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Student Web Time Entry online via The Hub. Why Web Time Entry Pilot offices have been using the system since May 2005. System enhancements with The Hub.

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1 Student Web Time Entry online via The Hub

2 Why Web Time Entry Pilot offices have been using the system since May 2005. System enhancements with The Hub. The Student led “green initiative” to reduce paper. Potential to improved accuracy. Potential to improve timeliness of reporting and processing. COHORT 1: Starting in the Summer of 2007, student employees will enter time worked via The Hub, and student employee supervisors will review and approve time via The Hub. New COHORTS will be identified and trained until the entire student population has been converted to web time entry.

3 Agenda Introduction to the WTE process Role of Primary and Alternate Supervisors Email communications Student screens Supervisor screens Hands-on look How to Introduce Web Time Entry to Students Questions?

4 Introduction to the Process Student: daily time entry and submission Supervisor: view time, change, approve and reject if submitted in error. Wednesday, Two Week Pay Period Begins Second Tuesday - Pay Period Ends Thursday Noon Student Submission Deadline Friday 6:00 PM Supervisor Deadline Student: can no longer view/enter time Supervisor: review/approve/change time Timesheets no longer in the Hub Wednesday Payroll Processed, pay advices published to The Hub

5 Primary and Alternate Supervisors Each student is assigned both a primary and alternate supervisor. If you are absent during the approval timeframe your alternate supervisor will need to approve student hours. Please notify Student Financial Services with the name of your student’s alternate supervisor. Primary supervisors will introduce their students to web time entry. On The Hub, primary supervisors will only see their primary student workers by default. If you are an alternate, in order to see the students you will choose a supervisor from a drop-down box and submit. You will then see all students assigned to the supervisor you are substituting for.

6 Email Workflow Communication is the Key to Success This system allows for automated email communication between student workers and supervisors: –If a supervisor changes time during a pay period, the student will receive an email notifying them of a change. –When a student submits their time for approval, their primary supervisor will receive an email notifying them that time is available for review. –If a supervisor rejects time reported, the student will receive an email with instructions from the supervisor on how to correct and resubmit. –When a supervisor approves time, the student will receive an email. –If the supervisor makes a change to the timesheet at the time it is approved, the student should receive an email with your explanation of the change in the Supervisor Comments field.

7 Student Screens – on The Hub Time Entry –Click and submit your position. Time History

8 Time should be entered in this format:10:30AM and 12:00PM (noon). By policy, employees should enter time to the nearest quarter hour. If they work more than 2 shifts in 1 day, they should click on the ‘Insert Line’ box. Only “Time In” and “Time Out” columns should be used for student employees.

9 At the end of each pay period, students must provide an electronic signature by clicking on this box and choosing submit. Do Not Use

10 Supervisor Screens – on the Hub Time Approval (for supervisors) Employee history (for supervisors)

11 Display all primary student time, for all open pay period. To review time detail click on the Review Entry box in front of the student position and hit Enter on the keyboard or click on Submit. After you have reviewed and approved the time, there will be a checkmark in the ‘Approve’ column. If you are an alternate supervisor, use the ‘Approve time entries on behalf of’ drop down list.

12 Approval screen At the bottom of the Supervisor Review screen, you will: See confirmation of your employee signature. Choose your decision (Approve/Reject) from the drop-down list. Enter e-mail messages for your student (Rejected time requires a message). Note: you can also change student’s time on this screen.

13 Supervisor Notes Always review time for each student. Frequent errors to watch for: –Failure to designate AM or PM correctly –Failure to report in quarter hours –Failure to submit on a timely basis Rejecting time will enhance student training and future experience.

14 Time for a Hands-On Try! You and your students have already been converted to web time entry!!! Contact Student Financial Services if you do not see your student employees. Sign on to The Hub Select the Employees menu Click on the time approval (for supervisors) link.

15 How to introduce WTE to Students Students pick this up quickly!!! Training materials will be e-mailed to you – watch for your “Welcome to Web Time Entry” e-mail. Retain these materials for future reference. Routinely reference the Payroll Calendar. Tips from Supervisors in the pilot group: –Stress the importance of daily time reporting –Explain the basic workflow process – 2 week pay period –Explain the importance of pay period deadlines –Remind students as payroll end dates approach –Explain how to round to the quarter hour –Explain the time format required(12:00PM = noon) –Remember to check the electronic signature box to approve AND submit at the end of the pay period! –Students may be entering time for more than one position on the web. Take care in selecting the correct position.

16 Contact Mike Kotchevar with your designated alternate supervisor, ASAP. If you are going to be out of the office at the end of a pay period, coordinate with your alternate supervisor to ensure student time is approved on a timely basis. When the student submits a timesheet, it comes to you. You can ‘reject’ it, and it will go back to the student. This will reinforce training more effectively then correcting student errors for them. Training material and resources are available for you on the web and at Student Financial Services and Payroll. You are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and timely approval of student employee time! Remember:

17 Questions Student Financial Services Mike Kotchevar Personnel questions: Students not appearing in your list, dates that aren’t right, questions about remaining hours Payroll Julie Vossen Payroll questions: Web time entry dates, how to fill out time, time accidentally approved and submitted

18 Your Questions? What if a student fails to report time and the supervisor does not catch it? –The supervisor will need to request a manual time sheet from the payroll office. Failure to report may impact future student employment opportunities. Can I opt out of web time entry? –Only student employment positions with off campus supervisors are approved for manual time entry. All other positions are being converted to web time entry. Will I learn to love it? –YES!!!!

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