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Archaeological Sites Mr. Passalaris Humanities 2 Archaeology project.

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2 Archaeological Sites Mr. Passalaris Humanities 2 Archaeology project

3 Project overview Now that you are experts in the field of archaeology, you will take on the role of an archaeologist who is reporting their recent findings. You will create a multimedia presentation relating your findings to your colleagues. You may also decide to create a brochure using Publisher.

4 Project requirements You will need to locate and research an existing archaeological site somewhere in the Americas. (excluding Florida) You will need to create at least two original artifacts that could have been found at your chosen site. (Hand drawn) You will need to submit your two-column notes recording your research BEFORE beginning your power point. You will need to explain the who what where and how of your site and include why this new finding is so important. You will need to properly cite all of your sources (including images and sound) and include your own critical thinking about your findings.

5 Project Template The following slides show you exactly what you should include in your presentation. These are the base requirements. You may decide to include more slides with my permission. Feel free to copy and paste these slides into your own presentation as you begin constructing the presentation. As always you will be graded according to a rubric and you will present your projects to the class.

6 Title page (Creative title of project) Subtitle (More detailed explanation of the title) Your full name Mr. Passalaris Humanities 2 Period # Date of completion

7 Recent Findings Overview of findings Why is this so important? Where does it fit within other findings What is your claim? How does this change our knowledge of Ancient America?

8 General map Location Florida More specific map Map courtesy of google earth Windover Bog

9 Include the who what where when and how of telling the story of this discovery. Who found it? What was found? Where was it found? When was this discovered? How was it found?

10 How was the artifact preserved? – Under water? – Dried in the desert? – Frozen in ice? – Buried underground?

11 Include timeline of the archaeological site with major periods in time. Historical Record 1492 Columbus invades New World 19?? Date of first site discovery 2006 date of current discovery Pre-Columbian date significant to your site BC date significant to your site Include at least five important dates on your timeline !!

12 Artifact # 1 Image of artifact hand drawn that fits within the archaeological record of this area. Explanation of what can be deduced about the people who produced this.

13 Artifact # 2 Different type of artifact than first. Also hand drawn based on possible findings. Fits within historical period and area. Should include your deductive reasoning and critical thinking.

14 Artifact # 3 (optional) Human remains What can be revealed about this person from her remains Use scientific knowledge from Iceman autopsy from h/nova/icemummies/re mains.html h/nova/icemummies/re mains.html Include information on diet, social status, cause of death, etc. Photo courtesy l l

15 Conclusions Restate importance of this finding. What can be learned from your finding? What should be done for further research?

16 Include all cites you used for information, images, and sound Use MLA format to cite your sources properly. – Include link to these sites for quick reference.

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