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#2011Census Census 2011 – Outputs & Analysis 18 th July 2013 Manchester What we have published, what we & others have planned and where can you find it.

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Presentation on theme: "#2011Census Census 2011 – Outputs & Analysis 18 th July 2013 Manchester What we have published, what we & others have planned and where can you find it."— Presentation transcript:

1 #2011Census Census 2011 – Outputs & Analysis 18 th July 2013 Manchester What we have published, what we & others have planned and where can you find it

2 #2011Census Aims of the day Recap on what ONS has published so far Gain an insight into how census is used Share our thinking for our future plans and gain your input into this - particularly on plans for analysis Gain an understanding of how others are planning to analyse census data Information on how to access the data through ONS

3 #2011Census Realising the benefits The census is a rich and unique data set Census data are used to allocate funds Local authorities use local data on populations so local plans better reflect future local needs and development happens in the right places Census underpins consumer market research for the design of surveys Census data help retail businesses tailor their stores so that they better match the interests of local people Census data can shed light on policy or social issues – family types, carers, areas of deprivation, environmental pressures etc …and we aim to ensure that the opportunities that the census release presents are maximised

4 #2011Census And finally… Benefit realisation quantification In liaison with users, catalogue the uses of the results, prepare case studies and, where possible, aim to place an economic value on the range of uses of data

5 #2011Census Agenda ItemTimings Registration10:00 – 10:30 Introduction/Overview of the day10:30 – 10:40 Ice breaker10:40 – 10:55 Census: What we have available and what we have done 10:55 – 11:40 Census: Upcoming plans11:40 – 12:10 Accessing the data12:10 – 12:45 LUNCH12:45 – 13:15 Analysis produced outside of ONS13:15 – 14:00 Group discussion - What you want to see ONS produce - What are your plans 14:00 – 15:00 Feedback from group discussion15:00 – 15:25 Summary/outcomes from the day15:25 – 15:30

6 #2011Census Twitter & Storify Tweet questions to #2011Census Follow the content online at

7 #2011Census Ice breaker Provide an unusual or unexpected example of how you have used census data or are planning to use census data


9 #2011Census What did we collect? “Usual” and “Short-term” residents Data to calculate alternative population bases Weekday/Working day/Seasonal Demographic data Age, Sex, Marital Status Cultural Ethnic Group, National Identity, Religion, Language Migration Country of Birth, Passports, Month of Arrival

10 #2011Census What did we collect? Health and Care General Health, Long-Term Illness, Unpaid Care Labour Market Economic Activity, Occupation, Industry, Quals Addresses and Travel Second, Workplace and Previous (1 yr ago) address Method of Travel to Work Housing Accommodation, Tenure, Rooms

11 #2011Census Releases to date Numerous releases since July 2012 Statistical Bulletins Analysis to supplement the outputs Interactive content Univariate data for all topics Age and sex, and occupied household estimates Information about second addresses by age, sex and type Key Statistics and Quick Statistics Data available down to Output Area level Around 300 people in an average OA Range of other geographies

12 #2011Census Census 2011: Population Counts Population and household estimates 16 July 2012 (Rounded, LA Level) 24 September 2012 (Unrounded, LA level) Second addresses 22 October 2012 (LA level) Population and household estimates 23 November 2012 (Ward, OA level)

13 #2011Census First release – Summary

14 #2011Census 2011 Census: Univariate releases Key statistics 11 December 2012 (LA level) Key statistics and Quick statistics 30 Jan 2013 - Ward, OA level 19 Feb 2013 - National Parks & ‘other’ geographies 26 Mar 2013 – Short term residents, National Identity, passports held & country of birth 28 Jun 2013 – Built up areas

15 #2011Census Population Pyramids

16 #2011Census Interactive maps

17 #2011Census Interactive map – change over time

18 #2011Census Census 2011: Multivariate releases Release 3.1 – May 16 th 42 Detailed Characteristics tables Three main topic groups Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion Migration Health and Care Release 3.2a – June 28 th 34 Detailed Characteristics tables Housing topic Release 3.2b – July 12 th Tables relating to migration

19 #2011Census Interactive line charts – comparisons between variables

20 #2011Census UK Products Population estimates 17 December 2012 (Rounded, LA Level) Population and household estimates 21 March 2013 (Rounded, LA Level) Population estimates rounded to the nearest 100 Household estimates rounded to the nearest 10 Releases supplemented by: Statistical bulletins Interactive content

21 #2011Census Where to find 2011 Census Data ONS website Census customer services There to help you find and interpret data Tel: 01329 444972 Email:

22 #2011Census Data Visualisation tools available to help you understand the data in more detail ONS Homepage Data Visualisations Census Landing Page

23 #2011Census Census Landing Page Dedicated Census web pages on ONS website Links to: Data tables Statistical bulletins Data visualisations Census Analysis Videos Census prospectus

