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Introduction to the RPS Faculty Aspiring to Excellence in Pharmacy RPS Professional Recognition Programme.

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1 Introduction to the RPS Faculty Aspiring to Excellence in Pharmacy RPS Professional Recognition Programme

2 22 Professionalism: Competence, regulation and leadership

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5 55 The place of professional standards and support tools

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7 7 Supporting pharmacists to be the best they can be

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9 99 Recognising what’s worked before The ACLF covered all elements of practice and provides a useful framework to demonstrate advancement in: I.Area of practice II.How you work with others III.Leadership IV.Management V.Education VI.Research The APF maps to the Faculty stages and forms the basis of our Advanced Practice Portfolio 2013 2004 2005

10 10 Faculty Stages Faculty Stage DescriptionsPost-nominals Advanced Stage I Faculty Member Advanced Stage 1 Experienced Either early stages of specialisation training and advancement OR Established in a role, performing well, advanced beyond foundation years. MFRPS I Advanced Stage II Faculty Member Advanced Stage 2 Excellent An expert in an area of practice, experienced. Routinely manages complex situations and a recognised leader locally/regionally. MFRPS II Mastery Stage III Faculty Fellow Exceptional Aligned to autonomous clinical lead in community or primary care, corporate level practice in NHS; equivalent leads in academia; business / corporate leadership roles in industry; business or strategic leader in community or primary care. A nationally recognised leader in an area of expertise (often internationally) alongside a demonstrable breadth of experience and expertise. FFRPS

11 11 Governance of the Faculty RPS Assembly Faculty Board Strategic direction setting and oversight, with a particular concern for the RPS reputation (related to quality/rigour) and resource management Accountable to RPS Assembly

12 12 Quality Assurance Panels RPS Assembly Professional Credentialing Panel Stewards of standards/principles for assessment processes/outputs alongside development, monitoring and ratification of recognition recommendations. Reports to Faculty Board Professional Curricula Panel Stewards of curricula/syllabus for professional development beyond registration alignment of both assessments and curricula. Reports to Faculty Board Professional Accreditation Panel Stewards of standards/principles for assessment centres, assessors and education and development providers; development, monitoring and accreditation. Reports to Faculty Board RPS Faculty Partners Meets the Faculty Standards through provision of expertise/education/assessments/reviews. Reports to quality assurance panels above Faculty Board Strategic direction setting and oversight, with a particular concern for the RPS reputation (related to quality/rigour) and resource management. Accountable to RPS Assembly

13 13 We have our FIRST Faculty Board Chair

14 14 RPS member accessing the Faculty RPS member building portfolio RPS member submissions for Assessment N = N =75 We have our FIRST Member journeys... since launch in June

15 15 What we are hearing is........ “I submitted because I thought I wanted recognition but the real value was in the PDP” “I was so happy to get my RPS Faculty Professional Development Plan was like the best type of school report.” “I’m going to incorporate my Professional Development Plan into my annual review, I might even show it to my Mum!”

16 16 Supporting pharmacists to be the best they can be

17 How does the Faculty “fit” ?

18 18 I.CPD is one aspect of professional development and it is useful to consider CPD alongside the other activities undertake and record as part of professional development. II.Postgraduate qualifications as evidence for portfolio. It all counts. III.Review of CPD alongside revalidation CPD is a mandatory requirement in order to retain registration as a Pharmacy professional with the GPhC. Any training, learning or development activities that you undertake when preparing for Faculty membership can be considered when recording your CPD Useful to include copies of your CPD record as part of your portfolio of Evidence when submitting an application for Faculty membership. How this fits with CPD

19 19 How this fits with Continuing Fitness to Practice RPS Faculty will support pharmacists through the GPhC’s Continuing Fitness to Practice (CFTP) requirements The CFTP framework is made up of three components: CPD review, peer review and external performance indicators The RPS Faculty have been in close discussions with GPhC around these plans and have ensured that all methods of Faculty assessment (peer review and external performance indicators in the form of the Advanced Practice Framework) would be a clear quality marker for revalidation of Members

20 20 Workforce capability distribution Shifting the workforce as a whole…

21 21 What we will seek to do I.The employers align their career progression with Faculty progression II.That Faculty membership is desirable for advanced roles III.That Faculty membership (and progression) is recognised as a harmonisation of knowledge and skills and experience and behaviours across GB and across new commissioning geographies IV.We have examples where Chiefs have made RPS membership mandatory and Faculty membership desirable V.We have examples of career structures in some of the multiples aligning with Faculty model What we can’t guarantee I.That employers will automatically link promotion to Faculty stages II.That recruitment to an advanced role requires Faculty membership as an essential III.The commissioners are required to pay for services from RPS Faculty members All of these are ambitions but will require evidence of quality and outcomes. Longer term aspirations of the RPS How this fits with employers

22 22 How does it fit with Foundation Practice Providing members with support and guidance between their pre-registration training and access to the Faculty. New offer to include: –A Foundation Practice Framework –A Foundation Practice Handbook –An e-portfolio (The Foundation Practice Portfolio) –Work based assessment tools: intervention logs further benefit of evidence gathering and building the research capacity Multisource feedback for peer assessment Evidence of clinical experience Preparation for Faculty

23 23 Foundation Practice The Foundation Pharmacy Framework and Handbook will be: I.The road map for foundation practice II.The map for knowledge, behaviours,skills and value in early years III.The starting point for professional development; IV.The comprehensive set of behaviours and values for those starting out on their careers, wanting to move sectors or return to practice after a career break V.The starter guide to facilitate CPD in foundation practice VI.The support guide for tutors, supervisors, mentors to easily identify gaps in knowledge and skills, and development needs VII.The introduction to set of support tools to help assess and identify strengths and weaknesses and how to develop further


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