammer Cushions Recommended:
Not Recommended: Man-made cushion materials made of micarta, nylon, urethane, or other polymers Hardwood Plywood Wire rope Asbestos

13 Aluminum - micarta NIM


15 hammer-tex NIM

16 NIM

17 NIM

18 NIM

19 Pile Cushion Concrete piles require a pile cushion between the helmet and the pile lead Typically made of plywood, hardwood, plywood & hardwood composites, or other man-made materials


21 NIM

22 NIM

23 Followers(11-21) Only with Engineer’s Approval
Jets (11-22) Only with Engineers Approval Pre-Boring (11-22) Only with Engineers Approval

24 Follower Is a member interposed between a pile hammer and a pile to transmit blows when the pile head is below the reach of the hammer Use of a follower is accompanied by a loss of energy delivered to the pile due to compression of the follower & losses in connection

25 NIM


27 Jetting The use of a water or air jet to facilitate pile driving by displacing parts of the soil Jetting is useful in driving piles through very dense material


29 NIM

30 Predrilling Soil augers or drills used where jetting is inappropriate / ineffective to - Penetrate obstructions, boulders, debris fills - Facilitate pile placement through embankments - Reduce ground movements Predrilled hole diameter 100 mm less than diagonal of square pile, or 25 mm less than diameter of round pile

31 NIM

32 Spudding The act of opening a hole through dense material by driving or dropping a short & strong member & then removing it Used as an alternate to jetting or predrilling in upper soil consisting of miscellaneous fill

33 NIM

34 Gates Formula – limited (11-23)
Phase in WEAP (11-25) Static Load Tests (11-26 & 27) Include Dynamic Testing (11-28) Contractor Responsibilities (11-29) Restrike (11-30) Duration Cold Hammer

35 Tolerances (11-35) Pile Heave (11-35) Installation Sequence (11-36) Unsatisfactory Piles (11-36) Pay Items (11-40)



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