24 #2011Census Where to currently find Census data

25 #2011Census What tools are available to help #1 Key Statistics Interface Available at:

26 #2011Census

27 What tools are available to help #2 Search tables by topics Available at census-data-catalogue/ census-data-catalogue/

28 #2011Census


30 #2011Census Census Analysis work programme Produce more timely analysis –Providing users with a planned & coordinated release programme that ties in with outputs –Prioritises analyses to meet user needs Coordinated approach –Across ONS –Across the UK –External researchers/academics Aim to maximise benefits

31 #2011Census Why produce analysis? To fully exploit the use of the Census data/outputs Helping users to understand and interpret Census outputs Adding value to Census outputs by incorporating them in topic reports, adding insight to policy and other users Comparisons over the decade Census recognised as source of information on ethnicity, identity, language, citizenship, nationality and religion - reflect the work in developing Census questions on these topics More robust survey outputs

32 #2011Census How has the analytical programme been developed? Internal consultation –Using expertise of relevant business areas Workshops/meetings –Taking on user views Continued discussions with various groups –GSS Theme Groups –CLIP Working in partnership with academics/researchers –ESRC

33 #2011Census Analytical Stories – second release Produced 14 ‘stories’ Been supplemented with podcasts/infographics Available on ONS YouTube channel Analysis based on univariate data Supplementing Census data release ‘Stories’ mainly focused at higher geographical levels: National Regional Local Authority – highest/lowest Religion Language Labour Market Unpaid Care International Migrants Disability General Health Travel to Work Ethnicity & National Identity National Parks Families Housing Non-UK born short term residents

34 #2011Census How the analysis is being disseminated Want to promote analysis and stimulate further analysis easier access for users accessing analysis of Census data/outputs widening the availability and use of analysis, potentially increasing the number of users internal and external analysis tool to help coordinate analysis across internal & external areas Provide guidance to users on analysis work associated with the census A forum to encourage discussion with users and producers of analysis

35 #2011Census List of analyses based on univariate data

36 #2011Census Examples of the analysis in the stories

37 #2011Census Analytical stories – third release TitleRelease date What the Census tells us about religion in 2011 16 th May – Census release 3.1 Country of birth and nationality Gender gap in unpaid care provision Unpaid care of 5 to 17 year olds5 th June Home ownership & renting28 th June – Census release 3.2 Characteristics of migrants12 th July – Census release 3.3 Ethnic variations in general health & unpaid care provision 17 th July

38 #2011Census

39 Where to find the analysis Census analysis landing page Can be linked from the main Census page Latest stories on the main page Sub-pages for earlier analyses by topic


41 #2011Census What’s coming next? Further cross tabulations Detailed & local characteristics Table specifications available on Census pages of ONS website Further commentary Statistical Bulletins Interactive content / data visualisations

42 #2011Census Release 3 & 4 - Summary DateProduct 31 JulyEthnicity, Identity, Language, Religion AugustDemography (DC), Health (LC) SeptemberCEs (DC), Migration (LC) Microdata (teaching file) OctoberAlt Pops UK KS & QS NovemberLabour Market, Qualifications (DC) DecemberHousing (LC), Demography (LC) JanuaryLabour Market, Qualifications (LC) FebruaryTravel to Work (DC), Armed Forces (DC) MarchEurostat April & onwardsTBC – UK Multivariate, Small pops

43 #2011Census UK outputs Unrounded population estimates – July 2013 Includes single year of age and sex for the UK and all local authorities (or equivalent) in the UK Key and Quick statistics – Summer 2013 Includes Census Profiles; Population and Household estimates by postcode Local characteristics – Autumn 2013 Detailed characteristics – Winter 2013

44 #2011Census Subsequent releases Alternative population bases Potential examples: workplace, workday Subject to quality and disclosure checks Small populations data Explore characteristics of small population groups Micro data Public use file Safeguarded files VML files Origin-destination (flow) data Comprising travel-to-work & migration patterns, cross- tabulated by variables of interest

45 #2011Census Commissioned Outputs Users can ask for anything they like Univariate available now, Multivariate from September Subject to disclosure checking Examples More detailed univariate tables Different multivariate tables Specific population groups Tables or flow data


47 #2011Census Planned Analysis Further Stories – detailed characteristics Key topics analysed from the cross tabulation More to follow linked to the detailed characteristics release(s) Further analysis: Stories - utilise further data visualisations Scholarly Articles Detailed pieces of analysis Reports Accompany publications Provide clarification on specific issues Information provided as part of prospectus

48 #2011Census Short term analysis Analytical productRelease schedule What does the Census tell us about National Identity in 2011 August 2013 English proficiency by various characteristics August 2013 What the Census tells us about the diversity of modern families 30 th August Divorce among older people30 th August Regional profilesRolling release August 2013 – April 2014 General health and activity limiting illness by area deprivation Autumn 2013 Social inequality in general health and activity limiting health problems and disabilities September 2013

