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Assistive Technology (AT) for the visually impaired person by Raksak Chairanjuansakun.

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1 Assistive Technology (AT) for the visually impaired person by Raksak Chairanjuansakun

2 Low vision & Blindnes by WHO Low Vision Level 16/18 meter OR 20/70 Feet Level 26/60 Meter O R 20/200 Feet Blindness Level 33/60 Meter OR 20/400 Feet Level 41/60 Meter OR 5/300 Feet Level 5Totoally Blind \

3 Why Assistive Technology?

4 Assistive Technology devices and services help individuals with special needs:  read B work with numbers  write  use a computer  study  see  hear  communicate  play  remember

5 Why Assistive Technology?  promotes self esteem  improves quality of life  increases productivity  enhances performance  increases independence

6 What is Assistive Technology? The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA ‘97 (Public Law 105-17) mandates the provision of assistive technology and offers clear definitions of assistive technology devices and services.

7 Assistive Technology for Persons with Visual Impairments

8 Access to Print Material Large print books Audio Books Desk top magnifiers

9 Access to Writing for Students with Visual Impairments

10 ADL Tools

11 GPS & White Cane

12 Ultrasonic Multi Function Talking Electronic Cane

13 Computer Access for Students with Visual Impairments Lower screen resolution High contrast settings Screen magnification software Screen reader software Scan and read software Refreshable Braille output

14 CCTV Stand Alone CCTV Pocket Viewer

15 Video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) -Enlarge text or picture - Stand-Alone - Connected to computer - Connected to TV

16 Screen Magnification Software -ZoomText -MaGic -Windows Magnifier (Built-In) -Magnifier for MAC (Built-in) -GlassBrick

17 Screen Readers -NVDA -JAWS for Windows -Windows Eyes -Hal -Cobra -VoiceOver -Orca (Solaris and Linux)

18 Braille Translation & Tactile Braille Translation Software RS Braille TBTW Duxbury Tactile -TGD Pro -QuickTac -TSS (ViewPlus)

19 Keyboard Practicing Machine CU Speaking Keyboard

20 Slate & Stylus

21 Braille Display Technology

22 Braille Printers

23 Tactile Printer EmPrint (ViewPlus)

24 Electronic Braille Notetakers

25 The Perkins Brailler

26 Visual Brailler

27 Optical Character Recognition Systems (OCR)  OpenBook  ABBYY FineReader  BrightSight

28 KNIB Reader

29 Barcode Reader VoicEye

30  VoicEye Maker  Windows  Mac Os  VoicEye Reader  SmartPhone  iOS  Android  PC VoicEye

31 Cell Phone Accessibility -VoiceOver -Nuance Talks -Mobile Speak -Talk Back -Windows Narrator

32 Tablets Nexus 7, iPad mini, ThinkPad Helix

33 DAISY Production Tools DAISY Devices PTR1Victor ProDR1

34 DAISY Playback Devices PlexTalk TK300 PlexTalk PTN2 Victor Reader Classic

35 DAISY Portable Devices BookPort Plextalk Pocket PTP1 MileStone

36 Conclusion - Assessment - Appropriate Technology Time - Academic - Apply

37 Thank you

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