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How to Groom a Dog. This is NOT the only way to groom a dog! This is the way we do things here.

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1 How to Groom a Dog

2 This is NOT the only way to groom a dog! This is the way we do things here

3 Grooming Gather your materials Brush out your dog Bathe the dog ( we went over this already! ) Rise thoroughly Dry your dog 1.Hand dry, 2. Towel dry in the tub, 3. Towel dry out of the tub, 4. Portable Dryer, 5. Kennel Dryer Remove dog from kennel dryer

4 Efficient Grooming Routine 1.Brush out your dog, thoroughly removing any tangles or mats. 2.Bathe and rinse thoroughly. 3.Dry by using towels, a dog hair dryer, or human hair dryer set to no heat. 4.Clean ears with otic solution; dry thoroughly. 5.Clean eye tear stains if there are any. 6.Trim toenails. 7.Brush teeth. 8.Brush out again and apply any leave-in conditioner. 9. Clip hair if necessary.

5 Ear Cleaning 1.Gather Materials 2.Apply Ear Cleaner to cotton ball 3.Put cotton ball into the ear 4.Gently wipe out the ear 5. Repeat as necessary

6 Eye Cleaning 1.Gather Materials 2.Apply Eye Cleaner to cotton ball 3.Gently wipe out the eye 4.Repeat as necessary

7 Clipping a dog Gather Materials Make sure you get the proper guard comb for the dog your grooming Do NOT clip with just the blade!!! Put your dog on the table and use grooming loop Before you turn on the clippers, make sure that your dog is clean and free of tangles and mats.

8 Clipping a dog Allow your dog to get used to the noise and vibration by putting the clippers near but not on the dog Then begin clipping the dog

9 Trimming with Scissors Gather your materials Any place that you can’t groom with clippers you would use scissors – Feet for example: can’t use clippers use scissors to round out and trim

10 Nail Trimming Rule of thumb: if you hear the nails clicking on a hard surface its time to trim! Parts of a nail

11 How to trim a nail 1.Hold the foot steady. 2.Snip off a small bit of the end of each toenail below the quick. 3.Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on each foot, and don't forget to clip the dewclaws.

12 How to trim a nail diagram

13 If you are trimming a black nail … Trim a little bit at a time Until you can see a white circle on the nail

14 Teeth Brushing 1.Squeeze some doggie toothpaste onto the brush and allow your dog to lick it off. 2.Flip up your dog's lips and gently rub the toothbrush and toothpaste against your dog's teeth and gums for a few seconds. 3.Give your dog a treat, even if he allows you to work on his teeth for only a few seconds.


16 Removing Mats Matted dog hair can be painful so brush regularly. Badly matted fur should always be remedied by a professional dog groomer. If the mat isn't too bad, use a comb to slowly work the mat free. Work from the outside of the mat (where the hair isn't tangled) and slowly untangle the hair without pulling.

17 Removing Mats If the mat won't come out with a comb, try cutting through the mat with a mat rake. Be careful when using this tool because it has sharp tines on it — you want to alleviate your dog's pain from mats, not put her in worse pain by cutting or scratching her with the rake. If the mat is close to the skin you should ALWAYS ask a teacher for help

18 Final Brush

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