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ESB-2013-0113 C&A Brokerage Services. ESB-2013-0113.

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1 ESB-2013-0113 C&A Brokerage Services

2 ESB-2013-0113

3 We Believe Benefit design and delivery should be simple Employee benefits and services should provide added value Controlling costs is important Customer Service is Key ESB-2013-0113

4 What We Do Specialize in offering benefits and services for employer groups and employees Provide services to help employers and employees save money Offer supplemental insurance benefits Make benefit utilization simple ESB-2013-0113

5 How We Do It Niche Market Focus Local Salaried, Career Account Managers Top Quality Customer Service Financial Strength 1 1 (April 3, 2012) (A+ is the 2nd out of 16 with 1 being the highest) ESB-2013-0113


7 ‐ Section 125 Plans ‐ Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) ‐ Health Savings Accounts (HSA) ‐ Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) ‐ Pre-Tax Transportation Benefits Some of our products and services may be provided by third party contractors or affiliated companies. Services listed may not be available in all states. ESB-2013-0113

8 Section 125 Plans 25 year history with over 7,500 Plans Year-round assistance including plan setup, employee education, and enrollment Compliance support team with hotline and VIP Email notifications ESB-2013-0113

9 Flexible Spending Accounts Employee and employer tax savings Uniform Coverage Risk Insurance Plan Complimentary debit card and direct deposit Online claim submission and mobile app – coming soon! ESB-2013-0113

10 Health Savings Accounts Triple tax-savings advantage Convenient, secure online system Mutual fund options available Employee education and enrollment support ESB-2013-0113

11 Health Reimbursement Arrangements Employers have greater control of their benefit dollars Multiple, customizable plan choices Flexible plan funding ESB-2013-0113

12 Pre-Tax Transportation Benefits Pre-tax assistance with commuting expenses Easy-to-use online portal for employees Home delivery of mass transit vouchers or prepaid commuter check card ESB-2013-0113


14 Built with the Employee in Mind Diverse portfolio of voluntary benefits Complements existing employer core benefits Ease of enrollment and simplified underwriting Communication materials available in Spanish and English ESB-2013-0113

15 Disability Income Insurance * Accident Only Insurance *+ Cancer Insurance *+ Life Insurance *,** Critical Illness Insurance *+ Core Benefits * These products may contain limitations, exclusions and waiting periods. **Not generally qualified benefits under Section 125 plans. +This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage. The company reserves the right to change premium rates by class. For individual tax advice, please consult your tax advisor. Benefits listed may not be available in all states. ESB-2013-0113


17 Helping Design, Deliver And Manage Your Benefits Program Create a Customized Benefit Program Educate employees while handling entire benefit enrollment Save time, simplify administration and identify possible savings ESB-2013-0113

18 ‐ Dependent Verification Reviews ‐ COBRA Administration ‐ Nondiscrimination Testing ‐ Health Care Reform ‐ Online Administrative Tools ESB-2013-0113 Some of our products and services may be provided by third party contractors or affiliated companies. Services listed may not be available in all states.

19 Dependent Verification Reviews Lower claim cost potential Help ensure plan resources benefit those the plan intended to cover Secure, visual third-party inspection One-on-one sessions take place on-site ESB-2013-0113

20 COBRA Administration Limit risk exposure Neutral third party administration Employee notifications, billing and premium remittance to carriers ESB-2013-0113

21 Nondiscrimination Testing Helps ensure benefit plans are compliant with federal rules Secured Online Service Center to upload data and perform testing Year round monitoring availability ESB-2013-0113

22 Health Care Reform Support Educate employers on developing law Communicate plan changes to employees Assist with implementation and ongoing compliance ESB-2013-0113

23 Health Care Reform Support, Cont. Educational materials during one -on-one individual consultations Robust website ( VIP employer email alerts covering developing law and upcoming deadlines ESB-2013-0113

24 Online Administrative Tools Secure administration website for employers Convenient access to program support tools, including online billing Safe, fast, and secure method to reconcile payments and access information Administrative guide, videos and other resources to help manage plans ESB-2013-0113


26 Year Round Service Commitment Pre-enrollment planning Employee education and benefit booklets One-on-one employee enrollments Post-enrollment review New hire enrollments ESB-2013-0113

27 Full Benefits Enrollment Availability to enroll core benefits during one-on-one benefit review Single enrollment meeting for employee Coordination with Health Plan Provider to incorporate their application process ESB-2013-0113

28 Enrollment Platform Automated data uploads ensure fast transfer of benefits and billing information Benefit elections are recorded directly into system, eliminating manual data entry ESB-2013-0113


30 Let American Fidelity Help Employee benefit administration comes with a multitude of requirements 30 year history rooted in understanding and implementing tax-favored plans Provide the support necessary to ensure customers remain compliant with current law ESB-2013-0113

31 ‐ Plan Documentation ‐ Nondiscrimination Testing ‐ Plan Communication ‐ Claims Adjudication ‐ Compliance Monitoring and Communication Resources ‐ Tax Reporting Assistance * American Fidelity does not provide legal or tax advice. We recommend you work with your counsel to ensure your plan’s compliance. ESB-2013-0113


33 A Company Built on Service We understand employers have a choice when selecting a benefit provider We work hard to ensure every customer experience is a positive one We are dedicated to supporting employers and employees ESB-2013-0113

34 Ease of Claim Submission ‐ Mail/Fax ‐ Online service center claim submission ‐ Mobile App Ease of Reimbursement ‐ Debit card ‐ Direct deposit ‐ One complimentary reimbursement check per year ESB-2013-0113

35 ‐ Secured Online Service Center ‐ Helpful Online Resources ‐ Customer Service Support ‐ Electronic Policy Access ESB-2013-0113

36 Jennifer Fetherston 2000 Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 800-450-3506, Ext 3125 Jennifer.Fetherston@am

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