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Architectural Drawing

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1 Architectural Drawing
Foundation Planning

2 Layout and Design How do I develop appropriate foundation plans with necessary spaces for recreation and utilities?

3 Stairs Utilities Foundation Structural Support Exterior Entrance
House with Basement House on Slab Stairs Utilities Exterior Entrance Water/Drainage Basement Windows Finished Areas Foundation Structural Support Dimensioning Frost Line Depth Height/Slab Water Runs Electrical Runs

4 Vocabulary Load Bearing Structures- Walls and supports that hold up the house- necessary structure. Posts and Beams- A load bearing combination that allows for open areas while supplying support Structural Calculations- Math used to determine the size of supporting members

5 Typical Basement

6 Planning Your Ranch Home
When developing a foundation plan, frost lines for the region you plan to build for must be considered. If the foundation does not extend below the frost line, the structure can move with the freezing and thawing of the ground. The frost line in our region is typically 20-25”. Foundations should extend 3’ below grade to be safe. Soil structure and loads must also be considered when selecting a foundation.

7 Structural Calculations
Information on pages in your check sheets. Complete the exercises on pages 46-48

8 Labeling and Dimensioning
What is required to build the house?

9 Block Foundation Footer Lines Slab Plumbing Drops Floor Drains
Structure: Support: Labeling: Dimensions: Foundation Plan- Slab Block Foundation Footer Lines Slab Plumbing Drops Floor Drains Load Bearing Support Fireplace Foundation Porch Foundation All Structure- inside/out To Drops Porch Foundations CMU (block sizes) Unexcavated Areas Slab Thickness

10 Vocabulary Group Dimensioning- Stacked dimensions for a wall or side.
Design Notes- Notes other than dimensions necessary for construction. Symbols- Drawing representations used on plans for various fixtures, furniture and appliances.

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