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Three Counties Service User Involvement Group January 2010 Angie Darlington West Wales Action for Mental Health.

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1 Three Counties Service User Involvement Group January 2010 Angie Darlington West Wales Action for Mental Health

2 Background to the guide  The Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Mental Health Service User Involvement Working Group has written this document for all those who are interested in service user involvement.  The group comprises of service user representatives, WWAMH, Pontydd, LHB’s and Pembrokeshire & Derwen Trust, now the Hywel Dda Trust.  This document will inform and strengthen user involvement across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.  The guide does not look at Carer Involvement.

3  Individuals not representative  Same people tend to be involved  Issues in relation to complaints about individual care can dominate a meeting  People being stuck on an issue and not able to see the wider picture The guide was produced to help overcome these difficulties and offer a framework for organisations and individuals to work within.

4  What we mean by service user involvement?  Why we want involvement?  What needs to be in place for effective, constructive, comprehensive and genuine involvement?  What is needed to enable involvement and participation?  What is the cost and resource requirement of involvement?

5  Individuals involved in the recruitment of service.  Thriving service user run groups such as the MDF/Bi Polar Fellowship.  Development work such as the production of this guide.  Helping in the design and development of services.  Helping develop use of treatments such as ECT protocols and other specific issues.

6 What do we mean by Involvement? Involvement in:  The planning, commissioning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the overall mental health services.  A process where decisions are made in an open- minded atmosphere in which service users have the opportunity to be involved, on the basis of proper information and where services are shaped accordingly.

7 VALUES  Service user involvement is integral and not an add-on.  Involving service users reduces stigma in society.  Everyone needs to know they have a part to play in involving service users.  Service users should be supported practically, emotionally and financially to take part in involvement.  Service user representation requires robust and transparent consultation with a wide range of service users.

8 VALUES FOR INVOLVEMENT?  Service users should have a say in the development of services they use.  Service users have invaluable experience and expertise to share with professionals.  Service user involvement should be based on respect, equity and the valuing of input.  User involvement is not free.  A culture needs to be developed which establishes realistic levels of funding.

9 The Context for Service User Involvement Empowerment is one of the 4 key principles of the National Service Framework for Mental Health 2005. Stronger in Partnership 2 offers a guide to involvement; this document seeks to flesh that out. Making the Connections 2005 Health Care Standards for Wales 2005 Reward and Recognition PQASSO for the Voluntary Sector Research undertaken by Mind/ Hafal on behalf of WAG in April 09 about the national voice for Service User and Carer Involvement

10  Videos / CD Rom / DVD  One-to-one contact  Providing mentors  One-to-one contact  Suggestion box  Graffiti wall/board  Surveys / Questionnaires  Service User Forums  Focus groups  Stakeholder events

11  Induction process and regular training for service users.  Access to up to date information.  Practical, emotional and financial support must be provided, including benefits advice.  Service Users must not be out of pocket.  Consistent and appropriate levels of funding for Service User Involvement.

12  Does the organisation have a structure for meaningful service user involvement?  Do you have a policy and procedures for service user involvement?  How are staff and service users made aware of the mechanisms for involvement?  Do you have any training for staff on involvement?  What systems for review and quality assurance do you have ?

13 Questions for you to consider?  How would you implement the guide as an organisation ?  What are the barriers for you as an organisation in implementing the guide?  What could help you to implement the guide ?

14 For any questions or further information:  WWAMH Carmarthenshire Llanelli Office Tel: 01554 776149 Carmarthen Office: Tel: 01267 238367  WWAMH Pembrokeshire: Tel: 01437 769422  WWAMH Ceredigion Tel: 01570 422559  WWAMH Service User Involvement Worker Tel: 01239 712811  Hywel Dda NHS Trust Patient Experience Facilitator 01437 772516

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