49 #2011Census Further analysis planned in 2013 using Detailed Characteristics tables Analysis planned as part of Census output releases Qualifications/ disability/ age/ ethnicity/ COB/sex by employment status How does English proficiency affect economic activity Travel to work Additional analysis planned using DC tables Workless households by age, sex, tenure & ethnicity of HRP: geographical distributions Employment characteristics of CE residents by age, sex, disability status by industry and occupations Economic activity of people with & without activity limitation Employment characteristics of those with disabilities Characteristics of home workersPart time workers Characteristics of older peopleMigrant families What the Census tells us about Gypsy & Irish travellers

50 #2011Census Further analysis – provisional (1) Health & social care Small area analyses of health expectancy at birth by sex for MSOAs and by IMD 2010 defined area deprivation in England 2009-2013 Sub-national analyses of Health Expectancies at birth and at other ages by sex for Upper\Lower tier Local Authorities in England, Welsh Unitary Authorities Migration & demography Analysis of population eligible to vote and voter registration rates Development of a data visualisation tool that maps family type/living arrangements/marital & partnership status by local area

51 #2011Census Further analysis – provisional (2) Ethnicity, Identity, Language, Religion Exploring certain ethnic/religious/language groups and changes since 2001 Area based analysis Area classifications Commuter patterns, including mapping visualisation Travel to Work Areas (TTWAs) based on commuting patterns Rural/Urban classifications Labour market/Housing/Qualifications Characteristics of people living in communal establishments Education levels compared to jobs

52 #2011Census WEB DATA ACCESS

53 #2011Census Some new tools coming soon… Data Explorer functionality on the ONS website An Application Programming Interface (API) that enables others to create and run applications that use ONS data

54 #2011Census Web Data Access: Project aims 2. Tools to discover and explore data on the ONS website 3. Enabling others to re-use ONS data more easily 1. An ONS platform for Open Data A solution that in time will be available for all ONS datasets

55 #2011Census Data Explorer Discover Datasets

56 #2011Census Data Explorer Filter by Topics and view more details

57 #2011Census Data Explorer Dataset Details and Options

58 #2011Census 58 Select specific areas

59 #2011Census 59 Select specific topic items

60 #2011Census 60 View dataset on-line

61 #2011Census 61 Manipulate the table view

62 #2011Census 62

63 #2011Census 63 Univariate datasets

64 #2011Census 64 Information to support understanding, available with the data

65 #2011Census 65 Charting

66 #2011Census 66 Thematic Mapping

67 #2011Census Dataset Download

68 #2011Census What data is there for my area ? And what is my area?

69 #2011Census Application Programming Interface (API) If you want to create your own applications you will be able to call the data programmatically We also plan to provide some tools to help you do some basic stuff.. like an Area Profile Generator

70 #2011Census Encouraging innovation, and choices for users API Service ONS Website Data Explorer API ONS data and other content Other systems


72 #2011Census Analysis produced outside of ONS Aim to provide a central portal to all (large amount of) analysis on Census Through Census Analysis landing page Maintaining close links with: Other government authorities Local government External research organisations

73 #2011Census How to link in analysis Contact the census analysis team User/discussion forums StatUserNet – opportunity to ask questions & to share ideas Analysis will be considered by the ONS Link to the website Short synopsis of the piece of analytical work

74 #2011Census Analysis linked to date Series of briefings from ESRC Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity: What makes ethnic group populations grow? Who feels British? Relationship between ethnicity, religion & national identity in England Has neighbourhood segregation decreased? How can we count immigration and integration? Does Britain have plural cities? More segregation or more mixing? How has ethnic diversity grown 1991-2001-2011?


76 #2011Census Group discussion - introduction Workshop so far has provided: Details on outputs & analysis produced to date Information on planned outputs & analysis An example of some of the analysis being undertaken outside of ONS Keen now to learn what: Analysis you would like to see ONS produce Analysis you are planning

77 #2011Census Group Discussion What ANALYSIS do you want to see produced from the ONS? Any analysis missing from the plans presented? What should be prioritised? How will this be used? What are you plans for analysing Census? What are the key topics? Could/should this be linked from the census analysis landing page?


79 #2011Census Summary of the day Aims: Recap on what ONS has published so far Gain an insight into how census is used Share our thinking for our future plans and gain your input into this - particularly on plans for analysis Gain an understanding of how others are planning to analyse census data Information on how to access the data through ONS

80 #2011Census Summary – next steps Take on board suggestions for analysis & comments Feed this into the work programme prioritising as appropriate Further information on analytical plans will be made available through the prospectus For users… let us know of your plans going forward so we can link in

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