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MYP Personal Project January 2015 How’s it going? At this stage in your project, you should be: Close to the completion of your final product (if not.

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2 MYP Personal Project January 2015

3 How’s it going? At this stage in your project, you should be: Close to the completion of your final product (if not totally finished with it). Completing final reflections in your process journals. Done with your research, which you have tracked in Noodletools or another platform (Easybib, etc.)

4 Uhhhhh……. What if I didn’t do all of those things? Do not hide. Do not give up. Do not pretend you’re doing something when you’re not. What should I do instead? Meet with your supervisor. Discuss how you will plan to change your project in order to meet the deadline. Get a plan: see Ms. Clarkson if you need help. Get real with yourself regarding what you can do. Start tracking everything you do in your journal.

5 Timeline for the remaining items January Complete final product. Engage in final research and reflection (in Process Journal) Complete formal process journal entries. Begin composing the rough draft of your project report. February Final product and paper due on February 20 th. Final meeting with supervisors will be on February 6 th. You will likely need to see your supervisor one more time to show him or her your final project. Set a date and time for this final meeting when you meet with your supervisor.

6 Reporting the project The organization of the report is driven by the assessment criteria. These are available in your Student Handbook. Pages 14-16 include the assessment criteria and the grade boundaries. Each criterion is scored independently. And they’re all weighted equally. Look at one piece at a time.

7 All projects have three parts… Process Journal Product or Outcome Report

8 Reports may be… WrittenVerbalFilmMultimedia

9 Reports may be… Written – 1500 – 3500 WordsVerbal – 13-15 MinutesFilm – 13-15 MinutesMultimedia – 1500-3500 words

10 Combination reports For many projects (i.e. Presentations, Websites, etc.) it makes sense to do a combination of these forms. In this case, the following word limits apply.

11 Keep in mind Regardless of whether you go with a written, verbal or multimedia format, you will need to cover the same material. Oral and multimedia reports must be recorded for internal standardization. When I meet with you next week, I will ask you to select a format for your report. Think about what reporting format best fits your learning style and interests.

12 Organization of a report 1.Title Page (written) Student name The title of the project Length of the written report (word count) School name School Year (2014-2015) 2.Table of Contents (listing sections of the report and page numbers) Introduction Investigating Planning Taking Action Reflecting Works Cited Appendices

13 Introduction Explain why you were initially interested in the project Define what your goal was in undertaking the project Explain what you hoped to learn or achieve by undertaking the project About your topic About your chosen Global Context (Student Handbook Page11) Consult your original proposal, as well as meeting reflection # 3.

14 Investigating In this section you should: define a clear goal and global context for the project, based on personal interests Student Handbook Page 7 – Journal Entry 3 identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project Journal Entry 1 demonstrate research skills. Journal Entry 3 and Source Evaluation Worksheets (Page 8)

15 Planning In this section you should develop criteria for the product/outcome Student Handbook Page 9 – Process Journal # 3 plan and record the development process of the project This is assessed using your process journal extracts. demonstrate self-management skills. This needs to be evident throughout the process journal. Need a reminder about what is involved in self-management? ATL skills chart (see handout)

16 Taking Action In this section you should: create a product/outcome in response to the goal, global context and criteria This is where you will actually explain what you created and how it meets the criteria you set for yourself. Student Handbook Page 9, informal journal entries ii. demonstrate thinking skills Process Journal #2 iii. demonstrate communication and social skills. Process Journal #4

17 Reflecting In this section you should evaluate the quality of the product/outcome against the criteria Student Handbook Page 12 – Process Journal #5 reflect on how completing the project has extended your knowledge and understanding of the topic and the global context Process Journal #5 reflect on their development as IB learners through the project. Process Journal #5

18 Works Cited / Bibliography Must include all sources of information that are cited in the report. Must use correct, MLA documentation. Please, please, please USE NOODLETOOLS OR EASYBIB TO DO THIS! Additional sources consulted, but not cited in the report may be included as a bibliography (as an appendix).

19 Process journal extracts (Appendix A) From among your informal journal entries, you need to select 5-10 extracts that best represent your ongoing work on the project. These may be turned in in hard copy, or as an additional digital file. This appendix is required for all students. You may choose to include others as well.

20 Additional Appendices These may be necessary depending on the nature of your project. Things that might be included may be: Photographs of your process Transcripts of interviews / surveys / etc. Plans, illustrations or other documentation that might help the scorers to assess your completion of the project. A bibliography as distinct from the works cited in your paper.

21 Logistics All written components of the report get turned in on If you have a written product (essay, story, PowerPoint) this must also be turned in on The multiple-file upload option will allow you to do this easily. Academic Honesty forms should be completed prior to your final meeting with your supervisor. Your supervisor must see your final product in order to attest to its originality.

22 What’s next? I will be back next week to talk about final requirements for turning in the project and to answer questions about the report. Fill in your project description on the school website. This must be completed by February 20 th.

23 Questions about the Project?

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