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California’s Coordinated Care Initiative Beneficiary Presentation November 2014.

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1 California’s Coordinated Care Initiative Beneficiary Presentation November 2014

2 Medicare and Medi-Cal Today 2 Medicare Medi-Cal Doctors Hospitals Prescription drugs Long-term services and supports Medicare cost sharing Durable medical equipment

3 The Necessity of Coordinated Care Some people with multiple chronic conditions see many different doctors and have multiple prescriptions. This is common among people with both Medicare and Medi-Cal (Medi-Medi or dual eligible beneficiaries) who are often sicker and poorer than other beneficiaries. Today’s care delivery system doesn’t always support the care coordination many people need. This leads to increased risk of admission to the hospital or nursing home. 3

4 Cal MediConnect 4 Medicare Medi-Cal Right Care Right Time Right Place

5 The Coordinated Care Initiative: Participating Counties San Bernardino Riverside San Diego San Mateo Santa Clara Los Angeles Orange 5

6 Cal MediConnect Optional Combines Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits into one managed care health plan Additional services, including care coordination Medi-Cal Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) 6 The Coordinated Care Initiative: Two Parts Mandatory Beneficiaries will now receive Medi-Cal benefits through a managed care health plan, including long-term services & supports and Medicare wrap- around. Who: many full dual eligible beneficiaries Who: Medi-Cal only beneficiaries, full dual eligibles who opt out of Cal MediConnect, other identified groups eligible for Medi-Cal

7 7 Can You Join Cal MediConnect? Medicare Only Medi-Cal Only Medi-Medi

8 8 Cal MediConnect Who: Medi-Medi beneficiaries Optional All of the Original Medicare and Medi-Cal services you currently receive, but combined into one health plan One number to call for all your needs Additional vision benefit Additional transportation benefit Access to a care team Access to care manager Coordinated care Medicare Medi-Cal

9 9 Cal MediConnect Who: Medi-Medi beneficiaries Optional Why I Will Choose a Cal MediConnect Plan: Jim “I like getting all my care from one plan. It’s why I chose Cal MediConnect. My plan manages both my Medicare and my Medi-Cal services. My doctors, hospital, long-term care are all in the same plan. I call just one phone number for help.”

10 10 Cal MediConnect Key Benefits for You Support for coordinating your care, including a plan care coordinator. You will receive a health risk assessment to help you and your providers develop, if appropriate, an individualized care plan. Interdisciplinary care teams will be available to help manage and coordinate care. You can decide who is on this team. Additional Services: You will receive supplemental vision and transportation benefits Plans can offer additional services (known as care plan options) beyond the Medi-Cal benefit package

11 Cal MediConnect Cost and CoPays There are no additional costs associated with joining a Cal MediConnect plan. Check with the Cal MediConnect plan about costs associated with Medicare Part D and to make sure your medications are covered. Copays will be the same as they are now. If you are a Medi-Medi your providers should not bill you, and this will remain the same under Cal MediConnect. 11

12 12 People not eligible for Cal MediConnect You can’t join Cal MediConnect if you: Are younger than 21. Receive developmental disability waiver services from a Regional Center. Do not meet your Medi-Cal share of cost, if you have one. Have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), except in San Mateo County. Have other health coverage, such as retirement, veterans or private coverage. Live in a veterans home. Receive services through one of the following waiver programs; Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital, HIV/AIDS, Assisted Living, or In Home Operations ( you must disenroll from these programs to enroll in Cal MediConnect, you will not be passively enrolled ). Are enrolled in PACE (you must disenroll to be eligible for the Cal MediConnect; will not be passively enrolled). Live in some rural zip codes in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

13 13 Medi-Cal Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Who: Medi-Cal only beneficiaries, full dual eligibles who opt out of Cal MediConnect, other identified Medi-Cal eligible groups Mandatory Same Medi-Cal services you currently receive Medi-Cal long-term services and supports (MLTSS) will now be provided through managed care plans No additional costs, copays stay the same This impacts both beneficiaries not eligible for Cal MediConnect and beneficiaries who opt out of Cal MediConnect Medi-Cal

14 14 Medi-Cal Managed Long Terms Services and Supports “I knew I had to pick a Medi-Cal plan. I was also eligible for Cal MediConnect, but I wanted to keep my Medicare services as they are now. So I joined just a Medi-Cal health plan. It’s separate from Medicare. When I see my primary care doctor or need any Medicare services, I still use my Medicare card. The Medi-Cal plan pays my extra Medicare costs.” Why I Will Enroll in Only a Medi-Cal Plan: Mary Who: Medi-Cal only beneficiaries, full dual eligibles who opt out of Cal MediConnect and other excluded populations Mandatory

