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DISTINCTIVE DIFFERENCES Rousseau vs. ____________.

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1 DISTINCTIVE DIFFERENCES Rousseau vs. ____________

2 DRAWERS 400 lb Rousseau: Standard - Compatible with cabinets and over 35 brands of shelving. More flexibility for reorganization. Retrofit Anytime Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Standard - Gives longer life under usage conditions. Competitor: ______________________________________ Rousseau: Standard - 16 sizes, 10 heights, 7 side heights = more customizable. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Drawers 400# Capacity Dimensions

3 Rousseau: Standard - Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Standard – Located at top for ergonomic pull. Latches at both ends w/1-1/2” extrusion for comfortable pull. Competitor: ________________________________________________ #1 in the Industry. Rolling Mechanism Drawer Latches Rousseau: Standard – Easy one hand open, push close w/no self opening. Easy retrofit allows possibility to switch modular cabinet to toolbox. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Standard Option – Secures both sets of drawers in Multi-Drawer cabinets. 3” end cap for easy Retrofit. Integrated Lock-In Mechanism Drawer Lock Competitor: ________________________________________________ DRAWERS

4 Rousseau: Standard – Easy replacement in case of damage w/o changing full drawer, also allows for hanging file folders. (nice option for techs) Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Standard – 100% Accessibility. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Standard – Prevents opening several drawers at a time. Ensures cabinet stability and protects user. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Double Face Drawer One-Drawer-at-a-Time System Accessibility DRAWERS

5 Rousseau: Standard Option – Multiple accessories all compatible w/each other, can be added anytime and stamped with part# for easy reordering. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Rousseau: Partitions. – Patented snap-on system keeps in place and reduces vibration noise. Rousseau: Label Holder. – Can be used w/dividers or plastic bins. Do not come off when retrieving an item. ACCESSORIES Rousseau: Lock-Out Mechanism. - For both drawers and roll-out shelves, locks in open position, manually operated and does not interfere with accessories. Rousseau: Plastic Bin. – Compatible w/louvered panels, plastic bin rails, partitions, dividers and groove trays. Conductive bins dissipates electric charges. Accessories

6 Rousseau: Standard Option – 12 color choices as well as combinations. Custom colors also available. Competitor: ________________________________________________ Color Options

7 Produced by: Featured Brand: Felix Loeb, Inc. 1347 Enterprise Drive Romeoville IL 60446 800-821-6467

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