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2 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION EAP PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION AND SERVICE COMPONENTS Administered by DOC Personnel Employee Relations Section Paid for by Employer Third Party Provider – Deer Oaks

3 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION The Deer Oaks Holistic Approach Deer Oaks understands each individual has a work, wellness and personal life experience unique to him/her. This is why Deer Oaks addresses and treats problems comprehensively in relation to the individual’s work and social systems.

4 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Our Promise To You Provide a link to local resources to help resolve personal concerns effectively and confidentially. Provide Assessment and Referral Services. Provide Management and Supervisory Consultations to help resolve employee work-related problems.

5 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Eligibility: All full-time, part-time permanent, probationary, trainee or time-limited appointments are covered including spouse and dependents. NOT COVERED: TEMPORARY/CONTRACTUAL

6 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Cost of Your EAP Services Include: No Fee for Services Provided by the EAP. Cost Associated with recommended treatment with a professional resource is the EMPLOYEE’S RESPONSIBILITY. The EAP will use services covered by the STATE HEALTH PLAN whenever possible.

7 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Your EAP Services Include: Telephonic & Face-to-Face Assessments (including Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence). Coordinated Referrals to Health Plan providers, Community Agencies, Legal and Financial Assistance Resources, & Childcare & Eldercare Resources. Management & Supervisory Consultation. Unlimited use of Online EAP Resources at:

8 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Telephone Intakes Trained Care Coordinators ready to receive your calls. Available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week – even on holidays. Referrals based on your specific needs. Personally connect you with a local provider. Crisis situations addressed immediately.

9 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Your EAP Services Also Include: Prevention/Education programs including Matters of the Heart, Parenting Toolkit, Legal Assist, Frank About Finances, & Work/Life Newsletters. Multimedia Awareness Campaigns (web-based sharing, wallet cards, posters, brochures, participation at health fairs, etc…)

10 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Legal Consultation Services Nationwide Network of Attorneys. Free initial legal consultation. Free simple will. Reduced fees if plan attorney is retained. Online access to legal information at

11 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Substance Abuse Services: Substance abuse is a disease that can be treated effectively. If you, a colleague, or a loved one struggle with an addiction, your Deer Oaks EAP can help.

12 SUPERVISORY ORIENTATION Critical Incident Stress Management Services Mitchell Model or Red Cross. Flexibility in how a crisis is defined. Immediate availability. Ongoing Follow-up. Expertise in working with public safety personnel.

13 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION EAP Work-Life Services FindNow Childcare and Eldercare. Matters of the Heart. LegalAssist. Frank About Finances. Mothers at Work. Work-Life Balance. Take the High Road on Highways. Parenting Tool Kit.

14 WORKLIFE SERVICES Parenting ToolKit Assistance in connecting with helpful parenting resources Monthly electronic parenting article Parenting literature brochure information Unlimited telephonic consultation

15 Addresses various areas of concern and personal development such as assertiveness, self-esteem, stress management Checklists Resources Articles Personal Plan Programs WORKLIFE SERVICES

16 Taking the High Road on Highways Program WORKLIFE SERVICES Deer Oaks will coordinate a free ride home from a location ( for example, a private party, bar, restaurant, work-site) if a participant is impaired by alcohol or drugs Participant calls a cab and Deer Oaks will reimburse the cab fee. Simple and confidential.

17 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Wellness & WorkLife Seminars Topics Include: Dealing with stress and change. Successful blended families. Taking care of an aging parent. Substance use and abuse. NOTE: Seminars &Training programs do not replace existing DOC mandated training. In addition, all EAP programs requiring the expenditure of funds requires prior approval by the DOC HR Office.

18 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Financial Consultation Services Free initial financial planning session. Additional available services: College planning. Budgeting guidance. Retirement and estate planning. Tax information links and resources. Online access to financial information & resources:

19 TYPES OF REFERRALS Self Referral: An employee or family member may privately refer himself or herself for help with a problem. Informal (Suggested) Referral: A Manager or Supervisor encourages the employee to talk with the EAP to address possible concerns impacting work performance or the employee’s behavior in the workplace (non discipline).

