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Delivering effective campaigns through social media.

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1 Delivering effective campaigns through social media

2 THINK! 76,616 page likes (up 22,000) 7,817 followers (up 5,000)

3 Know your audience Who are you targeting? What are they saying? When and where are they online?

4 What’s the role for social? Extend campaign reach Provide social proof Reinforce social unacceptability Reach them close to the point of behaviour Take action e.g. sign up for a pledge

5 Know your platforms Which platform is best for what you want to achieve? Mass reach High engagement 72% visit at least once a month 25 – 34 years Great for news Bad for long form 15m UK users 44% have never tweeted 13 – 20 years 70% female 6 billion hours watched per month 40% of traffic comes from mobiles 70% male 25 – 34 years

6 Define your tone of voice Knowledgeable Involving Authoritative not authoritarian Open and inclusive Conversational Thought provoking Chairing the debate Caring

7 Developing engaging content What makes great content? Add value - entertain, inform Make it visual – use images, videos Ask questions Ask for an action There are roughly 7,500 Tweets every single second.

8 Community Management Managing your social media channels takes time Develop a content schedule plan Social media is a two way dialogue

9 Tools for community management 36.2% of our followers are male 52.1% are professionals 51% tweet less than 5 times a day Instructors, emergency services, road safety professionals Scheduling tweets and Facebook posts at optimal times Monitoring hashtags THINK! Followers

10 Advertising on social media Advertising Promoted post Promoted page Drive clicks to your website Our tips: You don’t have to spend a fortune Make sure you include rich media Images must not contain more than 25% text Organic reach is dropping!

11 Advertising on social media What? Promoted tweets Promoted trends Promoted account How? Keywords Interests / followers TV conversations Geography Gender Device

12 Evaluation What do I measure? Reach What did they say/feel? What did they do as a result? Impact Sentiment Engagement How many? What did they do? 3,425 likes 101 comments 707 shares 890,880 total 48,896 organic 841,984 paid “This has persuaded me to go out and do some advanced training on my bike sooner rather than later.”

13 To sum up… Listen to your audience Don’t use all the social channels available Know your tone of voice – keep it conversational Make it shareable – every tweet / post should have a purpose Use rich media – images and videos amplify engagement Engage your followers – ask questions and respond, ask for an action Engage in real time – tweet / post at relevant times It’s not free

14 Further reading A simple and quick overview of Facebook advertising page?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Econsultancy&utm_campaign=3968472_1180-daily-pulse-uk- 2014-04-10&dm_i=LQI,2D23C,FJNMI4,8KO1Q,1#i.thz645ilvfm011 Latest social media happenings General facts and figures on communications

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