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What Is Stress? Defense mechanism Threats World turned upside down.

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2 What Is Stress? Defense mechanism Threats World turned upside down

3 Bodily Stress Response When you perceive a threat, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action. Your heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and your senses become sharper. These physical changes increase your strength and stamina, speed your reaction time, and enhance your focus.

4 Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Cognitive SymptomsEmotional Symptoms Memory problems Inability to concentrate Poor judgment Seeing only the negative Anxious or racing thoughts Constant Worrying Moodiness Irritability or short temper Agitation, inability to relax Feeling overwhelmed Sense of loneliness and isolation Depression or general unhappiness Physical SymptomsBehavioral Symptoms Aches and pains Diarrhea or constipation Nausea, dizziness Chest pain, rapid heartbeat Loss of sex drive Frequent colds Eating more or less Sleeping too much or too little Isolating yourself from others Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs Nervous habits

5 Common External Causes of Stress Major life changes Work Relationship difficulties Financial Problems Being to busy Children and family Holidays

6 Common Internal Causes of Stress Inability to accept uncertainty Pessimism Negative self-talk Unrealistic expectations Perfectionism Lack of assertiveness

7 Effect on Your Body Tendency to sweat Back pain Chest Pain Cramps or muscle spasms Headache Nail biting Stomach upset

8 Effects on Thoughts and Feelings Anger Anxiety Depression Forgetfulness Irritability Restlessness Sadness Fatigue

9 Stress Relievers Laughter Music Walk Time Management Breathing Happy Place Be Assertive Bubble Bath Reduce Caffeine Stay Positive

10 Most Effective Stress Relievers Source: Forbes

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