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Care Act and Carers Clare Gilbert, Nottingham City Council. Penny Spice, Nottinghamshire County Council.

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1 Care Act and Carers Clare Gilbert, Nottingham City Council. Penny Spice, Nottinghamshire County Council.

2 Care Act: Well-being General overarching duty to promote well-being Applies to people receiving services & carers Generally defines well-being e.g., personal dignity, physical and mental health and emotional well-being, protection from abuse & neglect…. …and things the LA should have regard to, for example: – To acknowledge the individual is best-placed to judge individual’s well-being – To acknowledge individual’s views, wishes, feelings & beliefs

3 Care Act: Information and advice Council must provide information & advice service relating to care and support for adults & support for carers This should be for all, regardless of whether people are eligible for state funded care (e.g. self-funders) Council should identify people who can benefit from financial advice Safeguarding advice available & advice about the care market

4 Care Act - Promoting integrated care & support Local Authority must attempt to integrate care & support with health where this would: Promoting well being of adults in need of care and their carers Contribute to the prevention or delay of a need for care and support by adults or their carers Improve the quality of care and support Talks about health provision and health related provision which includes ‘housing’

5 Care Act: Prevention Preventing or developing a need for care and support Delaying a need for care and support Applies to the person in receipt of care and carers Council must have regard to using existing services in their area Important to be proactive in terms of identifying needs

6 Carers

7 Care Act & Carers Responsibility to assess a carer’s own needs for support the same as service users No longer a requirement that the carer must provide ‘a substantial amount of care on a regular basis’ to qualify for an assessment Support to meet the needs must be met if found eligible – this could be services to the carer directly or to the person they are caring for Carers should receive a support plan with their personal budget, which includes information on the cost of meeting their needs.

8 Nottingham Joint Carer Strategy Revised carer assessment Accessible information for carers Carer Breaks Primary Care support for Carers Dementia and End of Life Care Condition specific support

9 Nottingham City Council Services for Carers cont: Personal Information Packs Services as part of citizen’s personal budget – Care at home – Day services – Assistive Technology – Personal Assistants – Overnight respite

10 Nottingham City Council Services for Carers Carer’s First – Care Hub providing: – Information, advice and advocacy – Financial and welfare support – Emotional and physical support – Carer Training – Cultural specific services – Peer support and social networks – Carers’ Assessments and Access to respite Action for Young Carers Carer Respite Service Learning Disability Respite Service

11 Nottinghamshire Carers Information Packs Refresh of Carers Assessment New policy Short Breaks for Carers Personal budgets Carer Champions in GP surgeries Information & Advice Hub

12 Common Carer Questions Q. “What happens to my husband if I’m in an accident?” A.Carers Emergency Card - Free from County Council Q. “What will happen to my mother if I need to go into hospital?” A. Crisis Prevention service - Free from home based care (funded by NCC) Q. “I really need a break.” A. Carer Breaks - Free breaks from NHS Q. “Where can I find information about caring?” A. Ring NCC Customer Services Centre or Carers’ Federation - free phone service Q. “I can’t sleep as I’m listening out for my partner who’s got dementia and wanders.” A. Telecare for Carers - Free bed sensor from NCC

13 Nottinghamshire County Council Services for carers Carers’ Assessments “What impact is caring having on my life?” Carers’ Personal Budgets Carers assessed as ‘substantial / critical need’ awarded up to £200 Assistive technology – bed exit alarms – door exit alarms – call buttons

14 Services for carers Carers’ Crisis Prevention Scheme Free NHS Carers’ breaks Emergency Card Advice and Information Services ( Looking After Me’ – free course available to adults who care for someone living with a long-term health condition or disability

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