20 TYPES OF REFERRALS Supervisory Referral: A Supervisory Referral may be an option when disciplinary action is issued. It is essential that the EAP be notified in advance of a Supervisory Referral. EAP Counselors will need background information about the employee, and details of his/her job performance. Supervisors provide onsite support for the employee’s efforts to seek help. NOTE: DISMISSALS, DEMOTIONS AND SECOND WRITTEN WARNINGS REQUIRE CONSULTATION WITH EMPLOYEE RELATIONS STAFF PRIOR TO RECOMMENDING A SUPERVISORY REFERRAL OR CONTACTING EAP.

21 Disciplinary Process The EAP will assist in addressing the personal problems that may be the primary source of performance or conduct issues. The EAP IS NOT a SUBSTITUTE for management decisions involving disciplinary action needed to deal appropriately with performance or conduct deficiencies.

22 Leave Usage Initial Assessment Self-Referral Confidential: Vacation/Bonus/Sick Self-Referral Disclosed to Supervisor: Z Time Supervisory Referral: Z Time Follow-Up Absences Vacation/Bonus/Sick NOTE: REMEMBER TO CHECK FOR FML ELIGIBILITY

23 WHEN TO MAKE A REFERRAL Indicators A number of different signs may indicate to you, as a supervisor, that you should suggest to an employee that s/he access the EAP. Some times to suggest use of the EAP:

24 WHEN TO MAKE A REFERRAL Work Indicators : Inconsistent work quality Disruptive behaviors Signs of fatigue/poor concentration Unexplained changes is behavior Increase in mistakes/carelessness An unexplained pattern of tardiness Unexplained and unscheduled absences

25 WHEN TO MAKE A REFERRAL Attitude & Physical Indicators : Overreaction to criticism Fights with coworkers Blaming others Morale decline Avoidance or isolation from coworkers Crying spells/loss of emotional control Unprovoked hostility/physical attacks Sluggish movements and unresponsiveness

26 WHEN TO MAKE A REFERRAL More Attitude & Physical Indicators : Apathetic Rebellious Difficulty with authority Appears anxious Manipulation of coworkers Decline in personal hygiene Overstressed and anxious Difficulty managing anger

27 STRESS AND ANXIETY An employee appears more anxious or stressed, without major changes in job description

28 ANGER MANAGEMENT An employee has difficulty getting along with others or managing anger

29 BEREAVEMENT AND DEPRESSION Seems to be struggling with loss of loved one Fatigue or decreased interest Depressed mood Appetite and sleep changes

30 LIFE TRANSITION DIFFICULTIES Sometimes a new marriage, new baby, divorce or death can increase stress and anxiety.


32 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION When To Refer to The EAP If you observe, or an employee reports that he/she feels depressed, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, angry, out- of-control, or unable to cope, call Deer Oaks EAP at: 1-877-EAP-SOLV (1-877-327-7658)

33 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Accessing Services Call the Toll-Free North Carolina EAP line 1-877-EAP-SOLV 1-(877-327-7658) Care Coordinators will conduct a brief Telephonic Assessment and connect you with a clinician in your area.

34 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION DEER OAKS EAP SERVICES A Resource You Can Trust. Email at: Check our website for more information: Password: eapnc ID: eapnc

35 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Interactive Website Access to a variety of resources including: Online assistance. EAP chat room. Self-assessments. Newsletters. Online articles.

36 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Interactive Website ‘Matters of the Heart’ is a health and wellness resource page showing the connection between mind and body, and includes tips on how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

37 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Interactive Website The resources available on the Deer Oaks web site are of a general nature and DO NOT SUPERCEDE OR REPLACE the policy and procedure of the NCDOC.

38 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Interactive Website The resources available on the Deer Oaks web site contain downloadable Orientation programs for employee’s and supervisor’s. The content of these orientation programs contain components that ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THE DOC PLAN These programs SHALL NOT BE USED to deliver presentations at DOC facilities.

39 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Confidentiality Personnel Records Disciplinary Letters Medical Records Participation in EAP Other

40 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Confidentiality Supervisory Referral: Employee Accepts Assistance Supervisor contacts EAP Supervisor shares any relevant information regarding discipline, medical etc.

41 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Confidentiality Supervisory Referral: EAP Releases with Employee Consent: If employee kept initial appointment If employee agreed/disagreed to follow recommendations. Continuing compliance updates Closure of Services

42 SUPERVISOR ORIENTATION Confidentiality Disclosure Required by EAP when: Employee deemed Harmful to Self or Others Child/Disabled Adult Abuse Court Order Medical Necessity

43 PROMOTING EAP UTILIZATION DOC Program Promotion Policy Facility Orientation Wallet Cards Brochures

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