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Ministry of Justice Lithuania GPS Offender Monitoring: Advantages and Benefits.

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1 Ministry of Justice Lithuania GPS Offender Monitoring: Advantages and Benefits

2  SecureAlert & euromicron  Electronic Offender Monitoring & Financial Benefits  GPS Monitoring vs RF house arrest  Monitoring Service based on ReliaTrack System  Scalability of supervision within one system, Alcohol Monitoring as add-on Agenda

3 Who We Are  A publicly-held U.S. Corporation that has been providing GPS Offender Monitoring Solutions since 2006  All development, manufacturing and service are located in Utah  Exclusively focused on Offender Management Solutions – to over 600 agencies - direct, subsidiaries and distributors  euromicron as the exclusive partner for almost all European countries What We Do  Provide cost-effective monitoring for both non-violent and high-risk adults and juvenile offenders  Help increase officer productivity; streamline offender monitoring workflow; meet budgetary constraints How We Do It  Utilizing the ReliaTrack GPS device combined with our live, intervention Monitoring Center and intuitive, web-based software  Providing 24/7 customer support via our corporate Help Desk SecureAlert & euromicron: Overview

4  USA: 22.000 offenders engaged to case management or electronic GPS monitoring (almost 5.000) in Florida, Mississippi, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky  Brasil (Rio Grande do Sul): 200 offenders on GPS monitoring, up to 800 to be ordered; Pernambuco and Santa Caterina will follow  Bahamas: 500 offenders on GPS monitoring, up to 2000 to be ordered  Alaska: 450 devices for GPS monitoring under negotiation  Canada: pilot project  Middle America: 2000 devices for GPS monitoring under negotiation Whom we are serving today

5  Costs of prison are about 6 times higher than costs of EM  Electronic Monitoring (EM) reduces offenders risk of failure by 31%  In addition, GPS monitoring results in 6% fewer supervision failures vs house arrest based on RF technology  Offenders can pay for EM  Agents report that EM goals and objectives were being met, i.e.  Alternative to imprisonment  reduce recidivism  protect public and victims of crime  compliance to terms and conditions of supervision (absconding, violations of court imposed conditions of supervision, re-offending)  Recidivism significantly reduced by EM, especially if online voice communication with offender (direct intervention) can be used  Statewide 24h / 7d Monitoring Center has significantly reduced the number of minor alerts (and costs) to be handled by officers Electronic Monitoring, Financial Benefits* *Study of Florida State University (January 2010), 6 additional studies (1990 until 2006), field study Germany (2002 until 2010)

6  House Arrest (RF Monitoring) only indicates “digital” information (offender at house / not at house)  Information lost if offender left house arrest zone without permission (no GPS tracking)  No inclusion zone / exclusion zone capabilities  Usage of RF versus GPS (Florida State): GPS versus RF Monitoring* *Study of Florida State University (January 2010), 6 additional studies (1990 until 2006), field experience Utah County (2. quarter 2010)

7 GPS Monitoring

8  Single-unit device  Real-time tracking and alarm notification  SMS communication of alarms when data channel not available  On-board two/three-way voice communication  Enhanced GPS technology  Assisted GPS (A-GPS)  High immunity to jamming  Automated cross-carrier cellular technology  Monitoring levels: passive, active, intervention  Siren and audio/vibration alerts  Waterproof  European CE-Certification  Reliability of 99,7% ReliaTrack ReliaTrack provides the means for your agency to track, locate AND communicate with offenders in real-time

9 SecureCuff & Standard Strap  SecureCuff  Unique to SecureAlert (patent-pending)  Specifically for high-risk offenders  Encased, hardened stainless-steel bands (extreme cut- resistance)  Embedded fiber-optic strand (tamper alarm immediately generated when compromised)  Installed utilizing security screws that require specialty torque driver/bit (provided by SecureAlert)  hypoallergenic  Standard Strap  soft and flexible plastic band, tri-braided stainless steel cabling  all other features like SecureCuff

10  Working in conjunction with our ReliaTrack Solution  in-house monitoring based on RF technology  cellular in conjunction with ankle bracelet, so no land line required  no external power required  Tamper-resistant  easy set-up  approx. 200+ days battery life  multiple use scenarios  one beacon for multiple devices  multiple beacons for one device HomeAware Beacon (Cellular)

11  Web-based  Google Maps™ mapping interface  Real-time and historical offender tracking information  Ability to view tracking of multiple offenders  Satellite, hybrid, standard, street-level mapping views  Simple interface for creating, editing, scheduling inclusion/exclusion zones  Single-event Crime Scene Correlation  Offender information and case management storage  Customizable reports ReliaTrack Software The ReliaTrack Software was designed with the user in mind and allows your staff to view the real-time location of offenders – anytime, anywhere Inclusion zone and Scheduling Editor

12  GPS Offender Monitoring:  saves money of community: prison costs are 6 times higher than EM costs according to Florida study  effective option: offender can pay by himself for the solution  is supports reintegration as alternative to Non- Imprisonment  ensures safe community and reliability  Add-on: Solution for Alcohol Monitoring & Home Arrest Conclusion

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