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1. 2 426 Student Services Building 801.581.6826 (New web address) Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5 pm.

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2 2 426 Student Services Building 801.581.6826 (New web address) Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5 pm

3 About Us The UCC offers mental heath therapy The UCC provides opportunities for personal development that will lead to enhanced learning and personal wellness Collaborative, goal-oriented & multiculturally sensitive approach Counseling services for eligible U students, staff & faculty Multidisciplinary clinical staff- psychologists, social workers, psychiatrist, graduate student interns 3

4 Counseling Services We offer: Individual counseling Group counseling Couples counseling Psychological assessment Psychiatry services & medication management Career counseling Referral services to community resources Short term model 4

5 UCC Video Made possible through the Parent Fund What To Expect For The First Appointment (Written, filmed, directed, & edited by U film student, Kyle Chittenden) 5

6 Counseling Services First appointment is free Termed the “intake appointment” Can schedule intake ahead of time (Advanced Intake) Or call at 8am to see what is available that very day (Same Day Intake) Reasonable fee schedule thereafter Individual $12, Groups $5, & Couples $30 Confidentiality Limitations and rights of student’s privacy 6

7 We Can Help With Academic struggles Relationship & family issues Stress management Depression Anxiety Grief or loss Gender & sexual identity issues Relaxation techniques Career Planning 7

8 Crisis Services Crisis coverage throughout the day Clinical consultation for faculty, staff, & parents Critical incident/traumatic event support 8

9 9

10 Outreach Services & Affiliated Offices Online mental health screenings Workshops by request Suicide prevention gatekeeper trainings For-credit courses offered through Ed Ps Center for Student Wellness Learning Enhancement Program ASUU Tutoring Center Testing Center 10

11 Tech-Reach  Utilizing current tends in social media for campus outreach  UCC Facebook Page Utah-Counseling-Center/165148910166467  UCC YouTube Channel ter?feature=mhee 11

12 For Faculty Collaborative relationship with faculty Faculty Liaison Program Website resources: Faculty as a Helping Resource for Students & Managing Difficult Student Behavior online brochures 12

13 What reasons do you think students seek our services? 13

14 Reasons for Counseling From 2011-2012 Annual Report “Top 3” Reasons for Seeking Counseling: Anxiety (63%), Depression (58%) & Stress (56%) UCC staff worked with 1238 clients this past year, which represents a 4% increase over the previous year. Non-traditional student body (balancing school with other life roles) Interference with academic functioning 14

15 15 Reasons for Counseling

16 Students of Concern UCC Crisis Services Collaborative relationships with campus partners (Dean of Students Office, Student Health Center, Residence Halls) Suicide prevention gatekeeper trainings Faculty Liaison Program Consultation with faculty, staff, & parents Behavioral Intervention Team 16

17 We Want to Help The Center helps individuals resolve existing problems, prevent potential problems, and develop skills that will enrich their lives. The counselors at the University Counseling Center would like to help those individuals who are experiencing stress in their academic, personal, or social life while they are a student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Utah. 17

18 UCC Video You Are Not Alone (Created, filmed, directed, & edited by Micah Herman) 18 st=FLKQGNqlZ0AqVe-ZLaGOl-oA

19 We are here for 19

20 Thank You… Any questions? 20

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