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Skål International Atlanta 2013-2014: Club of the Year Nominee.

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1 Skål International Atlanta 2013-2014: Club of the Year Nominee

2 The Four Pillars Membership Young Skål Scholarship Doing Business Among Friends

3 Membership

4 Skål Atlanta at a Glance Established April 1955 Only Skål Club in the state of Georgia Current membership: 79 (up 15%) 2014 membership goal: 100 Financially healthy (Operating funds increased by 21% and reserve fund increased by 71% in past year.)

5 SI Atlanta Skålleagues More than 60% actively participate in monthly meetings Successful executives who have achieved global recognition for their work Retired/life members ensure Skål traditions are well- maintained Young Skålleagues help us grow and remain relevant to the next generation

6 Growth Strategies Membership of SI Atlanta has increased 15% since 2013 Our May 2013 Membership Drive Event, sponsored by Delta Airlines, featured participation from SIUSA President Tom White On a monthly basis, we spotlight members as well as guest speakers at SI Atlanta gatherings University professors help us recruit for Young Skål Atlanta We hope to reach 100 members by the end of 2014

7 Raising Awareness of Skål January 2014: SI Atlanta forms PR committee to attract press coverage and raise awareness of SI Atlanta activities In addition to traditional press releases, the committee is also active on social networks

8 Young Skål

9 Atlanta’s Young Skålleagues Current membership up 75% over previous year Promoting the growth of Young Skål within the Atlanta club has been a priority since 2011 Our goal is to double YS membership to 14 by the end of the year

10 Young Skål Milestones June 2013: YS Member from Germany hosted for a week in Atlanta 2013-2014: Two of our original Young Skålleagues secure internship opportunities in US and abroad through our members’ network January 2014: SI Atlanta establishes YS Committee to work on recruitment and advocacy

11 Young Skål Milestones March 2014: Five tourism and hotel management students from Georgia universities receive a total of $6,000 in scholarship funds March 2014: SI Atlanta board members move to send two young Skålleagues to YS Symposium in Bucharest April 2014: Scholarship winners are given complimentary YS membership for a year as well as subsidized funds to attend three general meetings.

12 Scholarship

13 Our Fundraising & Charitable Activities December 2013: SI Atlanta Christmas Luncheon Raffle Income of $550 is donated to the Philippines Relief Fund April 2013: SI Atlanta Annual Auction benefit raises $32,000 2013-2014: SI Atlanta donates $1,750 to Florimond Volckaert Fund April 2014: SI Atlanta Annual Auction benefit raises record high of $47,000 April 2014: Young Skål Scholarship Fund increased from $ 6,000 to $10,000 for coming year

14 Our Special Projects SI Atlanta’s Special Projects Committee is organizing a big industry gathering/social project to be realized in October Designed to raise awareness about human trafficking, the October event will show how Skål is leading the tourism industry in finding solutions to serious social problems

15 Doing Business Among Friends

16 Twinning with SI Istanbul & SI Izmir September 2013: SI Istanbul approaches SI Atlanta’s board about twinning the chapters December 2013: SI Atlanta officially twins with SI Istanbul during a ceremony in Turkey January 2014: The twinning is celebrated stateside at the SI Atlanta Presidents Ball February 2014: SI Atlanta board approves twinning with SI Izmir

17 SI Atlanta Representatives Attend SI & SIUSA Events April 2013: NAASC Sacramento August 2013: Region IV Congress in Miami, FL September 2013: SI World Congress in NYC

18 We Make It Easy for Our Members to Attend SI & SIUSA Events January 2014: SI Atlanta board members move to award three members with 80% attendance records $500 stipends each to be used towards attending any SI or SIUSA meeting February 2014: SI Atlanta board approves SI Atlanta to be represented by VP at the NAASC in May 14 March 2014: SI Atlanta board approves $2,000-$3,000 travel stipend budget to share with chapter members who want to attend SI and SIUSA events

19 SI & SIUSA Representatives Support Our Events May 2013: SIUSA President Tom White attends SI Atlanta’s membership drive event at the Delta Museum August 2013: SI Atlanta hosts SI President Mok Singh at its monthly meeting January 2014: SI Atlanta Presidents Ball attended by SI VP, ISC USA, SIUSA VP, Consulate General of Canada & Consulate General of Turkey

20 SI Atlanta Forges Partnerships with City Leaders March 2014: SI Atlanta president and board members visit the Governor’s Tourism Office to introduce Skål, its vision and to discuss possibilities of collaboration/partnership April 2014: SI Atlanta president and board members visit the Mayor’s International Affairs Office to introduce Skål, its vision and to discuss possibilities of collaboration/partnership

21 Our Strategic Goals For 2014/2015 Grow and retain membership Increase collaboration with local officials and tourism industry leaders Continue to recruit Young Skål and integrate them into club operations Increase available scholarship funds Participate in SI & SIUSA meetings Increase international collaboration with SI clubs Enhance the value of membership to our Skålleagues Increase visibility of Skål Atlanta on social networks and in local/national media

22 2013-2014 SI Atlanta Achievements At-A-Glance Total operating balance increased 21% from 2013-2014 Reserve funds increased 71% Membership increased by 15% Young Skål membership increased by 75% We support the growth of professionals in the hospitality industry worldwide by offering growth opportunities and experiences in our local community.

23 Skål!

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