15 15 PACE Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly Who: Medi-Medi beneficiaries and Medi-Cal beneficiaries Option available to those who are determined eligible If you: Are 55 or older Live in your home or community setting safely Need a high level of care for a disability or chronic condition Live in a ZIP code served by a PACE health plan You may be eligible to enroll in a PACE program

16 16 Medi-Medi Beneficiaries Your options: 1.Enroll in Cal MediConnect Combine your Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits under one plan 2.Opt out of Cal MediConnect Your Medicare remains the same (fee-for- service or Medicare Advantage plan) You must enroll in a Medi-Cal plan for your Medi-Cal benefits 3.Enroll in PACE

17 17 Medi-Cal Only Beneficiaries Your Options: 1.Enroll in Medi-Cal managed care plan All current Medi-Cal benefits IHSS, CBAS, MSSP and nursing facility care Non-emergency medical transportation Medicare share of cost, wrap-around benefits 2.Enroll in PACE Those who are not eligible for Cal MediConnect or who opt out still must enroll in a Medi-Cal managed care plan.

18 Cal MediConnect Plan Options Los Angeles Care1st, CareMore, Health Net, LA Care and Molina Health Orange* CalOptima San Diego Care1st, Community Health Group, Health Net and Molina Health San Mateo Health Plan of San Mateo Santa Clara Anthem Blue Cross and Santa Clara Family Health Plan San Bernardino Inland Empire Health Plan and Molina Health Riverside Inland Empire Health Plan and Molina Health 18 *Participation in Orange County pending readiness reviews.

19 When to Expect Notices Most beneficiaries will receive notices 90, 60, and 30 days prior to their coverage date. Beneficiaries in Medi-Cal managed care who are NOT eligible for Cal MediConnect will receive one notice prior to the change in their benefit package as MLTSS is added to their existing plan. Cal MediConnect official information from the state will only arrive in blue envelopes. 19

20 Choosing a Plan: The Notices Information about the Coordinated Care Initiative Information and material to enroll in Cal MediConnect, MLTSS or PACE. The plan that is likely the best match for you Confirmation of your decision If no decision was made, this will provide information about the plan you were matched with 90 Day 60 Day 30 Day 20

21 Choosing a Plan: Who to Call Resources to help you choose between plans: The Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP): 1-800-434-0222 or local HICAP number (find these on Health Care Options: (844) 580-7272 or TTY: (800) 430-7077 > Plan Finder or 1-800-Medicare 21

22 What to Do Mail You can mail back the Choice Form that comes in a large blue envelope Call You can call Health Care Options at 1-844- 580-7272 and tell a customer service representative your choice To choose one of the plans in your county or to opt out of Cal MediConnect, you can: 22

23 23 Consumer Protections The law establishing the CCI contains many protections, including: Meaningful information of Beneficiary Rights and Choices Notices sent 90, 60, and 30 days prior to enrollment. Self-Directed Care People will have the choice to self-direct their care, including being able to hire, fire, and manage their IHSS workers. Appeal & Grievances People will receive full Medicare and Medi-Cal appeals and grievances. There will be a special Ombudsman program for Cal MediConnect. Strong Oversight & Monitoring Evaluation coordinated with DHCS and CMS. Continuity of Care People can continue to see their Medi-Cal providers for 12 months and their Medicare providers for six months.

24 Consumer Protections: Who To Call If you have a complaint, your first contact should be your plan. Plans will have internal appeals and grievance procedures. If you cannot resolve your complaint with your plan, you have several options: 24 Cal MediConnect Ombudsman Program(855) 501-3077 Medi-Cal Managed Care Ombudsman(888) 452-8609 Office of the Patient Advocate(866) 466-8900

25 Your Doctors If your doctor is not in one of the plans in your county, you can work with the doctor and the health plan to continue to receive their services. After the 6 or 12 months, if your doctor does not join the network, you will need to choose a provider in- network. 25 Continuity of Care Medicare services – up to 6 months Medi-Cal services – up to 12 months

26 Your Other Providers You don’t have to change any of your LTSS providers. You have the right to continue to receive other needed services, even if you may no longer be able to receive them from the same provider. Eventually, you must get all your covered services from providers who work with your plan – whether that is Cal MediConnect or MLTSS or PACE. You may have to get ancillary services from new providers, including medical supplies, medical equipment, transportation, home health, or physical therapy. 26

27 Questions or Comments Visit Email Twitter @CalDuals Contact HICAP: 1-800-434-0222 Health Care Options (844) 580-7272 or TTY: (800) 430-7077 27

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