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An Analysis of Textile & Garment Trade between Japan & Pakistan.

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1 An Analysis of Textile & Garment Trade between Japan & Pakistan

2 Pakistan: Economic Profile Population (2010): 173.51 million (52% male, 48% female) Labor Force (FY2010)33% Unemployment Rate (FY2010) 5.6% Per Capita Income (MP)$ 1,258.41 GDP (FY2011)$ 211,436 million Industry (FY2011)$ 50,603 million Policy Interest Rate12% Exports (2010-11)$ 24.83 billion Imports (2010-11)$ 35. 83 billion Exchange Rate (Rs. / US$)Rs. 88.47

3 Textiles’ share in Pakistan’s Economy Textiles is the premier industry & backbone of Pakistan’s economy: Generates 54 % of exports Constitutes 46 % of Manufacturing Industry Employs 38 % of country’s working force Contributes 8.5% to the total GDP Drives Banking, Shipping,Transport, Insurance, Machinery, Dyes/Chemicals, Printing/Packaging & other allied sectors.

4 Pakistan’s Textile Exports

5 Textile Industry Exports

6 Capacities & Production No. of UnitsSizeProductionExports 2010-11 Ginning1,260-20 mil bales$ 0.36 bil. Spinning44210 mil spindles2.9 bil. kgs yarn$ 2.23 bil Weaving 124 large units 425 small units 7,170 integerated 28,500 shuttleless 400,670 p.looms 1 bil. sq. meters $ 2.64 bil. Finishing 10 large units 625 small units -4.8 bil. sq. meters Garments 50 large units 2,500 small units 450,000 machines670 mil. Pieces$ 1.77 bil. Knitwear600 units21,000 knit machns350 mil. pieces$ 2.31 bil. Towels400 units7,500 towel looms53 mil. kgs$ 0.76 bil. MMF--635,000 tons Synthetic Fab.-90,000 looms147,8571 mln. sq. mtrs $ 0.67 bil.

7 Textile Products Home Textiles: bed linen, towels, cleaning cloths, comforters, curtains and furnishings, canvas products and table linen, kitchen linen. Knitwear: T-shirts, sleeping suits, sportswear, warm- up jackets, tracksuits, and fleece jackets. Woven Garments: Trousers, denim jeans, shorts, shirts and MARTIAL ARTS UNIFORMS.

8 Major Importing Countries for Pakistan’s Garments Countries200820092010 Total3,249.472,894.203,444.06 USA1,637.801,424.891,673.82 United Kingdom334.85323.84388.37 Germany253.04436.34297.28 Belgium102.77122.96161.20 Spain134.3123.03157.73 France107.9299.46109.35 Italy98.4783.1595.52 Netherlands127.8196.7399.32 Japan4.226.228.17 All figures in USD MillionsData according to calendar year

9 Japan RMG Imports Comparison Country200820092010 Total RMG Imports24,216.3424,069.8325,262.22 India182.33192.71204.57 Bangladesh45.35120.55196.87 Pakistan4.226.228.17 All figures in USD MillionsData according to calendar year Pakistan’s total RMG exports to Japan in 2010 was only 0.03% of Japan’s total RMG imports from the world

10 Applicable import duties on Apparel JapanUSAEUBrazilCanada Pakistan9.10%10.85%9.6%35%17.46% China 9.10%10.85%12%35%17.46% Bangladesh 0%10.85%0%35%0% Vietnam 9.10%10.85%9.6%35%17.46% Cambodia 0%10.85%0%35%0% India 9.10%10.85%9.6%35%17.46% Sri Lanka 9.10%10.85%0%35%17.46% Import duties on Cat 6203 (Men's suits, jackets, trousers etc & shorts) Duty rates shown are total ad valorem equivalent tariff (estimated)

11 What Pakistan has to offer….. Joint ventures in Pakistan, especially in the vibrant RMG sector, where Pakistan not only has the top quality raw materials available but also has a large labor force, which is both, low cost and efficient. Low cost of doing business, i.e., labor costs and other input costs. Land route to fastest growing markets of India and China. Pakistan is expected to get the duty concession from EU on 75 tariff lines next year and the GSP+ by 2014, which would open up tremendous opportunities for the RMG and textile sectors.

12 What Pakistan needs from Japan….. Signing of Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Japan in order to enhance its textile and garment exports. Joint ventures with Japanese counterparts on 80%-20% basis. Technical support in terms of machinery, technology and management practices from the Japanese counterparts. Enhanced cooperation in RMG sector with large Japanese trading companies who are already buying raw material or low value-added products from Pakistan. Increased participation in Japanese RMG trade fairs.

13 Thank you Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association Shaheen View Building, 18-A, Block-VI, PECHS, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi -75400 Pakistan Tel # 0092-21- 34549073, 34547912 Fax # 0092-21- 34539669 Email:; Website:

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