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Government and Politics Autumn CPD 2012 GP1 and GP2.

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1 Government and Politics Autumn CPD 2012 GP1 and GP2

2 Skills issues at AS level Better time management/ sustained responses across 2 whole questions Little evidence of planning (esp part (c)) Handwriting issues – illegibility and informality Careless usage of terminology Accuracy issues

3 Part (a) – many candidates earn 4 or 5 marks. –Better on GP2 than GP1 (slightly) Advice remains: –Define –Develop –Fact or example About 4-5 lines in total Skills issues at AS level

4 Part (b) Main problems: –Lack of range (only one point made) –Essay response (too long) –Descriptive response (explanation is needed) –Lists without development –Insufficient use of extract Skills issues at AS level

5 Part (b) advice remains: –3 factors or reasons is about right (3 paragraphs) –At least 1 will be in the extract –Need to explain not just describe PEEL formula, ‘explain’ words (see Teacher Guide) –No requirement for an introduction and conclusion Skills issues at AS level

6 Part (c) – improving slowly! Too many candidates with good knowledge stuck at level 2 Too many essays that are a list of points; no indication of how they answer the question set Too much description; not enough focus and analysis Incorrect assertions/ generalisations Skills issues at AS level

7 What ensures candidates reach level 3 for part (c)? –Deal with the view in the question first – range, arguments, focus/ structure –Deal with counter-arguments next – range, arguments, focus/structure –Cover most/ all of the topic area in the spec - range –Relevant example for each paragraph – range and depth –Apply K&U to specific question set (PEEL), no ‘model answers’ – depth, arguments, focus –Brief introduction, conclusion that sums up overall answer to question set – arguments, focus/structure AO1 AO2 AO3 Skills issues at AS level

8 Implications for teaching: –Balance of content teaching to skills teaching –Progressive development of skills –Skills practice/ use of scripts –Clarity about what is examined in each topic area (Teacher Guide) –Need to build in identification of examples –Balance of range to depth: candidates need to be able to adapt and use the range of knowledge they have, and develop it Skills issues at AS level

9 Issues of content – GP1 Topic 1 – models of voting behaviour, importance of partisan alignment today, knowledge of core voting for major and minor parties Topic 2 – focus on systems in the specification: FPTP, AMS, STV, AV is not there (and not in use in UK). Accuracy of knowledge of how they work. Referendums are not an electoral system (see Teacher Guide)

10 Topic 3 – detailed knowledge across a range of parties, factions, examples of parties’ impact, Wales Topic 4 – examples of pressure group success (case studies?), New Social Movements Issues of content – GP1

11 Topic 1 – the judiciary, range of arguments about whether the UK needs a written constitution, how the British Constitution works in practice Topic 2 – detailed K&U of the 3 functions in the specification for both Westminster and Wales: how they work, and how effective they are Issues of content – GP2

12 Topic 3 – the dynamism and interdependence of the institutions of the Core Executive, recent developments, examples of special advisors at Westminster and Wales levels Topic 4 – local government Issues of content – GP2

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