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Enforcement A Safe Streets for London Priority

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1 Enforcement A Safe Streets for London Priority
Siwan Hayward Deputy Director, Enforcement and On-Street Operations Transport for London

2 TfL’s 6 Road Safety Commitments
1.To lead the way in achieving a 40 per cent reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the Capital’s roads by 2020 – with a longer term ambition of freeing London’s roads from death and serious injury 2. To prioritise safety of the most vulnerable groups – pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – which make up 80 per cent of serious and fatal collisions 3. To provide substantial funding for road safety, invested in the most effective and innovative schemes 4. To increase efforts with the police, boroughs and enforcement agencies in tackling illegal, dangerous and careless road user behaviour that puts people at risk 5. To campaign for changes in national and EU law to make roads, vehicles and drivers safer 6. To work in partnership with boroughs and London’s road safety stakeholders to spread best practice and share data and information

3 Partnership working on London’s roads
Partners include Metropolitan Police Service – Roads and Transport Policing Command City of London Police Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Others, including London Fire Brigade, HSE, Environment Agency and DWP Activities include Safer Lorry Scheme Roadsafe London Community Roadwatch Operation Kansas Operation Safeway Road Fatality Review Group Benefits include More effective roadside enforcement Intelligence support Information sharing

4 Our Right Direction commitments
Mayor’s strategy for improving transport safety, security and reliability in London [ ] contains two objectives which are focused on road safety Improve cyclist safety and security Run a trial using cameras to enforce regulations for road users at Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) Continue to deliver Exchanging Places initiatives in hotspot locations for collisions and at events with opportunities to engage with cyclists Lobby for changes to traffic legislation so driving over the first stop line of an ASL is decriminalised enabling highway authorities to enforce it as a civil offence Improve transparency of enforcement activities. In particular to produce an annual report which will detail FPN stats and other activities

5 Our Right Direction commitments contd.
Reduce collisions caused by criminal, illegal and anti-social road user behaviour Trial community roadwatch scheme Upgrade safety cameras from wet film to digital Encourage reporting of dangerous, careless and illegal driving through RoadSafe London website Use new powers to issue endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices for careless driving, especially targeting the most risky locations Exploit use of new technology to detect and prevent drug-driving offences Make use of Mobile Enforcement Vans to improve road safety at level crossings Understand level of casualty reduction that can be achieved through specific technologies and interventions such as alcohol interlocks, Bikesafe and driver awareness courses Improve transparency of enforcement activities. In particular to produce an annual report which will detail FPN stats and other activities

6 Roads and Transport Policing Command
Funded by TfL - around £90m Live from 1 December 2014 Single police command dedicated to safe, secure and reliable journeys across the surface and road transport network Over 2300 officers with road safety as priority Specialist teams include the Cycle Safety Team Serious Collision Investigation Unit Industrial HGV Task Force Commercial Vehicle Unit Motorcycle Safety Team

7 Industrial HGV Taskforce
Launched 1 October 2013, funded by TfL and DfT Made up of officers from MPS, DVSA, and CoLP Target the most non-complaint and dangerous vehicles Since launch: over 360 high visibility roadside operations totaling over 18,000 man hours of enforcement activity 3000 vehicles stopped over 1500 roadworthiness prohibitions over 210 drivers hours prohibitions. 880 Fixed Penalty Notices for driver and vehicle related infringements seized 41 of the most dangerous vehicles over 60 follow up investigations referred to Traffic Commissioner, resulting in a large number of public inquiry submissions 25 prosecutions fast tracked through the criminal justice system

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