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Purpose To provide preliminary training to both Republican and Democratic poll workers – Competent, responsible election officials – Knowledgeable about.

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2 Purpose To provide preliminary training to both Republican and Democratic poll workers – Competent, responsible election officials – Knowledgeable about the election process – Adequately prepared to fill understaffed precincts in their Ohio counties To ensure equal representation of party affiliation in each

3 Goals To equip the election official with: 1.Knowledge of the Ohio election laws 2.The ability to recognize any irregularities in the election process 3.The confidence and assertiveness to identify any discrepancies and to provide accountability to other election officials

4 Poll Worker’s Responsibilities Election officials – ensure election conducted lawfully and assist voters in courteous, respectful manner. – 4-6 registered voters of co. – 2-3 Rep. and 2-3 Dem. – Presiding Judge or Precinct Manager – manager of precinct and responsible for overall conduct of election. Deputy Manager – opposite party of Precinct Manager Precinct Manager: – Pick up ballots and supplies – Sat. before election – Contact poll workers in precinct – Monday night Organizational Mtg. – set up precinct

5 Election Day Duties-Presiding Judge Arrive at polling location at 6 am Assign job duties Administer Oath of Office Officially open and close the polls Drop off ballots with Deputy Manager

6 Management of Polling Location Campaign Neutral Zone - 100 ft from entrance to polling location Security & Emergency Procedures. Media Access Misconduct/Challenges

7 Job Assignments Signature Poll Book – checks voters name, address, ID, signature Distribute ballots – instruct voters how to mark ballot – update Registered Voters list – 11 am, 4 pm Provisional Voting – processing provisional voters; street directories Presiding Judge – monitors precinct, assists voters, helps election officials Election off. #5 – assists with signature poll book Election off. #6 – assists Provisional voting

8 Check-In Table

9 Guidelines for Processing Voters All voters must vote in the precinct they are currently living in for their ballot to count! Is the voter’s name & current address in the Sig. Poll Book? – If YES and no special designation – REGULAR VOTER – If NO – look up voter’s current address in Precinct Street directory

10 Guidelines for Processing Voters If current address is IN Precinct Street directory – Send to Provisional official – Process as PROVISIONAL VOTER If current address is NOT in Precinct Street dir. – STOP! Voter is in WRONG precinct! – Send to Provisional official to look up correct precinct location – Voter may be in correct building, but at the WRONG precinct table. Please make sure the voter is at the correct precinct table. ONLY BALLOTS CAST IN THE CORRECT PRECINCT WILL BE COUNTED!

11 Voter Assistance Assisting with marking the ballot – Voter brings someone to help mark their ballot: – Voter and person assisting – both required to complete & sign Form 228 Voter requests Election Official to help mark ballot: – BOTH Dem & Rep election officials assist voter together – Voter, Dem official & Rep official are ALL required to complete & sign Form 228 Curbside Voters – If voter unable to enter precinct to vote – Dem & Rep election officials together assist voter by bringing voting materials to them.

12 Regular Voter Regular voter – Name and current address correctly listed in Signature Poll Book – Shows acceptable & current identification – Scans the ballot Voter – Enters polling place and goes to check-in table Election Official – Asks for the voter’s name and current address – Asks for voter’s ID – Locates name in Signature Poll Book – Verifies voter’s name and address Voter – Signs the Signature Poll Book in the box next to their name Election Official: – Compares written signature to signature in Signature Poll Book – Writes down complete stub number of voter’s ballot next to voter’s signature – Updates registered voter list: List #1 posted at 11 am: List #2 posted at 4 pm – Gives voter a ballot and instructs them how to complete the ballot

13 Photo ID Examples Ohio Driver’s license & Identification card There are two numbers on these ID’s Required number – located on left hand side under phrase “LICENSE NO.” Correct # begins with letters: TL545786 Incorrect # is the 16 digits above picture Check exp. date

14 Acceptable Identification

15 Unacceptable Identification Out-of-state driver’s license or photo ID card Social security card Passport Birth certificate – unless same address Insurance card Registration acknowledgement card from BOE

16 Special Designations in Signature Poll Book

17 Special Designations


19 Provisional Voting Provisional voter – Someone whose voter eligibility is in question - ballot will be counted at a later date. – MUST BE IN CORRECT PRECINCT (CURRENTLY LIVE IN) FOR BALLOT TO COUNT. Voter does not scan the ballot

20 Reasons for Provisional Voting – Change of address – moved into precinct from DIFFERENT precinct – Name not in Signature Poll Book Check the name again Changed first or last name recently? Two last names hyphenated? Using middle name or maiden name? – Changed name – Absentee voter – special designation – Must Vote Provisionally – special designation – Last 4 digits Social Security number given as ID – Voter did not bring ID – Voter has no ID – Form 10-T – Challenged Voter – Signature does not match signature in Signature Poll Book Has handwriting changed? Some change with age Are signatures completely different? May be an error in Signature Poll Book Use good judgment.

21 Processing Voters Flowchart

22 Processing Provisional Voter Provisional Election Official – Verifies voter’s current address is in precinct – Verifies voter’s valid ID Voter fills in front of Provisional Envelope – Step 1: clearly prints full name – Step 2: Writes in last 4 digits of social security number or full 8 digit driver’s license number or checks other form of ID shown – Step 3: voter signs form Provisional Election Official – Prints official’s name – Writes in date

23 Processing Provisional Voter: Change of Address or Name Voter completes back of envelope if: – Change of address – Change of name (married, etc) Voter completes steps 1-11 – U.S. Citizen? – 18 yrs or older? – Name – Address – Birthdate – Ohio Lic.# or last 4 digits of social security # Voter completes steps 12 and/or 13 – Previous address if address change – New name if name change Voter signs and dates form – step 14

24 Processing Provisional Voter Voter prints and signs name and address in Provisional Signature Poll Book Provisional Election Official – – Puts Provisional label (sticker) over top left barcode on each ballot page – Records stub number in Prov. Signature Poll Book – Voter completes ballot – folds in half – places in Provisional envelope – DO NOT SCAN THE BALLOT – Place envelope in side slot on left side of eScan tub

25 Preparing to Close Polls NEVER CLOSE POLLS BEFORE 7:30 pm Everyone in line by 7:30 will be allowed to vote – Election official will stand at the end of the line to mark the last voter at 7:30 – Politely inform voters arriving after 7:30 that the polls are closed – If court orders polls to remain open after 7:30 – Manager will be notified

26 Closing the Polls Manager and Deputy Manager close polls together on the eScan and eSlate Election officials: – Count signatures in Signature Poll Book – Count ballots – Record totals on Sig Poll Book covers – Complete Ballot Accounting Chart (BAC)

27 Record Totals Record Total Signatures – The number of voters who signed Signature Poll Book – Count actual signatures – do not count Absentee voters – Record number on cover of Signature Poll Book Record Provisional Signatures – Number of voters who signed Provisional Signature Poll Book – Record number on cover of Provisional Signature Poll Book – Record same number on cover of Signature Poll Book Record Total Provisional Envelopes – Count the total number of Provisional Envelopes – Record number on cover of Signature Poll Book

28 Ballot Accounting Chart


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