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Implement the Aurion Timekeeper module at the organisation unit level to replace DA Link as the software used to submit casual staff claims for payment.

2 CONTROL MEASURES Authority to pay a casual staff member is provided by the appointment recorded in Aurion, approved by the Head of School. (Aurion will not process a payment if a duly authorised appointment is not recorded.) UQ must pay casuals for hours worked, as certified by the relevant supervisor/course coordinator Aurion will prevent employees/finance officers from lodging claims for payment outside of the placement dates. Fortnightly reports showing details of all casual payments for the School for the pay period are provided from Aurion to finance officers for review and retention for audit.

3 HR Portal Timekeeper Reports
Overview of Timekeeper Functionality – submitting casual timesheets/claims ESS option HR Portal Timekeeper Reports Pending ESS Claims Current Approved Entries (raw data) Current Pay Transactions Previous Pay Transactions Maximum Hours Employee Log on to ESS to enter hours worked/ overtime in TK form for relevant pay period Supervisor Log on to ESS to review TK form from employee Forward to Finance Officer OR Reject (return to employee) ESS ESS Finance Officer Log on to ESS to update/approve TK form OR Log on to Aurion to enter/approve claim data ………………………………….. Fill in Manual Adjustment form for any changes to claims lodged in previous pay periods and/or Overtime claim for above HEW 8 OR HR Portal Reports Paper timesheet option Supervisor Review paper claim Sign and forward to Finance Officer OR Reject (return to employee) Employee Fill out hours worked/ overtime on paper claim form Payroll 1. Process manual adjustments 2. Overtime for above HEW 8 Bulk approve casuals

HOS/School Manager Employee Supervisor Finance/Admin Faculty HR Automatic Processes Payroll Approve appointment (HOS) Provide personal details Obtain UQ username/password from local IT support or UQ Connect Provide placement details Raise appointment form/ensure approval and forward to HR Distribute offers where no provided Store audit copies of offers Process appointment form Run, review, correct entries on Casual Appointment Error report (daily) Generate offer letter (overnight – central HR) Generate UQ username/password (overnight – ITS) Complete timesheets and forward to supervisor Review and verify timesheets and forward to Finance Approve/enter timesheets (add costing) Monitor claims lodged (HR portal) Monitor max hours (HR Portal) Raise adjustments form and forward to payroll Process adjustments Raise maximum hours change form and forward to HR Change max hours on placement Advise HR of expiries and reappointments Distribute reports and process expiries and reappointments Produce fortnightly expiry reports for HR Finalise claims for fortnight (check ESS report) Run and action Manual Transactions report Run Casual Appointment Error report Run Manual Transactions report Change status of submitted/validated TK forms to incomplete Action Manual Transactions report Bulk approve casual (Return) Pay Branch Appoint Pay Change Expire Cut -of f


6 Employee – what you need to know
UQ Login – you will be provided with a UQ username and password, which will be sent directly to your organisational unit from UQ Connect – Come to the SIB Finance and HR Office to collect your username. Where some individuals already have staff associate accounts mail addresses, please contact BITS to have these migrated together with your new staff account details. You will be unable to view ESS on staff associate accounts. Multiple employee numbers – if you have more than one employee number as you have differing job roles, you need to ensure that you select the correct one when filling out your timesheet. There is an instruction document under the useful information link on the ESS homepage. Change a (default) supervisor – you are able to change who your default supervisor is by clicking on the My Details tab, then click Contact Details, go down to where it mentioned supervisor and click on the modify button. Choose the appropriate supervisor – NB all teaching casuals must submit their teaching claim forms to Briony Reeve as supervisor, Research casuals should submit directly to their Academic supervisor. Selecting person to send Timekeeper form to – you can either use your default supervisor to send your Timekeeper form to or search and select a different supervisor. Deadlines for lodging timesheet – The deadline for you to submit your Timekeeper form is Wednesday of non-pay week. This is for the work your performed the previous fortnight/s. Paperbased timesheets – must be submitted to your supervisor for approval for all teaching claims to be verified by the SIB HR Officer.



9 Employee - Casual staff member completes date, type of work, activity and contact hours worked during the fortnight in ESS:


11 Supervisor – what you need to know
ESS – when logging into ESS you will have an additional line in your inbox, titled Timekeeper, all timekeeper forms that are sent to you will be stored here for your action Review the employees timekeeper form – you are responsible for checking the submitted timekeeper form and if you agree with the hours worked, forward the timekeeper form onto the appropriate Timekeeper Mailbox. Reject a timekeeper form – if you do not agree with the hours that have been submitted you have the ability to reject the form and ask the casual employee to resubmit it. Timekeeper Mailbox – you need to ensure that you select the correct Timekeeper Mailbox for your org unit. Attached to this mailbox are the relevant Finance/Admin Officers who will ensure that the employees hours worked are costed correctly. Once the give final approval of the timekeeper form, it is ready for payment. Deadlines for approving timesheets – The deadline for you to approve any outstanding Timekeeper forms is Wednesday of non-pay week. Any unapproved forms will result in the employee not being paid.

12 Supervisor – What your ESS home screen will now look like



15 New Form to process manual adjustments

16 New form to increase maximum hours


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