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Jack and the Beanstalk.

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1 Jack and the Beanstalk

2 Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack.

3 His mum had a cow called Daisy.

4 They didn’t have much money.

5 So Jack went away to sell Daisy.

6 On the way there he saw an old man.

7 The old man wanted to give beans to Jack instead of money.

8 So Jack gave Daisy to the man and he walked away with the beans.

9 When he went home he told his mum.

10 His mum was very angry so she threw the beans through the window.

11 Jack had to go to bed early.

12 But the magic beans had grown into a beanstalk!

13 When Jack woke up he went up the beanstalk.

14 He went up into the clouds, into Giant World.

15 But then the big giant came!
Fee Fi Fo Fum Little children here I come! But then the big giant came!

16 Jack was so scared he ran into the castle.

17 There was a hen that laid gold eggs.

18 There was a harp that played magic music.

19 Jack took the harp and the hen and ran off.

20 The harp started screaming for the giant.
Come here giant!

21 The giant heard and looked for Jack.

22 He saw Jack climbing down the beanstalk. So the giant went down.

23 Jack went down the beanstalk as fast as he could.

24 He chopped the beanstalk down
He chopped the beanstalk down. The giant got back on the clouds just in time.

25 His mum was very happy with him.

26 THE END!!!

27 Casting Zoe Director Images Producer I think you know by now!

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