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Sharon Elin 2007 Citing Internet Sources the Easy Way ~ Using

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1 Sharon Elin 2007 Citing Internet Sources the Easy Way ~ Using

2 First, we need to know: What’s the difference between WEB SITE and WEB PAGE

3 A web site is like a book … A web page is like a chapter or a page in that book.

4 For web sites... The name of the entire web site is often the same as the Home Page. Usually the name is found at the top of the page. Name of Website

5 Web page vs. web site The web page is the specific page (link) you used. The web site is the “Home Page” (parent) of all of the links. You need to cite both the web page and the web site in a bibliography. Name of Web page you used Name of Web site

6 Diagram showing the typical structure of a web site “Web site” refers to the entire site (to all layers/ pages in the site) The “Home page” is the main starting point that identifies the site “Web page” refers to any individual linked page within the site. A search engine may have led you to a single “web page” but you also need to know which “web site” it belongs to.

7 Let’s practice identifying web sites and web pages I searched for “cyberbullying” and I found this web page. this –What is the name of the web page? –What is the name of the web site?

8 The web page The web page title is “Cyberbullies” (“Advice” is the section title; “Cyberbullies” is the page title) “Advice” is a section or layer in the website Title of page Keep in mind: This is NOT the name of the “web site.”

9 The web site You can click the “Home” link to find the name of the entire web site

10 The web site Or, you can use the first part of the URL address (everything after “www.” and up to the first slash) The web site’s name is “”

11 Other information is usually found at the bottom of the home page. Look for the most recent date. Look for an author. Look for a sponsoring corporation or company. If the information is not at the bottom of the page, check “Contact Us” or “About Us.” If any of this information is not provided, leave it blank in the citation (but always try to find it!) In this example, an author is not listed

12 If you use an internet source, write down the web PAGE name, the URL address, and the web SITE name. You also need other information, as shown below. Cyberbullying Our bibliography entry would look like this on our Cited Sources page: "Advice: Cyberbullying." McGruff.Org. 2007. National Crime Prevention Council. 3 Nov. 2007. (if unknown, leave blank) 2007 November 3, 2007 National Crime Prevention Counc Click here to download a set of forms like this to record information about your sources!

13 After you’ve gathered your sources, it’s easy to use an online site to format citations correctly! A good site to use is:

14 Free access (using MLA style). Saves your list to finish later. Formats an entire Works Cited page without cutting and pasting each entry. Alphabetizes and formats entries for correct indents, typestyle, and line spacing... automatically! Finished page may be saved as a Word document for editing.

15 Start formatting your first citation by selecting the type of source you used. Click this drop-down arrow:

16 Choose “Web Site” if your source is an internet site: Click “next” to continue Scroll through this list to choose from a variety of types of sources

17 provides a blank template that prompts you for the correct information. Leave boxes blank if you were unable to find the information, but if the site provides the information, be sure to fill it in! Name of web page Name of web site Click “Add” after typing an author’s name, if provided. Web page address “http://www” (etc. ) Click on “Format Citation” at the bottom when finished. 12 2007 Cyberbullying National Crime Prevention Council 2007

18 Easybib places the new citation alphabetically into a list that grows longer with each new addition. Punctuation and formatting are automatic. You can edit or remove a citation by clicking one of these buttons beneath an entry. Click this drop- down arrow to add a new citation Citation #1 Citation #2 Citation #3 Citation #4 Indents and typestyle formatting do not show up yet, but they will be correct on the finished document.

19 If you don’t finish, you can click “Save” to preserve the list using this reference number. You can email the number to yourself or copy & paste it into a Word document.

20 If you accidentally close out of and need to return to your list, click here if you are still logged on to your computer. If you logged out and want to return to your list, click here and use the reference number. N20071227102052573

21 When you’re ready to see your finished bibliography, click “Save list as Word (RTF)”

22 Click!

23 Click “Open”

24 This preview of your bibliography cannot be edited. It must be saved as a Word document first.

25 Click “File” and select “Save As”

26 Be sure to click the drop-down arrow to select a destination. Choose a location for your file that you will be able to find later! Next, change the file name and type of file…

27 Change the title to one you will recognize easily. Use the drop-down arrow and scroll to select “Word Document” as a file type. Click “Save” to finish! Change the file type.

28 When you open your bibliography, click “View” and select “Print Layout” (Close or minimize Find your new file and open it.

29 Presto! A completed bibliography! You can make final changes or corrections at this stage.

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