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Social Issues in the United Kingdom

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1 Social Issues in the United Kingdom
Crime Cycle 1 – What is Crime?

2 CONNECT Who is this? What is happening?

3 Learning Intentions Have an understanding of what will be expected over the course of the year and during this topic Be able to give a definition of what crime is Be able to explain different types of crimes with examples

4 Overview of Crime and the Law in Scotland and the UK.
Course Descriptor Option 2: Crime and the Law In the crime and the law context, learners will focus on the causes of crime, the impact of crime on individuals and society and the role of individuals, the police, the legal system and the state in tackling crime. Overview of Crime and the Law in Scotland and the UK. With reference to different types of crime, eg personal and property and different groups affected by crime: ♦ Evidence of extent of crime such as official reports and academic research. ♦ Causes of crime, such as poverty/deprivation, social exclusion, family influence, peer pressure, alcohol/ drug misuse. ♦ Consequences of crime on individuals/ families, communities

5 Exam Questions: Why people commit crime
This is just a small sample. A document with potential exam questions is on the school web page. Why people commit crime ‘People commit crimes for different reasons.’ Explain why people commit crimes. ‘Some parts of Scotland have higher crime rates than others.’ Explain, in detail, the reasons why some parts of Scotland have higher crime rates than others. Social exclusion and poverty often lead to youth crime. Explain, in detail, why social exclusion and poverty often lead to youth crime. These types of questions will test your knowledge. But other questions will test your skills. Please see the school website.

6 What is Crime? Democratically elected MPs make laws that apply to the whole of the UK and MSPs make laws that apply to Scotland. A crime is any act which breaks these laws.

7 Types of Crime Crime Group Definition
Number of Crimes recorded by the police in Scotland Non-sexual crimes of violence Murder, attempted murder, serious assault, robbery, other 9,533 Sexual Offences Rape, attempted Rape, sexual assault, prostitution, other 7,359 Crimes of dishonesty Housebreaking, theft, shoplifting, fraud, other 154, 337 Fire raising, Vandalism etc Deliberately setting fires and damaging property 75,201 Other Handling a weapon, drug offences, traffic crime, public disorder, other 67, 756

8 Independent research:
Serious organised crime White Collar Crime Blue Collar Crime New Crime PLEASE WRITE A DEFINITION AND GIVE AN UP TO DATE EXAMPLE

Organised crime groups can span the world and use the money they make from things like pirate DVDs to fund more serious crimes like human trafficking. WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Crime committed for financial gain by someone in a position of trust. Examples of this type of crime are fraud, embezzlement, bribery, insider trading, money laundering and cyber crime. BLUE COLLAR CRIME Blue Collar Crime is committed by people in unskilled jobs or who or unemployed. Most likely to be housebreaking, shoplifting or vandalism. NEW CRIME Cyber bullying and hate crimes are new crimes and these are on the rise.

10 Crime in Scotland The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) measures recorded crime in Scotland annually. Young males are most like to be victims of crime Higher number of victims in poor areas E.g crimes committed in Glasgow

11 Perception of Crime

12 Go... 30 seconds to: Write down 1 thing you have learned today.

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