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October 20 and 21, 2014 Faculty Meeting. Dr. Brantley Briley President WELCOME.

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1 October 20 and 21, 2014 Faculty Meeting

2 Dr. Brantley Briley President WELCOME

3 A presentation by: Lee Wetherington Cecil Davis Oscar Gutierrez TEXTING

4 Course Enrollment Procedure Students taking Internet (online) courses MUST SUBMIT an ASSIGNMENT by the 10% date in each Internet course in Moodle to be fully enrolled in the course. Students who do NOT submit an assignment by the 10% date will be marked as “NEVER ATTEND” and WITHDRAWN from the course. No Exceptions. No Refunds. Internet Courses - Post the Course Enrollment Procedure: – Course Syllabus – Enrollment Assignment in Moodle Hybrid Courses – Enrollment is determined by each student’s first contact: attendance in a seated session or submission of an assignment in the course in Moodle.

5 Review daily and document Enrollment Assignment completion and email students who have not submitted the Enrollment Assignment Grade the Enrollment Assignment and post the grades in the grade book showing the student’s Enrollment Assignment was properly submitted Prior to the 10% date, contact by phone any student who has not submitted the Enrollment Assignment (A phone call made before the 10% date may save many phone calls received after the 10% date.) Internet and Hybrid Courses (DE Handbook, page 7) or Intranet at Course Enrollment

6 If a student calls DE regarding withdrawal for non-submission of an assignment (prior to the 10% date) – To ensure instructors have communicated with the student prior to the 10% date, DE may request the following: Emails sent reminding student to complete the assignment Phone or text documentation Course Enrollment

7 10% Rosters are the sole means for which students are reported in attendance and which colleges use to calculate FTE. It is vital that 10% Rosters are signed and dated. All pages must be signed. It is vital that Moodle stats are properly collected and documented on the 10% Roster. 10% Rosters and Moodle Stats

8 Directions – Written: DE Handbook pages 9-11 – Illustrated: Employee Intranet/Documents/DE Resources Drop-In One-on-One Training Sessions – November 17-21 (floating) – Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, and Evening sessions to be scheduled Moodle Stats

9 300 + items were incorrectly submitted for fall 2014 semester (300 X 48 hours = 14,440 = $140,625) Incorrect dates No dates Missing signatures Stats written in pencil No stats attached to roster Stats incorrectly highlighted Moodle Stats


11 Submit Never Attends rosters in a timely manner to avoid undue financial penalties for students Maintain accurate rosters for auditing purposes Outreach to students is critical to ensure successful enrollment. Attendance How to process Never Attends (NAs)

12 Please check course pre-requisites to avoid loss of credit for students in classes that they are ineligible to attend. Attendance Continued

13 For FA purposes, students must be registered for the entire semester schedule at the beginning of the semester. No additional aid will be awarded for late semester courses that are added after the initial census date. Aid will be disbursed as students begin attending courses. Please encourage students to check WebAdvisor for financial aid updates and changes to academic status. Financial Aid Updates

14 John is enrolled in a standard sixteen week semester, all classes offered in modules. The Pell recalculation date, called the census date by some schools, is the 10 th day of class. The standard semester has two eight-week sessions that do not overlap. John completed one class in the first eight-week session and dropped the classes for the second session on the final day of the first eight-week session. If John is a Pell recipient, does his Pell Grant have to be recalculated? Yes Is a return recalculation required for John? No, because LCC only disburses aid after a student attends class. Scenario 1

15 Students who have not attended class for two consecutive weeks must be dropped from the roster, unless arrangements have been made with the instructor. The electronic process for dismissals that passes through the registrar’s office is functioning well at this time. Reinstatement is an option for students who have been dismissed. Dismissals/Withdrawals

16 W-Withdrawal without assessment of student’s grade “W” does not count for hours attempted, except for financial aid. It does count for performance measures but not for student GPA. WP-Withdraw Passing does not count for hours attempted, except for financial aid. Student withdrew after the 10% point and had sufficient work to assess that he or she was passing at the time of withdrawal. WF-Withdraw Failing does count for hours attempted and impacts student’s GPA. Student withdrew after the 10% point and had sufficient work to assess that he or she was failing at the time of withdrawal. Impact of Withdrawals

17 DRE-0963 credits 08/15 DRE-0973 credits 10/15 DMA-0101 credit 08/15 DMA-0201 credit 09/15 DMA-0301 credit 10/15 MUS-1103 credits 08/15 CIS-1103 credits 08/15 Total:15 credits How many credits will the student have for the first FA disbursement? Sample Schedule

18 All course start dates correlate to a disbursement date. If a course began 8/15-8/20, the disbursement date was 9/24. If a course began 8/21, the disbursement was 10/03. A follow up disbursement is only made with an increase in enrollment status. Enrollment status changes are 5-6 hours, 8-9 hours, and 11-12 hours. Disbursement Process

19 Jane Doe attends 3 classes until September 3 rd and 1 class up to September 12 th. Jane is considered a Return to Title IV student because she dropped all of her classes. LCC must send the Department of Education $1,918.58 immediately. LCC then must try to collect $1,918.58 from Jane before she can return to the College. Scenario 2

20 LancerMail needs to be integrated into TR, WB, HY, and IN class activities. Should the College remove “WP” and “WF” from the grading system? The costs of textbooks is a problem for both self-pay and students receiving Pell Grant. Points For Consideration

21 John Doe was a Never Attend for a 1 credit hour class. The 1 credit hour changed John from 5 hrs (25% of award) to 6 hrs (50% of award). John’s total possible award is $2,865.00. The 1 credit hour course grade of Never Attend was turned in 15 days after due date. It was assumed he was enrolled because a Never Attend was not submitted by the instructor. He was paid for 50% enrollment, which should have been 25%. LCC must now send $716.00 (25%) back to Department of Education and try to collect the $716.00 from John before he is allowed to attend another semester. Scenario 3

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