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A Presentation on the Management and Curriculum Audit for the Guam Public School System April 14, 2009.

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1 A Presentation on the Management and Curriculum Audit for the Guam Public School System April 14, 2009

2 Presentation Outline Introduction Methodology Governance, Management and Communications Educational Services Delivery and Curriculum Review Human Resources and Personnel Management Financial Services Facilities/Safety and Security Technology Management Potential Fiscal Impact

3 Methodology Reviewing existing reports and data sources. Conducting a diagnostic review. Conducting employee surveys. Visiting 13 schools in the school system. Conducting the formal on-site view with a team of six consultants. Preparing the draft and final reports.

4 Governance, Management and Communications Commendations o Holding Board Meetings throughout Guam. o Adding Ex-officio Stakeholders on Board. o Superintendent’s Inclusive Approach to Decision Making. o Manager’s Internal Control Program.

5 Major Recommendations o Reduce the number of Board Standing Committees. o Increase training opportunities for Board members. o Update all Board policies and create SOPs. Governance, Management and Communications

6 Major Recommendations o Assign a Superintendent ’ s liaison for policy development. o Create performance-based evaluation system for central office administrators. o Eliminate 18.5 assistant principal positions. Governance, Management and Communications

7 Major Recommendations o Delete the Public Information Officer (PIO) position, and outsource Public Relations function. o Develop a Communications and Public Relations Plan. o Establish an Education Foundation for the Guam Public School System. Governance, Management and Communications

8 Educational Services Delivery and Curriculum Review Commendations o Headstart Program Model for Accountability. o Special Education and ESL Accountability Procedures. o Initiated Plans for Updating Content Standards and Performance Indicators.

9 Educational Services Delivery and Curriculum Review Major Recommendations o Eliminate excess teaching positions at elementary level. o Eliminate excessive teacher aide positions. o Fill the four Program Coordinator positions and two of the vacancies in the Office of Research, Planning and Evaluation.

10 Educational Services Delivery and Curriculum Review Major Recommendations o Identify key instructional units and school representatives for consistent involvement in curriculum and program planning. o Identify a minimum number of curricular and instructional priorities about which the GPSS leadership is adamant that the school system must achieve.

11 Educational Services Delivery and Curriculum Review Major Recommendations o Collaboratively develop and implement a districtwide, research-based, and rigorous Instructional Plan. o Establish a system of curricular monitoring and accountability. o Identify and replicate successful processes, procedures, and best practices.

12 Human Resources and Personnel Management Commendations o Establishing Guam Commission for Educator Certification. o Regular Review of Classification and Compensation by Department of Administration. o High Quality Professional Development for Teachers and Principals.

13 Major Recommendations o Eliminate position of Acting Assistant Personnel Services Administrator and hire highly qualified Personnel Services Administrator. o Improve the customer service focus and efficiency of Personnel Services staff. Human Resources and Personnel Management

14 Major Recommendations o Develop a plan for consolidation of the personnel and payroll databases into an integrated personnel/payroll system. o Implement a recruitment and retention plan for teachers. o Develop more “grow-your-own” teachers though enhanced programs with the University of Guam. Human Resources and Personnel Management

15 Major Recommendations o Review and revise GPSS practices for application of overtime pay and compensatory time. o Implement a plan to systematically and consistently provide performance assessments. Human Resources and Personnel Management

16 Financial Services Commendations o Developing a Standard Operating Procedure on Fixed Assets Management. o Internal Auditor has made Improvements in GPSS Accountability System.

17 Major Recommendations o Design and prepare a user-friendly budget document. o Establish and communicate comprehensive Board policies and standard operating procedures for budgeting. o Provide to the Superintendent and the Guam Education Policy Board sufficiently detailed monthly reports. Financial Services

18 Major Recommendations o Improve the accountability system for procurement. o Implement the Fixed Asset Management Standard Operating Procedure. o Perform an in-depth study of the GPSS School Food Service Program. o Restructure the internal audit function to report directly to the Board. Financial Services

19 Commendations o Standard Operating Procedures for Safety and Security. o Tapping Resources of Guam Homeland Security. o Implementation of a School Uniform Policy. Facilities/Safety and Security

20 Major Recommendations o Overhaul the maintenance operation at GPSS thoroughly, radically, and completely. o Rebid custodial services as part of a total outsourced maintenance and custodial package for GPSS. Facilities/Safety and Security

21 Major Recommendations o Establish as a permanent method of facilities improvement, a public-private partnership arrangement for the construction and maintenance of all future new schools, as well as for the renovations and expansions of existing school facilities. o Prepare a new “Ten-Year Capital Facilities Plan 2010-19”, update it annually, use it as the official planning guide, and measure progress against the plan. Facilities/Safety and Security

22 Major Recommendations o Close F. Q. Sanchez Elementary School and absorb students as well as some faculty members into Merizo Elementary School. o Staff the Safety Administrator’s Office to permit the full implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure and related training programs. o Close the GPSS Warehouse in Piti. Facilities/Safety and Security

23 Commendations o Adopting the 2008 Gateway to Success Technology Master Plan. o Requiring Schools to Complete School- based Technology Plans. Technology Management

24 Major Recommendations o Create a Director of Technology, Lead Technician, and Education Technology Coordinator positions. o Increase GPSS technical support capabilities by outsourcing computer support. o Develop rigorous technology expectations for GPSS teachers and staff.

25 Technology Management Major Recommendations o Prepare a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. o Create Technology Procedures Manual. o Track performance data on work requests and other major operational processes to develop specific standards.

26 Potential Fiscal Impact Savings Costs Years Total 5-Year (Costs) or Savings 2009-102010-112011-122012-132013-14 Total Savings $34,988,537$33,843,537$33,739,527$36,616,692 $175,804,98 5 Total Costs ($3,396,411)($4,861,045)($4,863,429)($3,122,063)($3,124,447) ($19,367,39 5) Total Net Savings $31,592,126$28,98,492$28,876,098$33,494,629$33,492,245 $156,437,59 0 Total Five-Year Net Savings Minus One-Time (Costs) - ($325,842) $156,111,74 8

27 Questions?

28 Evergreen Solutions, LLC 2852 Remington Green Circle, Suite 101 Tallahassee, Florida 32308 850.383.0111 850.383.1511 fax Thank You!

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